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Enchantment (49/50)

Title: Enchantment
Genre: Lotrps AU/Harry Potter future!fic crossover
Pairing: Domlijah
Summary: Dom becomes a teacher at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and finds himself strangely attracted to Elijah, one of the Gryffindor seventh-years.
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Like I said, AU and crossover. Also it's HP so, obviously, supernatural stuff.
Disclaimer: The wonderful HP world is created by JK Rowling who is not me, and the LOTR boys do not belong to me, both facts which I obviously regret but are nevertheless true. Sniff.
Feedback: Makes me prostrate myself at your feet and grovel pathetically.
Author's notes: Here's to ismenin, my lovely beta. Nearly there now. OMG!

Chapter 49

It was some time before either Dom or Elijah was fit to attend any kind of event that would confront them with the consequences of their ordeal. However, Professors Potter and Boyd persuaded them to attend the hearing scheduled on the twenty-fourth.

“That way, when you are acquitted, you can still sit your exams together with your classmates,” they told Elijah.

No matter how many times everyone had told them that this was not a trial, when Elijah stepped into the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom a little before time on the twenty-fourth, he still felt like he was being led into court.

The hearing was to be attended only by those who had something to do with the case, and the parents of the students involved. This still left a considerable crowd, and Elijah felt nervous with all the eyes on his still scarred face, especially when Professor Potter indicated that he and Dom were to sit at desks placed on either side of his own, facing the other people in the classroom. A chair was placed beside each of them.

The students’ desks had been removed for the occasion, and replaced by long tables that were assembled in a U-shape similar to that of the tables at the Headmaster’s Christmas dinner. At the table directly opposite the teacher’s desk, sat the Slytherin students: Nero Zabini, Belladonna Goyle, and Mortianna Malfoy, all three of whom were sneering. Next to each of them were their fathers: a very handsome dark-skinned man with slanted eyes who looked supremely haughty, a rather stupid-looking ape-like brute, and a shrewd-looking man with sleek blond hair and a pale, pointed face, whose grey eyes were fixing Harry Potter with a look of purest loathing.

The table to the right of the teacher’s desk seated the case witnesses: Billy, Viggo, Andy and Orlando, as well as Lily, Merlin and Morgan. Also seated at this table were the four youngest Slytherin conspirators, who all looked very subdued and intimidated at their surroundings. Mephistola Zabini kept casting terrified looks at her father and brother, who ignored her.

The table to the left would be occupied by Ministry representatives, here to record the hearing for the trial, which would take place next month. All chairs at this table were still empty, save one: in the middle seat sat a man Dom whispered to Elijah was the Senior Under-secretary to the Minister.

Voices carried through the hall: clearly the rest of the Ministry representatives had finally arrived. Elijah glanced apprehensively at Dom, and to his surprise saw a wide grin spread over his face. Jumping from his seat, the Changeling hurried to the door where the new arrivals had appeared.

Fran and Philipa stood there, along with a very beautiful, dark-skinned man with long curly hair who was now hugging Dom fiercely. As Elijah looked, the man planted a hard kiss on Dom’s lips before resting their foreheads together in an intimate gesture.

To his own surprise, the younger man did not feel jealous or possessive; even though the strange man simply oozed sexuality from each pore, he could clearly see there was no hint of romantic love between him and Dom, nor had there ever been. They were friends, good friends, who at one point had also been bedmates.

The four or five years since Elijah had seen him in the Pensieve had changed Naveen. Like Dom, he had lost the look of a gangly teenager, but still, he now looked a great deal older than his former lover. Elijah did not wonder at this; according to Dom, Naveen had lived quite a rough life after leaving the Institution.

Leading the two Guides and Naveen to their table, Dom stopped by the teacher’s desk and placed a hand over his lover’s. “Elijah, this is Naveen. Naveen, this is my Elijah.”

Elijah extended his hand politely, trying not to smile too much at Dom’s choice of words. Naveen, however, ignored the hand, instead walking around the desk and hugging the surprised younger man briefly.

“I’m so glad our Dom found you, mate,” he said, grinning. “Hold onto him, now. He’s quite a catch.”

“I know,” said Elijah, smiling widely.

“Good to know there’s someone who realises how special he is,” said Naveen, earnest now.

“You always did,” Dom murmured fondly, kissing his friend. “How did you get here?”

Naveen grinned at him. “Fran tracked me down, of course. She told me you were in trouble, and that the Tyler bitch was involved, and I came over at once. I told you, Dom, we hadn’t seen the last of her, didn’t I?”

“You were right,” nodded Dom. “Not just her, either. You remember her cousin, Josh?”

“The little uppity cunt what kept calling you ‘it’?” Naveen scoffed. “Yeah, of course.”

Dom’s mouth twisted with suppressed rage as he caressed a scar on Elijah’s hand. “He did this to him.”

