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Enchantment (14/?)

Title: Enchantment
Genre: Lotrps AU/Harry Potter future!fic crossover
Pairing: Domlijah
Summary: Dom becomes a teacher at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and finds himself strangely attracted to Elijah, one of the Gryffindor seventh-years.
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Like I said, AU and crossover. Also it's HP so, obviously, supernatural stuff.
Disclaimer: The wonderful HP world is created by JK Rowling who is not me, and the LOTR boys do not belong to me, both facts which I obviously regret but are nevertheless true. Sniff.
Feedback: Makes me prostrate myself at your feet and grovel pathetically.
Author's notes: Yes, I know, and yes, I apologise. First there was holiday, then my beta was very busy, but here it is, at last! Thank you all for reading! Once again I express my immense gratitude to pinkegogirl for the beta.
Chapter 14: In which there is... more Quidditch! Oh, and some other stuff as well. ;)

Chapter 14

As both Quidditch teams mounted their brooms again, Billy nudged Dom, who reluctantly followed him back up the stairs to the stands. Dom glanced over his shoulder at Elijah, and when he saw him looking, he grinned cheekily and mouthed the words ‘good luck’, accompanied by a meaningful wink. Elijah blushed slightly but grinned back.

Dom was careful to wipe the smirk off his face before he and Billy reached their seats and the other, rather worried, teachers. After explaining the whole incident to them in detail, the both of them sat down again, and it was then that Dom noticed someone was missing.

“Where’s Merlin Weasley?”

“I have sent him off,” said Billy matter-of-factly.

“What? Why?”

Billy rolled his eyes. “Dom, have you seen the state that lad was in? D’you really think I am going to let him anywhere near the mic again? He was damn near hysterical.”

Dom shrugged: he hadn’t been paying attention to much except to calm Elijah down so that he wouldn’t do anything he might regret. “So who’s commentating for the rest of the match?”

“I was actually hoping you might.”

Dom blinked, taken aback. “Me?”

“Well, you can’t deny that of all the people in this box, you’re the one who knows most about Quidditch,” said Billy. “And I thought you might like it,” he added, frowning now, a note of uncertainty sneaking into his voice. “If you don’t want to, I’ll do it…”

“Are you crazy?” said Dom, making a grab for the microphone, grinning widely at Billy. “As if I’d let you butcher all the terms.”

Billy grinned back and handed him the microphone.

Dom switched it on and began speaking, a little hesitantly at first, but he found out that commentating on a Quidditch Match was really very much like teaching a class, the only difference being the amount of people, and the fact that they were actually interested in what he had to say.

“Allright, we’re back! Gryffindor Chaser Potter will, sadly, not be able to finish the game due to injury. Acting Team Captain Wood has, after a brief council with his teammates, decided to continue the game regardless, with Morgana Malfoy performing the task of Chaser beside her own duties as Keeper. Let’s see how they’ll manage!”


If he could have chosen any Quidditch game to comment on, Dom figured, it would definitely not be this one. During the game, he found it increasingly hard to stay impartial, especially since Mortianna and her team did now not only seem to have it out for Morgan, but for Elijah as well. The loss of thirty points to her house over the squabble with the Gryffindor Seeker did not sit well with the Slytherin Captain, apparently.

The Slytherin Beaters kept chasing the Bludgers for the sole purpose of hitting them towards either Elijah or Morgan, while their Chasers seemed to reach new levels of violence whenever Morgan came into their vicinity. Now that the Keeper had also taken the position of Chaser, she was no longer safe anywhere, having not only Bludgers but also opposing Chasers to contend with.

Thankfully, thought Dom, because the Gryffindor goalposts were often left unattended, and if the Slytherins had not been so intent on molesting Morgan, they would have been able to land many easy goals.


And while Morgan was trying to avoid as many elbows, feet, fists and even Beater bats as she could, Elijah, flying higher up, had a hard time as well. He constantly had to change course to dodge Bludgers, had Slytherin players flying ‘accidentally’ into him on a regular basis, and Nott following him everywhere, though the other Seeker seemed more intent on trying to push his opponent off his broom when he thought no one was looking, than on finding the Snitch.

“Will you just fuck off?” he snapped at the fourth-year when he’d once again narrowly ducked and missed him, the other boy only brushing his broomtail. He felt a great longing to lash out and bury his foot in Nott’s smirking mug. But that, though it would make him feel better, might not benefit the game muchly.

Some ten feet below, he saw Mortianna make a grab for Morgan’s hair, but her twin was faster and ducked while passing the Quaffle neatly to Frances, who caught it and speeded towards the Slytherin half, scoring a goal.

