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Lolli's Big Rec List Of Awesomeness, Vol. III

It's been ages since I've done one of these! Lots of new stories to enjoy, some old ones sadly passed away to go to the Big Server Error in the sky. A bunch were copied from my previous BRLOA, because they're still good for another reread.

Without further ado, I give you:

Lolli’s big rec list 2008


Betty the Blow-up Doll by escapist_art. Short fic.
Pairing: Monaboyd.
What it is: NZ fic, first time smut.
Summary: Remember that blow-up doll we saw in Billy’s and Dom’s trailer in the Special Edition DVD? Yeah. Turns out she’s a great matchmaker.
Why I love it: Hot hot hot! Most original first-time sex scene ever!

Equilateral by saura_. Short fic.
Pairing: Dombillijah
What it is: Fluff
Summary: Dom, Billy and Elijah spend the evening together in combined domestic bliss and hotness.
Why I love it: Its hotness withstands the test of time, which is why I am reccing it again. Go read!

Expanding Universe by elfellon111. Long fic, unfinished.
Pairing: Domlijah
What it is: NZ fic
Summary: A story about how Dom and Elijah met, got to know each other, and then got to know each other even better, all those years ago in New Zealand.
Why I love it: Still the ultimate NZ fic, still sad that it was never finished.

Helping Out by ladysunrope. Short fic.
Pairing: Domorlijah
What it is:: NZ fic, smut
Summary: Orlando visits Dom, only to find him moping about something Elijah said to him. Orlando offers to help, and ends up getting way more than he bargained for.
Why I love it: I have been woefully inadequate when it comes to reading fic by LSR, who has been such a brilliant beta to many writers, including myself, so I started going through her journal, and found this little gem straight away (I’m sure I’ll uncover more as I go along). It’s sharp, it’s witty, it’s hot, and everyone should read it.

Imperfectly by lux__aeterna. Short fic.
Pairing: Monaboyd, implied Orlijah
What it is: NZ fic
Summary: Dom ponders on perfection, and cannot avoid comparing.
Why I love it: This author takes Dom’s insecurity and makes it into something endearing and funny, rather than sad. This little fic is really great!

Lost by semaphore27. Long fic, completed.
Pairing: Monaboyd.
What it is: Angst, hurt/comfort.
Warnings: Blood, sickness, depression.
Summary: Dom and Billy are on their way to a convention in Australia, when their plane crashes in the middle of the Pacific. Thought dead by everyone save faithful Elijah, they try to survive on a deserted island.
Why I love it: Not everyone’s cup of tea, this, but I still love me the angst.
Notes: Consists of the four companion pieces ‘Lost’ (Dom/Billy POV), ‘Apart’ (Elijah POV), ‘Found’ and ‘Home’. The above link leads to her fic-list, where all chapters can be found.

Meow by almostnever. Long fic, unfinished.
Pairing: Domlijah
What it is: NZ fic
Warnings: A little supernatural.
Summary: Mayhem on set! And this time, it’s not even Dom and Billy’s fault. Something has managed to break into the set and make a mess. Coincidentally at the same time, Dom aquires a strangely allergen-free and uber-cute kitten. And Elijah starts acting even weirder than usual.
Why I love it: I’m still waiting for this to be finished one day, because it’s just such a fun read and I want to know what happens next!
Notes: Link leads to the fic tag in the author’s LJ.

Meus Ardor by lux__aeterna. Short fic.
Pairing: Domlijah, implied Monaboyd
What it is: NZ fic.
Warnings: Sadness.
Summary: Elijah longs for Dom, but many complications make the situation difficult. One of these is Billy. Another is that Elijah has a rather unusual ability.
Why I love it: Pure poetry from beginning to end, and the sadness is described so poignantly that it makes me ache physically.

Noisy by apple_pi. Two-parter.
Pairing: Dombillijah
What it is: PWP.
Summary: Dom, Billy and Elijah are on vacation together. The walls are thin. Dom and Billy are loud. Elijah is more turned on by it than he wants to admit.
Why I love it: I wish there was more Dombillijah like this. Hot and funny and… yeah.

See Under: Clue, Getting A by abundantlyqueer. Long fic, completed.
Pairing: Orlijah (I know!).
What it is: First-time.
Summary: After a night of drunken partying, Orlando and Elijah decide to give this gay sex thing a go. Or quite a few goes, as it turns out.
Why I love it: The only fic to date that has lured me into reading this pairing.
Notes: Link leads to zoniduck’s favourites list. The fic is right at the top.

