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Happy weekend!

First of all: THE HOBBIT! EEEEE! Apparently they're going to start shooting in New Zealand right when samena and I are going to be there. IF THE RUMOURS ABOUT DOM JOINING THE CAST ARE TRUE I WILL EXPLODE. And I will graciously give up his room at the Powderhorn if he has need of it but only in exchange for certain favours. But I'll have exploded so I won't need it myself anyway.

Speaking of NZ: I'm thinking about doing a video blog of our adventures. Am trying to figure out MS Movie Maker as we speak. From my progress thus far, expect horribly choppy editing and wildly varying volume.

It's very late, so I'll just give you the Fic of the Week and then bugger off to bed. I've just finished reading Lovestruck by social_retard86 and have decided that absolutely everyone who has ever seen or heard of Merlin should read it, because it rocks.
The Story: A chance encounter on a delayed tube train leads to an advert in the metro rag, which leads to awkward not-dates and lots of drinking and nosy friends and Arthur questioning his heterosexuality before throwing it out the window entirely for a boy named Merlin.
The Love:: I love everything about this story: I love the pacing; I love the dialogue; I love the characterisation (you should read it just for Insane Best Friend!Will. Will is GLORIOUS), and I love that Arthur is a complete and utter asshole throughout most of it and yet I want him to get together with Merlin more than anything.
The Rest: What are you still doing here? GO READ IT.
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