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Enchantment (41/50)

Title: Enchantment
Genre: Lotrps AU/Harry Potter future!fic crossover
Pairing: Domlijah
Summary: Dom becomes a teacher at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and finds himself strangely attracted to Elijah, one of the Gryffindor seventh-years.
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Like I said, AU and crossover. Also it's HP so, obviously, supernatural stuff.
Disclaimer: The wonderful HP world is created by JK Rowling who is not me, and the LOTR boys do not belong to me, both facts which I obviously regret but are nevertheless true. Sniff.
Feedback: Makes me prostrate myself at your feet and grovel pathetically.
Author's notes: Thanks again to the lovely and incomparable ismenin for the beta. Thanks, also, to a certain author some of whose dialogue I nicked (bonus points if you can guess which). And to you, those old faithful still reading. I am undeserving of your loyalty.

Chapter 41

Both Elijah and Dom were determined to see their separation through this time, without any more mishaps. They were equally determined to make the most of their week of freedom under Billy and Ali’s roof.

Never before had they been able to fall asleep and wake up together, and they both savoured the experience, though some aspects of it took some getting used to – Dom complained about the younger man’s habit of gradually cocooning himself in all the blankets, while one of Dom’s more vivid nightmares scared Elijah into two additional sleepless nights.

Ali symphatized with Elijah over breakfast, telling him that Billy whistled in his sleep, which Elijah pointed out wasn’t nearly as upsetting as waking up next to Jar-Jar Binks in the middle of the night. Ali disagreed, as Billy’s whistling seemed to attract an interesting audience, and if she didn’t seal off all the windows before going to sleep, they’d usually wake up in a room full of bats and fieldmice, not to mention the insects in the bed.

Elijah did not complain anymore after that.


While Elijah was off on a reluctant visit to his grandparents - as Dom and Ali had both insisted on him doing so if only for the sake of common courtesy - Dom sat down with Billy and told him everything that had happened from the moment his and Elijah’s eyes had locked on that very first evening.

Billy listened intently, sometimes interrupting to ask a question or two, but mostly staying quiet while Dom told his tale.

When his friend had finished retelling the scene where Billy came in, and wandered off into rambling guesses as to who and how and why, the older man silenced him with an impatient hand gesture.

“And what about that Tyler girl?” he said, his nose wrinkling a bit at the mere thought of her. “I don’t trust her, Dom. And if I have it correctly, this all started only after she popped up.”

Dom did not answer immediately, but looked out of the window thoughtfully. “I thought about it, sure. But it doesn’t seem to make sense, Bills.”

“And how not, pray tell?” said Billy. “From what you tell me, she tried to do you in before.”

“That was a long time ago.”

“Four years, if that,” snorted Billy. “Long enough maybe for a person to change their opinion about eating alfalfa sprouts or wearing polka-dots or listening to rap music, but not nearly long enough to outgrow a murderous grudge.”

“Yeah, but…” Dom waved his hands through the air vaguely, “it just doesn’t add up. For one, it seems to be an inside job, and more than one person seems to be involved. Liv never went to Hogwarts; she doesn’t know the castle or anyone in it.”

“You’re forgetting something,” came Elijah’s voice, and both men jumped.

Dom turned and glared at his lover, who was standing just behind the sofa. With his finely-tuned senses, he wasn’t really used to be sneaked up on. “Where’d you come from?”

“Apparated,” said Elijah, jumping neatly over the back of the sofa and plopping down next to Dom, kissing him. “And it’s great to see you too, thanks.”

Billy snorted again. “And what do you think we’re forgetting?” he asked Elijah.

Elijah looked at Dom. “That game you played against Liv… was against Durmstrang, wasn’t it?”

“Yeah,” said Dom slowly, frowning.

“So she went to school there, right?”

“Hmm-hmm,” Dom nodded. “Where are you going with this?”

“Well… guess who also went to Durmstrang, right after I got her kicked out of Hogwarts?”