Subversion by Calico. Short fic.
Pairing: Monaboyd, background music of Vigorlijah
What it is: Denial!fic
Summary Somehow along the way, Billy - quite outside his own free will because he’s straight, okay? - has landed in the middle of a very gay party. Of course he’s not enjoying himself. And he will definitely not be joining in. Uh-uh. Totally not.
Why I love it: I’m normally not that into the whole group thing, but it’s just background here so that’s fine, and Billy’s outrageous denial reactions are hilarious.
Notes: If you want a more detailed description of the rest of the action and how it all started, read the companion piece Sabotage, which comes first, time-wise.

Alternate Reality fics

Another Hunger by uluithiel. Long fic, completed.
Pairing: Domlijah, with a smattering of other pairings.
What it is: Vampire fic.
Warnings: Blood, torture, character death.
Summary: Elijah is an age-old vampire who’s got his mind set on his next victim: Dom, a young theatre-actor. But it’s not the hunger for his blood that draws him.
Why I love it: Vampires are still my major kink, and this fic shows why. Dark and sexy and irresistible.
Notes: Link leads to the LJ post with the first chapter. Sadly, her website is offline, and there’s no tag, so to read it you will have to look back with the calendar. It’ll be worth it, though, trust me.

Dirty Work by telleer. Long fic, completed.
Pairing: Domlijah
What it is: Demonhunting fic.
Summary: Dom finds himself out on the streets with nowhere to go, and by accident runs into a band of demon-hunters. Elijah seems to belong with them somehow, but in what way, they don’t say.
Why I love it: Throw in a few supernatural events and some creatures of the night and I’m anyone’s.
Notes: Link leads to the first chapter.

A Flight of Green and Blue by alassenya. Long fic, completed.
What it is: LOTR RPS/Dragonriders of Pern crossover
Warnings: Blood, character death.
Summary: The innocent and sheltered Billee is chosen to become a Dragonrider. In his new home at the Weyr, he quickly befriends Domin, another young rider-to-be. Together they experience the joys and dangers of their noble calling.
Why I love it: The fantasy aspect is put at the background, to focus on the very real relationships between young men training and then fighting together. I love how this author draws the reader in with her vivid descriptions.

Monaboyd, the Musical by serpentisfix. Long fic, unfinished.
Pairing: All kinds of pairings, but mostly (duh) Monaboyd.
What it is: Demonhunting crackfic.
Summary: Based on an episode of Buffy. Billy is a slayer, Dom is a surly vampire, Orli a sex-crazy demon, Elijah a teenager. They all suffer from a strange ailment: they burst into song-and-dance numbers at the most inappropriate moments…
Why I love it: So hilarious, omg!
Notes: No website or tag, so you have to look back in her journal entries. The above link leads to the first chapter.

This Is The Way The World Ends by semaphore27. Long fic, WIP.
Pairing: Monaboyd
What it is: Crossover with Stephen King’s ‘The Stand’/'Dark Tower' universe.
Warnings: Sickness, torture, character death.
Summary: A deadly disease spreads across the US, killing nearly everyone. Dom, Billy, Elijah and Sean Astin survive, but not without scars, and they have a dark and dangerous path yet to go.
Why I love it: Still checking her journal faithfully for updates, even though she posts, like, one chapter each year. That should tell you how exquisite this story really is.
Notes: Link leads to her Master Fic List.

Wing Development by hanarobi. Long fic, completed.
Pairing: Domlijah
What it is: Wingfic.
Warnings: Fluff. Literally.
Summary: This is one of those fics that cannot be summarised. Go read for yourself.
Why I love it: Again, how to describe it? It was one of the first RPS I read, and I was fascinated by it, even to the point of going up to hanarobi at a convention and fangirling a bit, even though my slash-hating friends were with me at the time.
Notes: Thanks to the author for providing me with the new link and allowing me to enjoy and include this wonderful story again.

Parallel Reality fics

Azure by saura_. Long fic, completed.
Pairing: Domlijah, Viggorli.
What it is: Slightly supernatural archaeologist fic.
Warnings: Attempted non-con, character death.
Summary: During excavations of the ruins of an ancient Egyptian palace, archaeologists Elijah, Dom, Viggo, Orlando and Billy discover the remains of an ancient love story that seems to be repeating itself after 5000 years. But will it end the same for them?
Why I love it: It’s still exciting to read. I should know, because I could read and reread it into eternity.

City Lights by v_angelique. Short fic.
Pairing: Dombillijah
What it is: Three-way romance.
Summary: Dialling a wrong number gets bookshop-keeper Billy into a long-distance telephone relationship with music critic Elijah, whom he has never met. Then he hooks up with model Dom, whom unbeknownst to any of them is Elijah’s ideal man. They decide to all meet up. Hotness ensues.
Why I love it:: I love the different dynamics between all of them, and the lovely way the dialogue flows. And you’re on the edge of your seat when they finally meet. Plus: HOT!
Notes: Continues in City Lights part two and City Nights. Also HOT!

