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Enchantment (12/?)

Title: Enchantment
Genre: Lotrps AU/Harry Potter future!fic crossover
Pairing: Domlijah
Summary: Dom becomes a teacher at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and finds himself strangely attracted to Elijah, one of the Gryffindor seventh-years.
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Like I said, AU and crossover. Also it's HP so, obviously, supernatural stuff.
Disclaimer: The wonderful HP world is created by JK Rowling who is not me, and the LOTR boys do not belong to me, both facts which I obviously regret but are nevertheless true. Sniff.
Feedback: Makes me prostrate myself at your feet and grovel pathetically.
Author's notes: This chapter is a bit late, because pinkegogirl was preoccupied with schoolwork. Good luck on your exams, love! Also I must warn you for the next chapter: I like Quidditch. A lot. Be prepared.
Chapter 12: In which stuff actually happens! Yay!

Chapter 12

It wasn’t until the Hallowe’en feast that evening that Elijah really began to worry. Dom’s seat at the High Table stayed empty all night. The teachers didn’t seem very worried by this, so he had to assume that it was a regular thing for Dom to disappear at times. Now that he thought of it, Elijah remembered a few other meals at which the youngest Professor had not been present. Had he really gone into the Forest then? What could he be doing there?

Dom did not make an appearance that night, nor the next morning at breakfast, which Elijah and the rest of the team had eaten early, so that they’d have time to run over their tactics one last time. Elijah had insisted on that, since he felt that he shouldn’t keep any of the excellent tips Dom had given him yesterday to himself. He hoped that the young teacher would be present at the game.


As the morning progressed, the team’s nerves tensed. Not only was the first game of the season quite important to their further course this year, it was also the first game in which the Malfoy twins would be playing against each other.

Mortianna seemed to have developed great contempt for her sister from the moment the Sorting Hat had put Morgan in Gryffindor. Over the years, these feelings had evolved into a deep hatred, to the point when Morgan’s friends had decided not to leave her alone with any Slytherin anymore. But now Mortianna had been made a Chaser for her House Team, and would be set directly against her sister, who as Keeper would be unprotected from any damage she would no doubt try to inflict upon her.

This knowledge, along with the usual nerves for the upcoming game, was making the Gryffindors moody and short-tempered. And as they walked down the corridor towards the main staircase, already dressed in their scarlet Quidditch robes, they met the only one who could make their bad moods even worse.


The school poltergeist was hanging upside down in the middle of the corridor, grinning evilly, an alarming amount of water balloons cradled in the crook of one arm. The team halted uncertainly.

Lily stepped forward. “Let us through, Peeves, we have a game to go to.”

“You have to know the secret answer to my question,” said Peeves in his annoying sing-song voice.

Elijah stood beside Lily. “Go bother someone else, why don’t you?”

“Wrong answer!” cackled Peeves, and Elijah ducked just in time to avoid the water balloon that came flying at him. It hit the wall behind him instead.

“Next candidate!” shouted the poltergeist to no one in particular.

“Look, just bugger off!” snapped Lily, losing her patience, already severely tested by the grumbling team. Besides, if they wouldn’t be on the pitch in time, they’d be disqualified and Slytherin would win.

“Wrong again!” Peeves aimed another well-filled balloon at the team, but before he had the time to launch it…


The poltergeist nearly bounced against the ceiling with shock, the balloon shooting from his hand and hitting the painting of a morosely-looking elderly lady, who quickly hid under the frame and shook her fist at them before moving to a neighbouring painting of the Scottish Highlands, still muttering angrily.

The team swiveled around to see a silvery-grey, transparent figure standing a few feet behind them. His eyes were staring and his clothes splattered with silver blood. The Bloody Baron.

Peeves was beside himself with fright and adapted the groveling tone he saved especially for occasions like this one. “Y… your Bloodiness, I… I…”

“I have something I need you to do for me, Peeves,” said the Bloody Baron in his hollow, expressionless voice. “Meet me in the third-floor corridor in fifteen minutes. I’ll be there shortly.”

