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Enchantment (46/50)

Title: Enchantment
Genre: Lotrps AU/Harry Potter future!fic crossover
Pairing: Domlijah
Summary: Dom becomes a teacher at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and finds himself strangely attracted to Elijah, one of the Gryffindor seventh-years.
Rating: R
Warnings: Like I said, AU and crossover. Also it's HP so, obviously, supernatural stuff.
Disclaimer: The wonderful HP world is created by JK Rowling who is not me, and the LOTR boys do not belong to me, both facts which I obviously regret but are nevertheless true. Sniff.
Feedback: Makes me prostrate myself at your feet and grovel pathetically.
Author's notes: Newsflash: I still love ismenin to pieces for being my beta. Also: more torture! It seems as though I've got a thing for it.

Chapter 46

Elijah watched with growing horror as he saw Josh, Liv and Mortianna take it in turns to torture Dom with the Cruciatus Curse. Lucretia was watching, propped against a tree and clutching her shoulder. Belladonna Goyle’s normally dull, hollow eyes were shining with a hungry light as she watched the Changeling writhe and contort in pain. Crabbe, Goyle and Flint were doing what they did best: standing around stupidly blinking.

However, not all the group seemed to think it was quite such a good idea as before. Maggie Grace was biting her lip as though she was about to burst into tears; Jordana Brewster kept glancing around furtively, as if she wanted to be anywhere but here. Mephistola Zabini was crying and trying to drag her eyes away from the scene, but her brother had an iron grip on her face, forcing her to watch it. Walter Nott was throwing up in the bushes nearby.

Dom screamed louder still as Mortianna joined her curse to Liv’s, while Josh laughed loudly.

“Alright,” said Josh, twirling his wand jauntily. “Enough playing around. Who wants to see whether he looks different on the inside, as well?”

Mephistola let out a cry of distress and tried to fight off her brother, but he merely held her tightly in a bruising grip. “You will watch this, and see what happens to freaks like him!”

“Leave her alone!” shouted Walter Nott, who was still as pale as death, his wand shaking violently in his hand as he pointed it at Nero. “She doesn’t want to.”

“Put the wand down, boy, or I’ll practise my inside-out spell on you first,” threatened Josh. “Zabini, let her go. She gets the gist, I think.”

Nero reluctantly released his sister, who quickly moved away from him and into the comforting arms of Nott, who embraced her protectively, glaring at everyone as she cried uncontrollably into his shirt.

If Elijah had been feeling in any way compassionate, he might have felt sorry for the little girl who had clearly been forced into this, but his entire being was focused on the creature in the cage, about to be turned (if he could believe Josh, which he had no trouble in doing) inside out. Why didn’t Billy do something?

Just then, a fountain of red and silver sparks shot above the treetops and soared into the blue sky, causing several people in the clearing to shout in surprise.

At the same moment, Billy dropped down from his perch in the trees and landed, like Dom, in a crouch in the middle of their enemies. Not wasting time on pleasantries, he straightened up and raised his wand. “Accio wands!”

Both Elijah’s and Dom’s wands tore themselves from Liv’s robes and soared through the air towards Billy, who directed them to where Elijah was hiding. The younger man snatched the wands from mid-air and pocketed Dom’s inside his robes, the feeling of his own wand in his hand making him much more confident.

Billy had, by now, been joined by the others, all of whom had their wands out and pointed at their adversaries. As predicted, Grace, Brewster, Nott and Mephistola had not moved, nor did they seem inclined to do so. The rest of the group, however, had drawn their wands.

Josh was the first to recover from his surprise, and actually laughed. “Oh, please. A rescue party of five isn’t gonna save the freak from justice.”

“And one can clearly tell that you didn’t finish school,” said Elijah, stepping out of the bushes and joining his friends. “There’s six of us, can’t you count?”

He smirked at the other man’s reaction: Josh’s eyes went wide and his mouth opened and closed a few times, like a landed fish. “The fuck?”

Belladonna Goyle narrowed her eyes maliciously, grimacing. “Well, look who it is, folks, the Phantom of the Opera. Love the new look, Wood.”

“And after all that, he’s still the better-looking one of the pair,” Mortianna grinned.

Elijah did not reply. He did not know what he looked like, and at the moment he didn’t care very much; not enough to grace their insults with a retort, anyway. He tried to glance around Josh to see the cage, but found his vision blocked by Crabbe.