Fatherhood, Football, and Other Contact Sports by dylan_dufresne. Long fic, completed.
Pairing: Monaboyd
What it is: Hurt/comfort.
Summary: Expert sports physician Billy Boyd moves back to Glasgow with his seven-year old son, to take on a job in a renowned clinic. His new neighbour: the obnoxious and vain star football player Dominic Monaghan…
Why I love it: Still loving this fic to pieces. Whenever I feel in the mood for romance that never feels girly, this is what I read.

Incline of Trees by kiltsandlollies and almaviva. Long fic, WIP.
Pairing: Monaboyd, Billy/Andrew Lesnie (eh?), Dom/OC
What it is: University fic.
Warnings: A bit of BDSM and D/s.
Summary: Billy is a professor of philosophy at Baskerville University. Dom is his admiring student. Both are lonely, and looking for something to hold on to.
Why I love it: Yes, I know the whole Forbidden Love Of Student And Professor has been done before by many (myself included), but this is really good. I love the prose and imaging.

Indie Radio 103.2 by saura_. Short fic.
Pairing: Domlijah
What it is: Romance.
Summary: Elijah is a waiter who worships his favourite radio dj, Dom. On his birthday, he makes a wish. It promptly comes true.
Why I love it: Haven’t we all, at one point, dreamed to meet our greatest idols and have it turn out this way? Saura mercilessly exposed my inner fangirl with this fic.
Notes: Continues in Take It Away

Phone Tig by apple_pi and serpentisfix. Long fic, completed.
Pairing: Monaboyd
What it is: Crackfic.
Summary: Billy and Dom are phone sex operators, secretly lusting after each other.
Why I love it: Why this idea hasn’t been used more often, I have no idea, because it’s just such a great sitcom!

The Spank Heard Around The World by v_angelique and rainbowcobweb. Short fic.
Pairing: Monaboyd, Dombillijah
What it is:: The crack!fic to end all crackfics.
Summary: Billy is elected Prime Minister of Great Britain, which makes Dom the First Lady. Mayhem in Downing Street as PA Elijah desperately tries to avoid PR disaster.
Why I love it: It’s just so outrageously hilarious! Dom flirts with Prince William and Bill Clinton, how much crack can a person take?

Spartacus by serpentisfix. Long fic, completed.
Pairing: Monaboyd, Serkisbean, and then some.
What it is: Utter, utter crackfic.
Summary: The Editor of webzine Spartacus decides to take his staff on a company retreat to a LARP event. Agony Aunt Dom thinks this is the perfect opportunity to make a move on food critic Billy.
Why I love it: Hee-la-ree-ous!
Notes: No website that I know of, but the chapters are easy to find in her LJ.

To Catch A Thief by apple_pi and sparkythehamstr . Long fic, completed.
Pairing: Monaboyd
What it is: Detective fic.
Warnings: Some violence.
Summary: Billy is a private detective employed by a shady client to investigate the disappearance of a painting. Dom is an art thief, and all the evidence points in his direction. But did he do it?
Why I love it: It’s like a gangster/spy thriller, but with more sexual tension and pretty boys!

The Untamed by ismenin. Long fic, completed.
Pairing: Domlijah
What it is: Wild child fic
Warnings: Blood, violence
Summary: A bona fide wild man is caught and imprisoned at the institution where Dom works, causing him to nominate himself to teach Lij, as he names him, the ways of the world.
Why I love it: Something very different from Issi, with some intriguing concepts. Alpha male Elijah is very hot, too.

Very Good, Boyd by apple_pi. Long fic, completed.
Pairing: Monaboyd, Orlijah, Serkisbean, Livranda.
What it is: Based on the Jeeves-Wooster universe created by the incomparable P.G. Wodehouse.
Summary: Dom is a young lord who yearns for and lusts after his butler, Boyd. But in true Wodehousian style, they get tangled up in all kinds of intrigues and misunderstandings.
Why I love it: Still grovelling in the dirt for this author to return to the fandom, because this fic has never met its match.

Historical Reality fics

Abomination by saura_. Long fic, completed.
Pairing: Domlijah
What it is: London, 1850.
Warnings: Violence.
Summary: Elijah is a young lord with a secret that forces him to live in exile in London, where Dom is employed as his butler.
Why I love it: Still has the power to move me.

Dílse by berreh. Long fic, completed.
Pairing: Monaboyd
What it is: Dublin, 1922.
Warnings: Violence.
Summary: Bill, an agent working for the English Empire, is ordered to infiltrate a band of Irish rebels, of whom Dom is one.
Why I love it: Absolutely exquisite period details and descriptions.

Inca by ismenin. Long fic, completed.
Pairing: Domlijah
What it is: The newly discovered New World.
Warnings: Violence, attempted non-con, character death.
Summary: Dom Domingo, a Spanish Lord, travels to the New World with his best friend William and a pair of priests, to seek out the God-King of the Inca people, and convince him of their ways. However, things rapidly become more complicated than that.
Why I love it: Issi is still the undisputed Supreme Empress of historical Domlijah, and this is one of her best stories to date.
Notes: Continues in Flight of the Inca.

