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Enchantment (7/?)

Title: Enchantment
Genre: Lotrps AU/Harry Potter future!fic crossover
Pairing: Domlijah, eventually
Summary: Dom becomes a teacher at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and finds himself strangely attracted to Elijah, one of the Gryffindor seventh-years.
Rating: PG-13 for swearing and Elijah's hormones.
Warnings: Like I said, AU and crossover.
Disclaimer: This story is about as real as Michael Jackson's face. Harry Potter was written by JK Rowling, the boys and girls of the LOTR cast all belong to themselves, and I use their names and faces for the characters that are made up in my crazy head. I make no money off this.
Feedback: Makes me happy.
Author's notes: This story came to me while reading HP to my kids, and it's about the strangest thing I've ever written. Unfortunately my beta, avondster , has to focus on her studies right now, so this chapter, as well as the next few, will be unbeta'd.
Previous chapters can be found in my journal, because I haven't figured out how to repair the broken links yet. Sorry! :(
Chapter 7: In which Elijah broods, and indulges in bad habits.

Chapter 7

After their last class, Elijah and his classmates returned to the Gryffindor common room. He, Lily, Morgan and Merlin dumped their bags on the floor and sat at their usual table to do their homework together, a daily ritual for them since they became friends.

Merlin was complaining loudly about the amount of homework Professor Hill had given them at Potions, their last lesson of the day: “It’s only the first day after the summer holidays, what does that wanker think he’s playing at?” At which Morgan patiently explained to him how much this final year would matter to their future, and so on, and so forth, accompanied by a lot of unneccesary touching, while Lij and Lily rolled their eyes at each other.

But today, Elijah didn’t find the natural ease in the routine. He picked up his quill and began on his Charms homework, only to look at it fifteen minutes later and find that all he had written on the parchment was the title.

What was going on with him? Not that Elijah had ever been very enthusiastic when it came to homework, but usually when he concentrated on something, he’d get at least a decent bit of work done.

Not today though. Elijah stared at his parchment again, trying to remember what he was supposed to be writing, and found his mind wandering to daydreams about eyes that were a different colour every time he looked into them, and the low, husky voice that went with them.

He suddenly wondered what the voice would sound like, shouting out his name in ecstasy, and what colour those eyes would have, when…

Elijah mentally slapped himself. Okay, so not going there, brain. Don’t even think about it. You know what that kind of bullshit got you into the last time.

He waited another half-hour until he thought it wouldn’t be suspicious to leave so soon, then rolled up his parchment and announced he was going to get some fresh air. The others looked up and nodded, though Lily gave him an odd look. Elijah didn’t linger on it, but picked up his bag and hurried out of the common room.

God, he needed a cigarette.

As Elijah climbed through the portrait hole and walked down the corridor to the Entrance Hall, he cast a sideways glance through one of the windows, only to find out that rain was pouring out of the sky.

Okay then. Plan B. He changed course and headed for the Owlery.

Smoking was forbidden in the castle, except to the teachers, and even they could only do it in the staff room. Students were not allowed to smoke at all, or to buy cigarettes. But Elijah had picked up the bad habit, and it was a hard one to break.

He wondered if his friends knew. He suspected that Lily, at least, had some idea. Of course, your best friend will always notice when you keep slipping away a few times every day, but if she did, she didn’t comment on it.


Elijah arrived at the Owlery, which provided a perfect backup hideout in case of bad weather. Of course, the risk of getting caught was higher than somewhere out on the grounds, but it was such a mess of droppings, straw, animal remains and other junk in this place, that one or two cigarette butts would hardly stand out. Also, the shelter had no windows and stank to high heaven, which masked the smell of tobacco.

Sometimes Elijah wondered how he’d gotten to be like this. He hated having to sneak around all the time, only to stand in the cold somewhere, all alone, destroying his lungs. If he’d foreseen all this when he’d started smoking…

‘I would probably still have done it,’ he thought miserably as he inhaled deeply, remembering.

When he came to study at Hogwarts two years ago, Elijah had been fucking scared. Of course he knew, as his father was fond of telling him, that he’d brought it on himself, getting kicked out of all the schools his parents sent him to, but still, he couldn’t help himself. Shit, he’d only been sixteen years old, and being sent all alone to the other side of the world would humble any kid that age.

The other students had kept their distance from him, no doubt thanks to all the rumours about why he’d been sent away from home, and some because they thought he was arrogant, being the son of a famous Quidditch player.