Fran and Philipa had both crouched down by Elijah, and were making tutting noises, reminding him rather of two fussy mother hens. Elijah wished they wouldn’t.

“I’m fine, honestly,” he mumbled, trying valiantly to smile.

Professor Potter now entered the room, flanked by Oliver Wood and another Ministry worker who was wearing the green robes of the Magical Law Enforcement Squad. Naveen, Philipa and the Squad wizard took their seats, while Fran took the chair at Dom’s side and Elijah’s father sat down beside his son.

Potter took his seat and cleared his throat. “Seeing as everyone is present, I suggest we get this matter over with. The Ministry has kindly agreed to send representatives to this hearing,” he inclined his head to the table on the left, “to record the testimonies represented here, so that the victims of this affair will not have to relive the events of their ordeal more than is necessary.”

Mr. Malfoy made a scathing noise, which Potter ignored.

“As you have all noticed,” he continued staunchly, though his jaw was set, “not all the culprits are present here today. Livid Tyler, Joshua Hartnett, Lucretia Malfoy, and their three accomplices are of age and do not attend this school, and have therefore been taken to Azkaban to await trial by the Wizengamot. Our duty today is to collect full witness accounts from those involved, and come to an agreement about appropriate repercussions for violations of school rules that have taken place during the event. The rest will be up to the Ministry.”

He shuffled the papers on his desk. “First of all, I will have to ask Mr. Wood and Mr. Monaghan to recount the events that took place on the day of the Quidditch finale.”

Elijah was actually surprised by how calm he was, as he told his story to the people present. For the first few moments he felt nervous, feeling that everyone was looking at his scarred face, but as he continued talking, he could see that he had the sympathy of his audience.

Dom had less success. He was clearly very nervous, and the looks of disdain the Slytherins’ parents were giving him were certainly not helping.

After a short recess, Potter consulted the papers on his desk again. “I ask Mephistola Zabini and Walter Nott to come forward, please.”

The young girl got up, trembling from head to foot, and stood between the tables, her large dark eyes darting in every direction. Nott followed, looking like he was on the verge of being sick.

“Now, you two were the youngest and also the last to join the group, is that correct?” asked Potter, not unkindly. The two nodded and Potter inclined his head at the boy. “Walt, could you tell me why you chose to join them?”

Nott swallowed. “Well, Mephistola told me that her brother wanted her to join. She didn’t really like to, but…”

Potter nodded encouragingly, and Nott turned beet red. “And I… I wanted to help her, I suppose, because… I, um, like her a lot and…” he trailed off, blushing.

Potter smiled and then turned to the terrified girl. “Mephistola, could you tell us why your brother wanted you to join their group? I’ve been told you’re a good student, but you’re not even thirteen. Why did they need you?”

The girl’s lip began to tremble, and she cast another terrified look at her father and brother, who were no longer ignoring her, both looking at her threateningly. She looked back at the teachers’ desk and burst into tears. “I can’t!”

“No one will punish you,” said Potter soothingly. “Just tell us the truth, love.”

Not looking around at her family, the girl finally whispered tearfully: “I’m a Seer.”

Mr. Zabini beat his fist on the table as Nero jumped up, looking as though he was about to attack his sister, so that several people, including Fran, drew their wands.

“Sit back down this instant, young man,” said the Senior Under-secretary in a nasal voice, and Nero did so, looking furious.

“All children in possession of the Second Sight are legally obligated to be under Guidance, Mr. Zabini,” said Philipa sternly. “Why did you neglect to report this?”

“Because I do not wish my family to be associated with such freaks,” said Blaise Zabini coldly, casting a look of disgust at Dom. “Putting my daughter in with outcasts like that will only give her ideas that she’s special, which she isn’t.”

Fran and Philipa looked over at the Under-secretary, who nodded. “We shall have to report this violation of our laws to the Ministry, Mr. Zabini. Your daughter will be temporarily placed in the care of the Guidance Office, pending trial of the case against you. In the matter of this particular case Mephistola Zabini will be cleared of all charges, as she has evidently been drawn in by intimidation from a possibly violent sibling.” He looked over at Potter, who nodded his approval.

“And I think we agree, Mr. Taylor, that Walter Nott will not be legally charged, as he neither participated nor agreed with the crimes committed by members of the group. He did, however, voluntarily join this group, knowing their intentions beforehand. He will receive an official warning from the Ministry, and will be suspended from taking part in the school exams this year. The same goes for Margaret Grace and Jordana Brewster, who did not participate, but did co-operate.”

The two youngest students, visibly relieved, were led back to their seats by Philipa, and sat down by the two fifth-year girls, who still looked stunned. The two remaining Zabinis looked incensed, but said nothing more.

“Belladonna Goyle and Nero Zabini,” continued Potter, and the two stood up and stood, sneering, before the desk. “Though neither of you took an active part in the torture of your professor and fellow student, you encouraged these actions of your fellow group members. You actively participated in the abduction of Elijah Wood and the capture of Dominic Monaghan, and intimidated younger students to do the same. For this, you will both be expelled from Hogwarts, and with that we transfer both your cases to the judgment of the youth department of Magical Law.”