“Five or six, it doesn’t matter,” said Liv coolly. “The Changeling will die today.”

“Not if I have anything to do with it, you bitch,” growled Billy.

Lucretia now piped up from where she was propped against the tree, her wand held in her left hand. “Morgan, don’t be an idiot. You can still pick the winning side, prove you’re worthy of the Malfoys.”

“Yeah,” said Mortianna, rounding on her twin. “We’ll give you a choice, Morgan. The family… or the freaks.”

Morgan’s face was inscrutable, and she was silent for so long that both Merlin and Lily turned to look fearfully at her. Then she smiled slowly and lowered her wand. “Family, of course.”

“What?” shrieked Lily, while Merlin looked at his girlfriend as if she had just sprouted an extra head. “Morgan!”

Morgan ignored them and, still smiling, she took a step closer to her twin, so that they were face to face, and offered her hand to her. Mortianna, looking delighted that this had gone off so easily, took it.

Then Morgan raised the other hand that was still clutching her wand, pulled it back, and smashed her fist into her sister’s face as hard as she could.

As Mortianna fell to the ground at her feet, blood streaming from both nostrils, Morgan pointed her wand directly at her sister’s chest. “You’re a bit mixed up, Morti,” she said sweetly as she nodded over her shoulder. “They are my family. You’re the freaks.”

Lucretia let out a shriek of rage, which seemed to be the signal for everyone to start firing curses at one another, the cries of stupefy, impedimenta and expelliarmus filling the air along with the sight of differently coloured sparks shooting out of wands. For a few minutes the clearing was total chaos, no-one aware of what the others were doing.

Elijah looked around, panting. He had succesfully Disarmed Goyle and Flint, but since they were probably better at using their fists than their wands, this wasn’t exactly an improvement. An Impediment Jinx from Merlin had knocked Belladonna off her feet and sent her sprawling on the forest floor, and Nero Zabini was swaying slightly where Lily’s and Orlando’s Stunners had hit him simultaneously. However, Liv and Josh still stood unscathed, Mortianna had struggled to her feet, and Crabbe, Goyle and Flint all advanced menacingly on their little group.

He examined the others. Billy was breathing heavily but, as far as Elijah could tell, was not injured. Morgan had a bloody gash across her left cheek. Merlin was being hauled to his feet by Orlando, having just been on the receiving end of Goyle’s fist. Lily was still shaking from the effects of the Reductor curse that Lucretia had fired at her. This did not look good.

They drew closer together as their enemies surrounded them. Elijah felt sorry for his friends, and for Orlando, who had been more or less dragged into this. He, however, felt that his place was at Dom’s side, and that he would die fighting for him, and so, he knew, would Billy. And a suicide mission didn’t rely on strength of numbers.

“Run,” he hissed to Orlando, who was closest to him. “Take Lily and the others and make a run for it. This isn’t your fight.”

Morgan, however, had caught his words, and made no effort to lower her voice as she snapped: “these are my sisters torturing Professor Monaghan, Elijah. That makes it my fight.”

“And that’s my best mate that psychopath tried to burn to a crisp,” Lily added, equally loudly.

“I’m not going anywhere,” said Merlin, stepping closer to Morgan.

“Me neither,” said Orlando, in a surprisingly steady voice.

“Excuse me,” said Josh, laughing incredulously. “But from where I stand, you don’t really have a choice. You’re all gonna die now, whether you like it or not.”

“Actually, I don’t think they are,” said a voice behind him.

Josh’s eyes widened as his body went rigid as a board before he keeled over, his wand dropping from his numb hand. At the same moment, Liv let out a scream of rage as she was hit with an Incarcerus curse, thick ropes appearing from mid-air and binding her tightly from neck to thighs. Mortianna turned to jinx their attackers, but as soon as she did, Billy had raised his wand and Stunned her from behind.
Elijah and the others followed his lead, and within moments their opponents were all on the ground, either bound or cursed with immobility.

Serkis and Mortensen were hurrying over from the edge of the clearing, both breathing heavily, having clearly run most of the way.

“We came as fast as we could when we saw your distress signal,” said Mortensen, looking down at the bound Liv with utter disgust. “Good thing we were already out on the edge of the Forest, because from the looks of things we didn’t come a moment too soon.”