“Of course, your Eternal Scariness,” muttered Peeves, looking at the Gryffindors in disappointment. “I’ll wait for you there, then, shall I?”

The Bloody Baron said nothing, merely stared at the poltergeist. This seemed to be answer enough for Peeves who, with one last longing look at the team, dropped the rest of his balloons, splattering the hems of their robes, and took off down the corridor as fast as he could.

The team were still staring at the Bloody Baron, feeling slightly apprehensive. Should they thank him for intervening, or just be on their way silently? But before anyone could do anything, the ghost’s gaunt face unexpectedly broke into a smile. The smile became a grin, then a smirk. And then the Bloody Baron giggled.

The Gryffindors, now completely baffled, stared at the Slytherin ghost as he slowly began to change shape, colour seeping back into the skin, the face transforming…

Elijah was the first one to catch on. “Do - Professor Monaghan?”

As he watched, Dom changed back into his usual shape, his eyes glittering, his giggles now nearly as maniacal as Peeves’. “That was a good one, wasn’t it?”

“That was bloody brilliant, Professor!” squealed Frances.

Dom beamed. “Thank you. I used to pull stuff like this on Peeves quite a lot in my own schooldays. He always falls for it. And anyway, you looked like you could use a bit of help.”

“We did,” said Lily. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome,” said Dom, his gaze shifting from the girls to Elijah. “Quite welcome.” The look in his eyes changed, and Elijah gulped.

“Well, let’s go then, team,” said Lily briskly. “We don’t want to be late.”

They set off again towards the Entrance Hall, Dom walking with them. Just as they were exiting the castle, Dom gently took Elijah’s wrist, pulling him away from the oblivious team and into a narrow niche behind a statue next to the double doors.

Elijah looked at his young teacher anxiously. He looked a bit wilder somehow, less humanlike, though outwardly he was exactly the same. His eyes seemed much more intense, somehow, more alive. Elijah almost squirmed under their gaze.

“I just wanted to wish you good luck today,” said Dom casually, and Elijah felt his heart sink for a moment. Maybe he’d misread the signs. Maybe he’d seen things that weren’t there, and Dom didn’t want him after all…

Then the older man leaned forward unexpectedly, closed the gap between them, and sealed his lips over Elijah’s in a soft, lingering kiss.

Elijah made a small, startled noise, before closing his eyes and responding enthusiastically to Dom’s gentle mouth moving on his. Dom smiled against his lips.

“Good luck.”


Exitement was mounting as the stands at the Quidditch pitch were slowly filling up with students, eager to see the first game of the season. Everyone seemed to be bundled up in every bit of warm clothing they could find, and for good reason: the icy cold turned even the faintest breeze into a biting wind.

Dom was grinning so much as he climbed the stands to where the teachers sat that he thought his face might freeze like this. Not that he would notice: he didn’t seem to feel the cold at all. He could still feel the softness of Elijah’s lips against his own, and if either of them hadn’t been sure about this before, they were now. At the moment their lips had touched, Dom knew that there was no going back, but strangely, he didn’t care about it nearly as much as he ought to. Because for the first time in his life, something had felt right. What’s more: it had felt fucking perfect.

Billy seemed both surprised and amused to see Dom entering the teacher’s box at the top of the stands. “Fancy seeing you here, mate. I thought you didn’t like crowds?”

Dom had the decency to blush a little, and dropped himself into a seat next to his friend, still grinning like a madman. “And I don’t. But this is Quidditch, Bills!”

“Hm,” said Billy, who wasn’t nearly as into sports as Dom was. “What was up with you yesterday? You missed a great dinner, and that’s nothing like you.” He reached up and plucked a twig out of Dom’s hair. “Ah, been camping out again, I see.”

“Yeah,” said Dom, running his hands through his messy tangle to check for any stuff Billy had missed. “Was cold though. ‘M not used to that so much anymore.”