Billy clicked his tongue. “Shite, of course… Lucretia Malfoy. Yeah, I expect they’d become best friends, what with being fellow homicidal psychopaths and what have you.”

“And she in turn probably got her sister to help old Liv out,” supplied Elijah. “And we all know Mortianna’s lackeys all do whatever she says… so there’s your inside job for you.”

Dom slapped his hand to his forehead. “Fantastic. Just what I was missing in the miserable mix of it all… the bloody Malfoy family. I bet they’d be thrilled to be made accomplice in ridding the world of another unworthy Mudblood… and a freak to boot,” he said bitterly.

“Dom, kindly do not use that kind of language in my house,” said Billy quietly.

“I’m sorry, Bill,” said Dom, his voice now dropping to a whisper as he hung his head. “Sorry I’m like this. I’m just so exhausted and sick of it all. I haven’t done anything to anyone, except being what I am. I’ve lived my life, constantly being punished for something I can’t help. I haven’t asked for any of this, now have I? I just want to be left in peace, is that such an extravagant thing to ask? Is it?”

He had by now nearly curled in on himself, his face between his knees, his voice becoming higher and more frantic with every word as he fought both the shaking of his shoulders and the creature under his skin.

“Dom.” Elijah’s voice broke through his thoughts, soft but firm. “Dom, let go.”

As if he had been waiting for these words, Dom let out a shaky sigh of relief as he collapsed against his lover, his weariness and grief plain for Elijah and Billy to see, both in the tears on his cheeks and the shedding of his human form. Elijah’s arms encircled him and rocked him gently, much like Fran used to do when he was a child struggling with the same problems.

“They won’t get us down, Dom,” Elijah whispered, cupping his lover’s face and looking determinedly into his eyes, which were a dull, dark greyish blue. “They won’t.”

The Changeling let out a hollow chuckle. “From where I’m standing, they already have.”

“No, they have not, and they will not,” said Billy, sounding almost angry. “Because I’m not going to allow it.” He got to his feet, marched over to the sofa, pushed Elijah away gently, and knelt down, taking Dom’s hands between his own, bowing his head.

“Bills, what are you doing?” asked Dom, even though he knew perfectly well.

Billy looked up at him, the glow in his eyes kindling once more as he began speaking in a clear, official voice. “By the trees that give life, and by the sacred trees that gave me life, I ask you, Changeling, to hear my pledge.”

He paused, and looked at Dom expectantly.

“I hear it,” Dom intoned, sighing in fond exasperation as he looked down at his friend.

“You can trust me to stand by you through thick and thin, to the bitter end,” Billy continued. “You can trust me to keep any secret of yours closer than you keep it yourself. You can trust me not to let you go into danger alone. Do you trust me, Changeling?”

“I trust you.”

“Then, lord, I, William Boyd of two peoples, offer you my service and allegiance.” Billy bowed his head again, releasing Dom’s hands.

“And I say unto you, William, son of…” Dom paused, “what’s your Dad’s name, mate?”

“William,” said Billy, head still bowed, though a slight smile curled his lips.

“William son of William? That’s dull.”

“Shut up and get on with it, my lord. My knees are starting to hurt.”

Dom giggled softly before clearing his throat in a very official way. “I say onto you, William son of William – that gladly I do accept your allegiance. It shall be thus.”

With these last words, he placed a hand on Billy’s head, and Elijah could feel the magic of the sealing of the oath prickling on his skin as he silently watched the exchange. When Dom removed his hand, he noticed that streaks of Billy’s normally ginger hair had turned an attractive shade of green.

Billy stood up and smiled at Dom, then glanced at himself in the mirror above the mantlepiece, fingers threading through his hair. “Aw, shite. Now I have to dye it again.”


Billy, after he had succesfully dyed his hair again – he disclosed to Dom and Elijah that green was, in fact, its original colour – he announced that he and Ali were going out to dinner, and advised the two younger men to get their packing “and other things that need doing” done before daybreak, at which time they would return to Hogwarts.