At Billy’s questioning look he remarked: “you are not the only one who recognised the Faerie cry for help.”

“Bloody Hell,” said Serkis, taking in the state of the clearing and its inhabitants, before his gaze moved to the body of the centaur and last, the cage. “Who’s in there?”

Elijah had already sprinted towards it. Dom was sitting in the farthest corner of the cage, shaking all over and clearly trying to make himself as small as possible. When Elijah pushed his arm through the bars of the cage to touch him, Dom lashed out at it at once, and if Serkis had not had the presence of mind to jerk his student backwards by the hood of his robes, Dom would probably have snapped it clean in two.

“What are you doing?” Elijah cried, rounding on his teacher. “That’s Dom in there! We have to get him out!”

Serkis looked sadly at Elijah, then at the creature in the cage. “That’s not Dom, mate.”

“What’re you talking about? of course it is!” Elijah crouched down in front of the cage and peered through the bars, but the Changeling made no sign whatsoever that he recognised him. Instead he launched himself against the bars, snarling, causing Elijah to fall backwards with shock.

“Dom, what’s the matter with you?” he cried, both angry and terrified, trying to force back the tears that were threatening. “Don’t you know me?”

The Changeling made no response, retreating again to the side of the cage furthest from the group, panting heavily.

Elijah turned to the others. “We have to let him out,” he insisted, his voice cracking slightly. “He… he hates being locked in.”

Viggo shook his head. “We can’t let him out now, he’s dangerous. He might turn on us.”

“Of course he wouldn-“ Elijah began, but Billy put a gentle hand on his shoulder and he broke off abruptly.

“You don’t know what he might do in this state, Elijah, none of us do,” said Billy kindly. “Just let him be for a while now, lad, let him calm down.”

“How is the centaur?” asked Viggo, as Andy was now crouching by Karl’s body and examining it.

The Care of Magical Creatures teacher sadly shook his head . “It was a Death Curse. He won’t make it, not now.”

“You mean the curse didn’t kill him?” asked Merlin.

Serkis shook his head again. “Centaurs, like many magical creatures, have a resistance to spells that humans don’t have. But the Death Curse means death, any way you slice it. It just… takes a bit longer.”

“Can you… can you wake him up?” asked Elijah quietly. “Maybe he knows what’s going on with Dom.”

Serkis regarded him unblinkingly. “It would mean a lot of unnecessary pain for him. I’m not sure that’s what he’d want. It’d be more humane to let him pass away like this.”

“I think he’d want it,” Elijah insisted, looking appealingly at Billy, who frowned. “He’s Oathbound to him...”

He left the like you off, though his teacher clearly understood the unspoken comment.

Billy nodded slowly.“’To stand with you through thick and thin; to the bitter end’,” he recited, gazing down at the centaur with renewed respect.

“Then, young Elijah is right, and we should wake him,” said Viggo.

Serkis sighed, then paused to shoot another glare at the group of people now bound together some feet away. “Well, it will certainly be a bitter end for this one.”

Billy, whose spells were the most powerful, raised his wand. “Enervate!”

For a moment, it seemed as if the spell hadn’t worked; then Karl stirred feebly before he cried out in pain and distress, his dark eyes flying open, his legs flailing.

“Karl!” called Elijah, careful to keep an eye on all the centaur’s limbs as he cautiously approached him. Karl’s chest was heaving with laboured breath, his eyes unfocused, but at the sound of the voice he went still. “Changeling?”

“No, it’s me… Elijah,” said the young man, kneeling down by the weakly convulsing body.

The centaur’s handsome face was twisted in agony, but he seemed to recognise Elijah now, and also to remember where he was and why he was there. His eyes focused for a moment and he gazed urgently at Elijah. “Where is he? What have they done to him?”

“They… they’ve tortured him,” whispered Elijah tearfully. “And it did something to him. He… he doesn’t know me. Any of us. He tried to attack me, he…”

Elijah broke off, unable to continue, but the centaur seemed to know what he was talking about. Then, to Elijah’s distress, the dark eyes filled with tears.

“Then I must ask for your forgiveness. I have tried to be true to the Oath, but I failed to save him from the fate which I knew would befall him.”

“What do you mean?” asked Elijah, a lead weight settling in his stomach.

“The stars do not lie, Elijah Wood. They have always told me that Dominic was doomed to wander the earth. That time has come, and he has now gone.”

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