“Well, you look like it did you some good,” said Billy, studying him.

Dom shifted uncomfortably. While his little trips into the Forest always did make him feel better, he was pretty sure that how he looked right now had very little to do with that. He felt guilty that he couldn’t tell Billy the truth about his current state of bliss, but he was pretty sure his friend wouldn’t be very happy with him if he did. So he settled for not saying anything at all, and instead stared out over the pitch.

Apart from the cold, the weather was perfect for the match: a pale sun, just right for flying: not too hot and not too bright. There was hardly any wind and the sky was cloudless.

Merlin Weasley, who would be commentating, passed their seats to stand by the microphone, just above the score-board. He grinned at the teachers before picking it up.

“Welcome to the first Quidditch Match of the season: Slytherin versus Gryffindor! And an exiting match it will be, too! Slytherin is set on doing better than last year, in which they lost the Cup due to the expulsion of their Keeper and two Chasers before the end of year…”

“There’s no need to bring all that up again, Mr. Weasley,” said Billy mildly as the Slytherins all booed at Merlin. “Just the game, if you please.”

“Right on, Professor. Anyway, Gryffindor once again bring out their winning team of two years, with the new addition of second-year Henry Mortensen, who will be playing his first match as Beater alongside Casper Creevey. They are joined by the charming Chasers Potter, De Ravin and Longbottom, Seeker Wood, and of course their sensational and stunningly beautiful Keeper, Miss Morgana Malfoy! Hey there baby, I love you!”

“Mr. Weasley,” said Billy once again. “We don’t wish to hear any details about your love life, thank you very much. Get on with it.”

“Yes, sir. Slytherin on the other hand, seems to have made some radical changes in the team after Mortianna Malfoy succeeded her sister Lucretia as team Captain and Chaser. Former Keeper Hartnett has been replaced by the rather inexperienced fifth-year Grace, while new Chasers Brewster and Redgrave have both only played reserve. But I’m sure they know what they’re doing… and here comes the man with the balls: Mr. Bean!”

The Quidditch trainer stepped onto the pitch to many girly shrieks of exitement. The tall, handsome northerner had quite a fan club at the school, and many girls who weren’t at all interested in Quidditch came to matches just to see him carrying the box of balls in.

Bean opened the wooden box, and immediately the Bludgers and the Golden Snitch shot out. The man then took the Quaffle out and mounted his own broom, his whistle ready between his lips. Dom leaned forward expectantly.


Elijah, meanwhile, was still feeling a little light-headed from his earlier encounter with Dom, and he was glad he had a broom to support his weight instead of his unsteady legs, especially when Dom smiled at him from the stands and gave him the thumbs-up. He resisted the urge to wave back and tried to focus on the game at hand.

He saw Morgan blow a kiss to Merlin and suddenly felt a bit jealous of them. Elijah realised that if he and Dom were really going to do this – which they were, he was pretty certain – that affectionate gestures like that could never be shared between them. It would have to be secret smiles, hidden touches, whispered words… always hiding. At least until Elijah would graduate, and Dom wouldn’t be his teacher anymore.

Elijah saw Bean flying their way, the Quaffle in hand. He caught a flash of gold in the pale sun, before the Snitch flitted out of sight.

As Bean drew level with them, Elijah soared upwards so as not to be in the way of his teammates, and to be able to locate the Snitch better. He saw the Slytherin seeker, Walter Nott, do the same.

Elijah saw a flash of red as Bean threw the Quaffle high in the air, and a split second later he heard the shrill sound of the whistle.

The game had begun.

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  • Happy weekend!

    First of all: THE HOBBIT! EEEEE! Apparently they're going to start shooting in New Zealand right when samena and I are going to be there.…

  • Happy birthday to Dom!

    Look how young he was! Has it really been 10 years already? I hope you have a wonderful day, Dom, wherever you are, and that you spend it…

  • Fandom stuffs

    I should really post more often. I find myself composing posts in my head almost every day, and then never posting them. :( Anyways, I am missing…