The Magical Law Enforcement wizard now stood up and escorted the two teenagers, neither of whom showed the slightest sign of remorse, out of the classroom. Their fathers followed. Potter glared after them.

“Mortianna Malfoy.”

As her name was called, the girl stood up calmly and sauntered over to the place so recently occupied by her fellow Slytherins, smirking insolently all the while. Her father had also got up and stood next to her.

Potter raised an eyebrow. “Did I ask you to come forward, Mr. Malfoy?”

“I am acting in my daughter’s defense,” said Malfoy smoothly.

Potter sighed in annoyance. “This isn’t the Tribunal, Malfoy. You can have your say before the Wizengamot, where, because of the severity of her crime, I will be transferring your daughter’s case."
Malfoy’s gaze was cool and calculating. “I don’t see the necessity for that, Potter.”

“Well, I do,” spat Potter, clearly losing his patience. ”She used the Cruciatus Curse on Professor Monaghan several times, and cast a Death Curse on the centaur Karlurban. Both these spells are, as you know, Unforgivable Curses, and the law is quite clear on those, as you are no doubt aware, Malfoy.”

“Quite aware,” said Malfoy softly, an unpleasant smile on his face. “As our laws state: any use of an Unforgivable Curse on a fellow human will result in a life sentence in Azkaban.” He emphasized the words carefully, smirking.

Potter had turned pale with rage, as had Billy. Fran’s hands were curled into fists on the table. The Under-secretary looked confused, checking his notes.

Malfoy cleared his throat impressively before continuing. “Neither the Changeling nor the centaur are human. As such, neither of my two daughters have broken this law. The curses were not used on anyone else, and though they have undoubtedly broken some rules, you cannot honestly expect to bother the Wizengamot with a schoolgirl who committed cruelty to animals, Potter. They have better things to do with their time, you know.”

He smirked again, clearly relishing the opportunity of angering the Headmaster. “Go and check it if you want, but you have no chance. You may be able to expel Mortianna, but you can’t send her to the Wizengamot. No capital crime, no case.”

The Undersecretary exchanged a glance with Potter and shook his head slowly. The Headmaster’s hands twitched on his desk, as though it was taking him every ounce of self-control not to jump over the desk and plant his foot in Malfoy’s smug face.

“I think you’ll find the rest of Mortianna’s so-called crimes are similar to those committed by Nero and Belladonna,” continued Malfoy. “It is only fair that she receives the same punishment.”

Fran now stood up and spoke, her voice cold as frozen iron. “I will appeal to the Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, Mr. Malfoy. I cannot stand for this. Dominic may not be specified as human, but his parents are. I will have the law revised if I have to. You and your family have not seen the last of me.”

Malfoy merely snorted derisively and turned his back on her. “The verdict, Potter?”

“Expulsion and futher investigation by the youth department,” growled Potter through clenched teeth. “Now get out of my sight, both of you.”

“Oh, no, you don’t, Potter, the fun’s just starting,” said Malfoy gleefully. “You have not yet addressed the cases of Wood and the Changeling’s violation of school rules.”

“Those are irrelevant to the case at hand,” replied Potter, his fists clenched on the desktop, “and will be addressed in a school evaluation.”

“The safety and well-being of Hogwarts students is a cause worthy of the Ministry’s full attention,” drawled Malfoy, darting a look at Mr. Taylor, who sighed and nodded wearily. “Very well then, if you must. Proceed, Mr. Malfoy.”

“Thank you,” said Malfoy silkily. “For, you see, recent events have brought to light the fact that the relationship between the Changeling and young master Wood is not a professional student-teacher relationship. Is that not so, Changeling?”

Dom regarded him coolly. “I have a name other than my species specification, just so you know. And yes, my relationship with Elijah is of the romantic kind.”

“That’s hardly professional behaviour, now is it?” sneered Malfoy. “Why have you not informed anyone about this?”

“Because I knew what I was doing would not be considered ethical,” replied Dom matter-of-factly.

“But you still maintained your inappropriate relationship with Mr. Wood, didn’t you? Why?”

Dom looked him calmly in the eye. “Because I love him.”

“Oh, and that should just excuse you from any violation of school rules?” Malfoy laughed derisively.

“Of course not, and I will accept the consequences of my actions. But I have no regrets about loving him.”

Malfoy snorted sarcastically. “What do you know about love, anyway?” He turned his back on Dom, clearly disappointed he had not found a way to rouse him to anger. Elijah felt anxious that he might be next, but Malfoy ignored him completely, turning back to Potter.

“Do the school rules not clearly state that each teacher should treat all students equally? A rule you insisted upon your instigation as Headmaster, should be included? Live by it, then, Potter. Remove the Changeling from Hogwarts for ever.”

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