Jah and the Pharaoh by trianne. Long fic, completed.
Pairing: Domlijah, Elijah/OC
What it is: Ancient Egypt.
Warnings: Violence, attempted non-con, character death.
Summary: The Pharaoh’s favourite concubine, Jah, falls in love with the artist Minic. But his life does not belong to himself.
Why I love it: I can still read and reread this fic and be enchanted yet again.

A Regency Tale by ismenin. Long fic, completed.
Pairing: Domlijah
What it is: Regency Era.
Warnings: Violence, character death.
Summary: Elijah, Duke of Stanford, makes an agreement with the insufferable Lord Monaghan, whom he quickly comes to despise. Monaghan, meanwhile, plans to teach the haughty Duke a lesson in humility. The agreement does not really go according to plan.
Why I love it: More historical stuff from Issi! Need I say more?

Son of the Sun by ismenin. Long fic, completed.
Pairing: Domlijah
What it is: Ancient Egypt
Warnings: Violence, (attempted) non-con, sickness, character death.
Summary: The slave Dom comes to the court of Pharaoh Lij, and they find love in one another. But their happiness is disturbed by many dark and dangerous adventures.
Why I love it: This epic tale has become a true fandom classic, and it’s still glorious to read.
Notes: Continues in Son of the Earth and Son of Set. Another companion piece is A Sheban Mystery. Because we just can’t get enough of these boys.

Taking Breath by apple_pi. Long fic, completed.
Pairing: Monaboyd
What it is: Manchester, 1346
Warnings: Sickness, depression, character death.
Summary: Dom is a young boy who is learning to be a monk, William is the town’s new butcher. Together they must conquer disease, illness, and loneliness, in the darkest years in history.
Why I love it: Beautiful, poetic sadness and longing.

The Wanderer by serpentisfix. Long fic, completed.
Pairing: Monaboyd, Seanviggo, Serkiswood.
What it is: England, Arthurian era.
Warnings: Violence, character death.
Summary: Dominic and his friends are knights at the King’s court. William is a stranger, come from Dal Riada to join them.
Why I love it: Wonderful storytelling, powerful images.

Other fics

All That I Had by elenya54. Long fic, completed.
Pairing: Frodo/Sam
What it is: LOTR
Warnings: Depression.
Summary: Frodo is changed and scarred after his ordeals, and seems to drift further away from Sam with each day. But is it their love that is diminishing, or Frodo himself?
Why I love it: I have read a bit more F/S this time around, but this story is still among the best ones out there.
Notes: Continues in The Gift Of Iluvatar. Thanks to the author for pointing this out to me!

Debts, Dates and Denial by alassenya. Long fic, completed.
Pairing: Charlie Pace/The Shark
What it is: LOST/Urban Ghost Story crossover.
Warnings: Violence, drug abuse.
Summary: His brother Liam having gotten them deep in debt with the Shark, Charlie agrees to pay off his brother’s debt by entering the Shark’s service for one month. He comes to realise that it involves much more than he expected.
Why I love it: The author manages to make an unusual romance between a has-been druggie and a violent criminal, not only credible, but a joy to read.
Notes: Continues in Trials, Temptation and Triumph, which at the moment is still a WIP.

Rites of Passage by willow-wode. Long fic, WIP.
Pairing: Frodo/Merimac, Frodo/Merry, Frodo/Sam
What it is: Pre-LOTR
Warnings: Violence, attempted non-con, sickness, depression.
Summary: This extraordinary storyteller follows Frodo through his younger years, from his childhood in Brandy Hall with Merry, to his tweens at Bag End.
Why I love it: At the risk of committing blasphemy, I dare say Tolkien himself could not have written Frodo’s history better. I am anxiously waiting for more!
Notes: Read her other fic too, while you’re at it. And don’t forget to look at her awesome art.

Sea Song by ditchwitchbitch. Long fic, completed.
Pairing: Geoff Shawcross/Jamie Holmes
What it is: Hetty Wainthropp Investigates/Taggart crossover.
Warnings: Violence, character death.
Summary: Geoff and Hetty travel to Scotland to investigate some suspicious activities that are happening in a small town by the sea. They stay in the B&B run by the mother of autistic Jamie.
Why I love it: The relationship between Geoff and Jamie is very complex, due to Jamie’s autism, but this author handles it delicately and beautifully.

Fics that I could no longer find anywhere online, but which still deserve a mention

Anum Cara
Shop Around The Corner
Valiant Effort
War Games/Playing With The Peace
World Trip
And everything by kissing_athelas, whom I (and the fandom) miss terribly.
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