Both one and the other (lostlollipop) wrote,
Both one and the other

Back to square one

Hey you guys, I know I've not been around much these last few months. Too busy pretending to be a grownup, I suppose. I changed departments at work and moved house and had a serious relationship for the first time in my life.

Sadly, my relationship of 2 years ended last weekend. We came to a mutual agreement that neither of us was prepared to make the sacrifices required for a more serious commitment.

I know that we did the right thing and I am relieved that we can still remain friends. However, it's my 30th birthday in a few weeks and I can't help but feel like it's my expiration date approaching. All my friends and peers and colleagues around me are in the process of getting married and/or having children. Now I'm starting to wonder if it's too late for me, if I've missed my chance somehow. Is that weird? I know I'm not being rational, because it's been five days since the breakup and I'm supposed to be feeling a bit blue.

I can't help but wonder though: who will have me when I've turned 30?

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