Elijah flew a loop of the stadium, both to celebrate and to avoid another one of Nott’s clumsy attacks, and there it was, a few feet below: the Snitch, fluttering right above the sideline of the pitch. Without so much as a backward look to see what Nott was doing, Elijah lay flat on his broom and shot towards it.

As the tiny winged ball grew nearer, Elijah stretched out his hand towards it. His mind, for once, was not on winning the game; it was on ending it. He didn’t even know the score, didn’t know how many goals Slytherin had scored in the absence of the Keeper… he just wanted it to be over, make sure that none of his teammates would end up like Lily…

He felt rather than saw Nott come up next to him, soon less than a nose-length behind. But even in this crucial moment, the other Seeker’s mind was not solely fixed on catching the Snitch.

A green-clad elbow shot out and hit Elijah’s cheekbone, hard. He cried out and swerved a little, but did not slow down. Instead, he tried to blink the tears out of his eyes to see the Snitch… he was nearly there…

There was a shriek, and almost automatically Elijah ducked, on instinct rather than sight, because that was still a bit blurry.

Mortianna screamed in surprise and rage as she hurtled over him without so much as touching the top of his head, collided with her teammate instead of Elijah, and the two of them hit the ground with a resounding thump at the same time Elijah’s fist closed around the Snitch.

He pulled up before he could hit the ground, too, and soared upwards again, holding his fist containing the little golden ball aloft. The stadium exploded in cheers.


It was only when Elijah looked at the scoreboard, flashing Gryffindor 300 – Slytherin 80, that he realised they’d won the game. But what was more, it was over, and no one else had gotten hurt.

Well, apart from Nott and Mortianna, who were lying on the pitch in a groaning heap, but he didn’t give a flying fuck about them, really.

Still, Elijah didn’t smile as he flew his lap of honour over the stands of cheering (and booing) students. He had never really had as much passion for his sport as most people, but this time he didn’t even feel the usual thrill of winning. It had been a grim game, and he was just glad it was over, without anyone else on his team getting seriously injured.

As he landed, people were pouring out onto the pitch, most of them beaming. Elijah got off his broom and handed the struggling Snitch to Bean, who clapped him on the shoulder with a gruff ‘well done, kid’. Boyd was beaming, as was McKellen, who, for the occasion, was sporting a rather ridiculous scarlet and gold beret. Elijah noticed that Professor Hill was scowling, as he should be: not only had his house team misbehaved and played abominably, their crushing loss in terms of points left them with virtually zero chance at the Cup this year.

But the face Elijah was really looking for was not among those around him, and his eyes searched the people on the pitch until he saw him.

Dom was standing a little to the side, away from the crowd. He was leaning against the wooden frame of one of the stands, a soft, almost tender little smile tugging at his lips, and he looked as though he wanted nothing more than to be among the throng of people surrounding the winning team. Elijah felt the odd desire to push his way through the crowd towards him.

And then, just before leaving the stadium, Elijah felt someone else staring at him. When he turned he caught Mortianna’s gaze, and the pale eyes of the Slytherin girl were full of an intense, cold hatred.


The mood in the dressing rooms was subdued to say the least. Even with a spectacular win in their pocket, not one of the team members was in a celebratory mood. Morgan and the other girls all hugged Elijah fiercely, but did not even smile. Casper had not said anything since the end of the game, which had to be a record. Henry stubbornly studied the toes of his trainers, looking rather pale.

Their games usually ended with the obligatory speech from Lily, but Elijah didn’t feel up for it, really. Still, he felt he had to say something.

He sat down on the bench, toeing off his shoes, searching for fitting words. “Well… at least that’s over.” He grinned wryly up at his teammates, then his expression sobered. “Seriously, you guys… well done. It wasn’t our best game, but… we did all right. Now let’s hit the showers and go see how Lily’s doing, okay?”


But once he was standing in the relative privacy of the shower cubicle, Elijah’s thoughts went back to before the match, and his encounter with Dom. The excitement of the game had pushed it to the back of his mind, but now that that was over, he found himself thinking about Dom kissing him again, how those warm, moist lips had felt on his own…

His cock was clearly thinking along the same lines, and it happily sprang to attention, but Elijah silently told it to shut up. He had just had a rather lousy game, his best friend was lying in the hospital wing, badly injured, and so this was not exactly the time to jerk off in the shower while thinking about what a fantastic kisser his Transfigurations teacher was.

Although, Elijah mused, as he stroked himself firmly a few times before determinedly turning the water off and grabbing a towel, he really should talk to Dom before doing anything else, if only to show that that kiss had meant something to him. If he would just go about his business in the castle, Dom might think he’d changed his mind or something. Yes, he decided, he would go and see Dom first.

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