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Happy belated Christmas! - Dark Queen and White Lady
Happy belated Christmas!
I hope everyone had truly happy holidays!

Me, I spent Christmas Eve with my new in-laws as planned. What wasn't planned was me getting suddenly very sick during the soup course and subsequently spending the rest of dinner alternately in my boyfriend's childhood bedroom with the lights off, and on my knees in the upstairs toilet. Fun times all around, what a great first impression that was.

Christmas Day we spent at his house watching all the Doctor Who Christmas specials back-to-back. He also got me a Kindle for a Christmas present, which I almost immediately loaded with all the Dean/Castiel fics I could get a PDF of. Why read literature when you can read fanfic? ;)
I got him a Tenth Doctor Limited Edition Sonic Screwdriver. It has the light and the noise and is not of any use at all. It's awesome.

Boxing Day we had dinner at my Mum's with her and my newly single again younger brother. They got me a new camera. My next New Zealand pictures are going to rock.

Christmas television was pretty okay. I very much enjoyed the Doctor Who Christmas special. The Merlin season finale had some great Merlin/Arthur moments but was oddly underwhelming in terms of plot development (seriously guys, "Keep The Magic Secret" has had its day now, honestly). And why do none of the bad guys have any motivations beyond "muahahaha, I is evol!"?

Anyhoodle, I leave you with a lovely festive feelgood Fic Of The Week in the shape of Good Things Do Happen by trinityofone. As the summary says: Best Zombie Christmas Ever!
The Story:Set at the end of season 5 During the final battle of the Apocalypse, God interferes and saves the day. As a reward for the Winchesters, he grants them a wish. This is the story of Christmas, one year later.
The Love: Well written and very funny but also real and poignant in places. I love Sam's POV and all the secondary characters are amazing. And the wish is so very Dean. Usually happy fic doesn't really suit these boys, but their joy in this is just so heartwarming.
The Rest: Go on! It's Christmas! :)

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moffel83 From: moffel83 Date: December 30th, 2011 12:38 am (UTC) (Link)
I am sorry to hear that you got sick on Christmas Eve, but am glad that you seem to have had a lovely Christmas otherwise!

futurefilmmaker From: futurefilmmaker Date: December 30th, 2011 06:12 pm (UTC) (Link)
In-laws?? Has something new developed that I don't know about? ;)

Sorry you got sick on Christmas but it sounds like besides that it was otherwise quite good. Make sure you look me up when you're back in NZ!
saura_ From: saura_ Date: December 31st, 2011 01:18 pm (UTC) (Link)
Hello estranger!!!! *hugs you warmly*

Happy new year!!

And LOL, you're right about keeping the magic a secret. We are having such a hard time trying not speak about you-know-who-and-you-know-what in front of Andrés!!! Because he actually REALIZES what and who! lol
3 beatings taken or beat me with your Jesus stick