After they had left, Dom and Elijah agreed that this was clearly a transparent open invitation for them to have a marathon shirtless make-out session in the living room.

“So,” said Elijah, during a breathing break, “you got Billy working for you now, huh?”

“No, he’s offered his allegiance to me,” said Dom, slightly breathlessly. “There’s a difference. He’s sworn to protect me from harm. That doesn’t mean he won’t kick my arse if I try to order him around.”

“What was that incantation he said?” Elijah asked. “There was some strong magic in it.”

“It’s called the Ancient Oath,” Dom explained, sitting up. “The Folk have been using it for ages. When a lesser Faerie uses it to swear allegiance to a higher one, they’re bound together for life.” He smiled. “Karl sprang it on me in my fourth year at Hogwarts.”

“Lesser Faerie? You mean there are ranks and stuff?”

“Well, yeah,” Dom suddenly looked embarassed for some reason, “it’s less rigid now than it was in those days, of course. But what it comes down to is… well, Billy’s half-and-half, so he’s basically at the bottom. Karl’s a little higher up, but not by much, I reckon. As far as Faerie-magic is concerned, centaurs don’t really rank that high… it’s the magic that requires protecting, see?”

“And what about you?” asked Elijah curiously.

“Well, here’s the thing,” said Dom, his ears going red. “I told you how rare Changelings are, right? There’s not many of us, so our magic is very precious to the Folk. And… well, according to the old laws we’re pretty much royalty, actually.” He said these last words very fast, as if he did not like having to tell Elijah this.

Elijah’s eyes grew wide. “Really?”

Dom tried to shrug it off. “They’re pretty outdated, Faerie laws are.”

“So, no ‘Queen of Fairies’ jokes, then?” Elijah grinned wickedly.

“Definitely not.” Dom grinned back, looking relieved. “But I might make you a fairy princess if you’re really nice to me.”

Elijah pushed his lover back down onto the sofa, straddling him. “How nice?” He bent down and placed a sloppy kiss on the Changeling’s cheek. “This nice?”

Dom pretended to think. “A bit nicer, perhaps.”

“Ooh, you mean like this nice?” Elijah bent down again and sealed his mouth to Dom’s, tongue playfully tracing along his teeth and tickling the roof of his mouth before Dom caught it with his own, giggling. “I have to admit, that is quite nice.”

Elijah kissed him again for good measure, then gently nibbled his way from his lover’s chin, along a slightly crooked jawbone, and down to his ear. He blew lightly on the sensitive shell, making Dom shiver, then took the earlobe between his lips, suckling.

Dom moaned his approval and hooked one of his legs around his lover’s waist, pulling him closer and turning his face up to him, wordlessly demanding another kiss. Elijah gave in and kissed his lover until they were both breathless, then he dragged his mouth downwards again to Dom’s sensitive neck.

The Changeling mumbled incoherent words of encouragement as Elijah’s lips and tongue teased his skin mercilessly, and he laughed breathlessly every time Elijah found a well-known ticklish spot and took full advantage of it. His laugh turned into a growl as Elijah’s teeth finally closed gently around his nipple.

He arched his back, his upper lip curling as he growled again, and when he opened his eyes Elijah saw that they had turned that deep velvety black colour again that he had quickly come to love. Smiling silently, he set to work again, kissing, licking and sucking all that skin that was laid out so conveniently before him.

When he reached the waistband of Dom’s jeans and began fumbling with the fly, however, Dom groaned and sat up, taking his hand.

“Bed,” he panted, in reply to Elijah’s questioning look. “Or we’ll stain Billy’s couch and Ali will kill us all.”

They fell into the guest bedroom, laughing, and had rid themselves of their remaining clothing before they reached the bed. They stood beside it for a moment, both of them naked and very aroused, but taking their time to savour another kiss. Then Elijah shoved Dom hard in the chest mid-kiss, causing the Changeling to fall back onto the bed, his young lover on top.

