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December is looking to be a busy month for me! Next weekend is my company's Christmas party, which has a theme 'Smooth Criminal' and a dresscode 'dangerously sexy', which, I don't even know what to do with that. Then the next day the Midwinterfair, which my brother and I always visit together. This year my boyfriend will come along too for the first time.

Then the next weekend my older brother is getting married. Why on earth anyone would want to have their wedding the weekend before Christmas when everyone is busy and stressing out over everything is beyond me, but okay. Personally I'm just hoping the castle the reception's at has central heating.

And the weekend after that: Christmas! The boyfriend is taking me home to meet his family for the first time and we're spending Christmas Eve with them. At the moment I'm more dreading it than anything else, because none of his family speak English, and I don't speak French. That's bound to be an interesting experience for all involved. :/
But at least that leaves Christmas Day open to watch Doctor Who, so hurray for that! ;)

Back to the present for the moment: it was a great week in two of my fandoms. Both Supernatural and Merlin delivered a cracking good episode this weekend. It was a good week for secondary characters to shine, but the leads got some great dramatic acting done as well. I won't spoil the episodes for anyone who hasn't seen them yet, but I would advise to bring tissues. Sniff.

But because I am still missing him like crazy, my Fic of the Week is all about Castiel: Ghost Dance by omphalos.
The Story:Set after season 5 In the aftermath of another averted Apocalypse, Dean has lost all his faculties and memories, and in the care of Castiel he slowly re-learns himself. But there are things in the dark that he may not want to remember.
The Love: This story is so beautifully done. I like especially the choice to see the world through Dean's eyes from the start, and how the reader has to find out what happened together with Dean, but still somehow a step ahead of him. And I adore caring, protective Castiel.
The Rest: Some pretty dark themes in this story, so proceed with caution.
Tags: fairs, family, fic of the week, merlin, supernatural

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