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Birthday challenge!

Dear friends,

As some of you may know and most of you will not, it's my birthday on Thursday. Yay!
I'm going to be 25. Not quite so yay!
Feel free to lavish me with extravagant presents. ;)
Nah, just kidding. A birthday snog from one Dom Monaghan will do just fine. I'm modest that way.

Anyway, as I am a Tolkien fan at heart, I figured it would be far more fitting for me to give my friends something for my birthday.

Now, as you may have noticed, I have not posted any of my fiction in a scandalously LONG time. *waits for noises of agreement to die down*
The reason for this is that I promised myself not to post anything until I'd completely finished it, with the result that I now have several thousands half-finished stories sitting on my computer, and I work sometimes on one, sometimes on another, and never focus on one in particular.

Therefore, this is what I'm going to do: I'm going to post a snippet of each unfinished story as a drabble (a snibble?), and let you decide which one I should focus on to finish first. Those of you who have not long since lost interest in me and wandered off, that is.
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