Dom huffed, laughed, and opened his eyes to find Elijah’s face a hair’s breadth away from his own, studying him with a melancholy look in those elfin eyes. He lifted a hand and cupped his lover’s cheek, frowning slightly. “What is it?”

“I just…” whispered Elijah hoarsely, sighing. “I’ll… miss you. I just realised this’ll be the last time we’ll be like this for… well, I don’t know. A while.”

There wasn’t much to say to that, so Dom just rolled them over so that he was on top, and kissed Elijah, hard. “Make love to me, Lijah.”

The younger man’s face flushed pink. “Okay.”

He sat up and leaned over Dom to reach the nightstand, where the little bottle of lube resided. He picked it up and squirted some into his hand.

“And when you come, I want you to bite me. Hard.”

The little bottle went flying as Elijah lost his balance and toppled off the bed. Dom tried to save him from the indignity by grabbing his hand, but only managed to splatter the both of them with the lube on Elijah’s palm as their hands slapped together squelchily, then slipped from each other’s grasp, spilling Elijah arse over teakettle onto the carpet.

“Fuck, man, stop doing that!” Elijah glared from between his legs at his lover, who was half hanging off the side of the bed, howling with laughter.

“At least no one can accuse us of dull foreplay,” wheezed Dom, wiping the mixture of tears and lube off his face with his hand. “Oh God…” He went into another fit of giggles, which was rudely interrupted by Elijah pouncing on him and pinning his wrists.

Dom grinned seductively up at him, flexing his hands cheekily. He usually hated to be restrained in any way, but when Elijah did it, he stayed completely relaxed, and not only because he knew was both stronger and quicker. He trusted him.

“It appears I am at your mercy, Mr. Wood. Whatever will you do to me?”

The words were said in jest, but Dom’s smirk faded as he looked into his lover’s eyes, the pupils dilated so much that they almost completely obscured the blue.

“I’m gonna fuck you,” Elijah rasped. “And then I’m going to mark you as mine.”

Dom growled. “Fuck, yeah.” He scrambled off the bed at the same time that Elijah let go of his wrists, and quickly located the lube where Elijah had dropped it.

Elijah prepared his lover quickly but thoroughly, and in a matter of moments Dom was kneeling on the bed, hands gripping the headboard, keening as Elijah entered him slowly.

Once he was in as far as he could go, Elijah bent down, resting his sweaty forehead against Dom’s equally sweaty back, hands covering his lover’s on the headboard as he set a pace of steady thrusts.

Dom writhed underneath him, pushing back, groaning and gasping for more, but Elijah continued his rhythm, wishing to draw it out, to savour the feeling of being one with the man he loved, to memorise every inch of the body under him, both inside and out.

Feeling the rush of impending orgasm rocketing through his body, Elijah quickened his thrusts. The tiny bit of his brain that was still functioning at this point registered Dom chanting frantically: “do it, Lij, fucking do it, come on, do it now, please…”

And Elijah, finally toppling over the edge into joyful oblivion, screwed his eyes shut and bit down on Dom’s shoulder as hard as he could, wrenching a strangled shout from his lover and lighting up the room with a brightness he could see even through closed eyelids.

He felt Dom let go of the headboard, and they collapsed on top of each other, breathing heavily into the pillows for a few moments.

Elijah finally rolled over and stared at the ceiling, willing back the tears that suddenly came to his eyes at the thought of how long he would have to go without touching Dom again, and hoping Dom didn’t notice. Which, of course, he did.

“C’mere, then,” came the soft whisper, and Elijah let out a dry sob as he was gathered up in strong, loving arms, hiding his face in the crook of Dom’s neck.

“Hey,” said Dom, gently tipping his lover’s face up for a kiss. “Look here,” he said, taking Elijah’s hand and guiding it to the angry red oval mark on his shoulder.

“Yours,” he whispered.

Elijah looked at the mark for a long time, then smiled as he bent to kiss it.

“Mine,” he said firmly.

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