It had been Lily and her friends who’d finally approached him, who took him into their group. Each of them had more or less famous parents, and Morgan especially, being Draco Malfoy’s daughter, had a lot of experience with the prejudices of students, so Elijah fit right in.

But despite all that, there were still some gaps that his friends couldn’t fill.

Elijah missed his home something awful, that first year. Britain was great, and he settled in pretty quickly, but often he just found himself longing for something familiar. Something tangible. Something that would bring his home a bit closer. So he'd started looking for it, almost obsessively. And where to start better than right here at school?

There weren’t many other American students at Hogwarts, but Elijah immediately picked out those who were, and tried to get to know more about them.

The one closest to him in age was Josh, a Slytherin sixth-year only a little older than he was. Unfortunately aforementioned Josh was tall, handsome, and popular, everything Elijah was not, so there was no way of getting closer to him.

So Elijah simply looked at him from a distance, studied him. And that was where he made the biggest mistake he could have made: he fell in love with the goodlooking Slytherin.

Soon, the young Gryffindor found himself following Josh and his friends around whenever he could, making up excuses to be as close to him as was possible without it being too noticeable. It was pathetic, but Elijah couldn’t help himself.

In the beginning Josh didn’t even see the younger boy hanging around him as he and his friends stood together in the courtyard at lunch break, and never paid any attention to Elijah staring at him from the Gryffindor table during every meal.

One day near the end of his fifth year however, Elijah, feeling brave, had followed Josh when he was taking a walk across the grounds by himself. And that was where Elijah’s problems had really started. He still remembered it vividly.

Elijah trudged through the undergrowth gloomily, having lost sight of Josh somewhere in the outskirts of the forest. After some walking around trying to locate the older boy, he’d given up, and he was heading back to the castle, when Josh appeared from behind a tree, cigarette between his lips. He immediately sprang forward and grabbed Elijah by the front of his robes.

“What the fuck are you doing here?”

“Just taking a walk,” said Elijah, trying to sound as casual as he could with Josh so close to him.

The older boy shook him again, then set him down and took the burning cigarette out of his mouth, waving it threateningly in Elijah’s face.

“You aren’t going to sing on me, now are you, choir boy?”

“N… no, of course not,” squeaked Elijah.

Josh relaxed then. “No, of course you won’t. You’re an American. And we, ‘Yanks’, we need to help each other out, right? Right?” He punched Elijah in the shoulder, snickering.

“Yeah, totally,” agreed Elijah, resisting the urge to rub his shoulder, and trying to look cool and blasé, while his hormones were going crazy.

Josh laughed. “You’re okay, I like you. Here, have a smoke on me.” He took the packet of Muggle cigarettes out of his robes and held it out to Elijah who, not wanting to look stupid in front of the object of his teenage lust, took one and let Josh light it.

Josh took a long drag of his own cigarette, then raised it in the air in a mock salute. “The only good thing that ever came from those fucking Muggles, these, what do you say?”

“Hmmm,” replied Elijah, trying to ignore how that remark should have insulted him, seeing as how his own mother was a Muggle. He concentrated on trying not to cough or throw up, instead. That would be a very uncool thing to do right now.

That was how it’d started. After that first meeting in the Forest, Josh had started hailing Elijah whenever he saw him, while pointedly ignoring the younger boy’s friends. He’d taken him along when he and his friends would sneak off to go smoke, or drink. And Elijah would go, willingly, and would let slide all the crude remarks Josh and his friends made about Muggles, and halfbloods, and even his own friends, feeling more and more disgusted with himself every day.

And now Josh and his friends were gone, and Elijah still smoked. Though he’d switched to cloves; he wanted to be reminded of those days as little as possible. It didn’t help much, of course, but at least the smell was different.

Elijah’s train of thought was broken abruptly as he heard footsteps on the stairs, coming rapidly into his direction.

He quickly dropped the half-smoked cigarette in the dirt and covered it with his foot, seconds before the door opened and Professor Monaghan walked in.

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  • Happy weekend!

    First of all: THE HOBBIT! EEEEE! Apparently they're going to start shooting in New Zealand right when samena and I are going to be there.…

  • Happy birthday to Dom!

    Look how young he was! Has it really been 10 years already? I hope you have a wonderful day, Dom, wherever you are, and that you spend it…

  • Fandom stuffs

    I should really post more often. I find myself composing posts in my head almost every day, and then never posting them. :( Anyways, I am missing…