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(not-so)Happy Halloween update

Happy Hallowe'en, my dearest of f-lists! I hope you're having a more exciting day than I am, reading LOTR fanfic in my jammies.

I had seven whole days to myself this week, as I'd planned to take a holiday but didn't go anywhere in the end, mostly because I've no friends to go with me. I was all set to go with my younger brother to Low Budgetville, Somewhere In The UK, when he found out at the last minute that his passport had expired. So, instead I've spent most of my week shopping, either with my Mum (flea markets) or my brother (dancing shoes).
I've bought very little, thank goodness (my brother'd forgotten where exactly the dancing shoes shop was, and we gave up the search after a while), although I did splurge on a gorgeous antique cigarette-box for 4 euro. I've no idea what to do with it, as I've never smoked in my life, but it was so beautiful, hand carved mocha-coloured wood with leaves and flowers, like it could have been made in Rivendell or Lothlorien, you know? I just couldn't put it back down. Anyone have a creative idea as to what use to put it to? My mum suggested to keep cat treats in it, which seemed a good idea... until I put it down and it took the cats all of 5 seconds to figure out how it opened.

Now the reason why I didn't go out and do something today is because I am DISTRAUGHT, DEVASTATED, DESTROYED, DED, and lots of other things that start with D, at this DREADFULLEST OF ANNOUNCEMENTS. OMG how can he do this to meee? Unreasonable as I know I'm being, I am fully prepared to violently resent whoever replaces my worshipful God of Awesome.
Unless said replacement was in Lord of the Rings (note unsubtle use of icon). Then he may be forgiven. In Time.

I have still managed, in the past SIX MONTHS (*cringes in shame*) since my birthday, to write some. Mostly original fiction, which may or may not be going somewhere, but also a bit of the promised fan fics I posted bits of on my birthday. In fact, for encouragement that I can still do it as much as anything, I will need a beta sometime soon. If anyone is still reading my journal at all and is interested, please let me know.

Also: today it's exactly 7 weeks to go before I depart for New Zealand! OMG! I can almost smell it now, it's so close! I am slightly apprehensive though, about travelling through the US so soon after the election, especially if a certain person whom I am desperately hoping will not win, wins it. If I recall, 911 happened relatively soon after George W was elected, and I will be flying with both United and American Airlines, aka the airlines whose aircrafts were directly involved in the attack. Call me paranoid, but this stuff still frightens me.

Still, though: NZ! Can't wait! OMG! Broken record broken record broken record DON'T CARE! NZ! YAY!
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