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Enchantment (38/50)

Title: Enchantment
Genre: Lotrps AU/Harry Potter future!fic crossover
Pairing: Domlijah
Summary: Dom becomes a teacher at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and finds himself strangely attracted to Elijah, one of the Gryffindor seventh-years.
Rating: R
Warnings: Like I said, AU and crossover. Also it's HP so, obviously, supernatural stuff.
Disclaimer: The wonderful HP world is created by JK Rowling who is not me, and the LOTR boys do not belong to me, both facts which I obviously regret but are nevertheless true. Sniff.
Feedback: Makes me prostrate myself at your feet and grovel pathetically.
Author's notes: Thanks and praise on dear ismenin for the beta. Also, because I sometimes forget to say it but my gratitude is none the less, willdirect4food for the wonderful banner.

Chapter 38

As usual, the week before the Quidditch match of Gryffindor versus Hufflepuff was filled with the pleasant buzz of excitement. Players were cheered or booed at as they walked down the corridors, the audience at training sessions of both teams became larger each time, and already students were secretly betting money on their favourites.

Dom, too, found himself very much invested in a Gryffindor victory, though for quite different reasons than his students had. Because he very much doubted that they would all be able to sneak off with a very attractive Seeker during the chaos of victory celebration, which happened to be exactly what he was hoping to do.

Match day dawned bright but cold, and anticipation was nearing fever pitch during breakfast. Usually mornings were a leisurely affair on weekends, with groups of students gradually half-sleepwalking into the Great Hall at around 11; but on match days breakfast was always crowded and buzzing with activity.

“Insane and unnatural,” Billy muttered to Dom over their bowls of porridge. “Just look at the little buggers. I consider myself a morning person, but they’re bloody teenagers and have absolutely no right to be this awake at this hour on Saturday morning.”

Dom sniggered absent-mindedly, spoon halfway to his mouth, his eyes on the Gryffindor table where the team were just finishing their breakfast. Elijah was laughing at something Merlin had just said, and though he had not heard a word of their conversation as they were too far away, Dom could still distinctly hear that ridiculous high-pitched giggle over all the other noise in the Hall. It made him grin, thinking of all the other high-pitched sounds he could get out of Elijah.

“Mate? Are you still with me?” Billy looked at him in a rather concerned way.

“Hmm?” said Dom, turning to his friend. “Sorry, it was too early for me this morning.”

Billy laughed. “It was indeed. So I take it you’re going to attend the match today, yeah?”

Dom grinned. “Wouldn’t miss it for the world, Bills.”


The match before this one - Ravenclaw versus Slytherin a few weeks earlier - had been a huge letdown for the Quidditch-loving students, especially after the buildup of anticipation that always preceded a match. The Slytherins, still sulking after the dismal loss of their previous match, knew that they had absolutely no chance at the Cup this year, and therefore abandoned the spirit of the game altogether, opting instead to just try and break the record for the foulest and most disgraceful match ever. The Ravenclaws, managing to keep their dignity, ended the agony of the game after just forty minutes, winning with a difference of two hundred and fifty points, which set them at the top of the leader board, but as team captain Apollo Lovegood remarked to his girlfriend, Titania Weasley, “to win a game like that can hardly be called winning at all.”

Dom silently agreed with the statement, and sincerely hoped that this match would make up for the last one, and not just for the teams, but also for the watching students. After the huge buildup of excitement before that dreadful game, he had not seen a crowd of spectators so massively disillusioned since the day ‘The Phantom Menace’ hit the silver screens.

But he wasn’t too worried; he knew the Hufflepuffs to be good sports, and at any rate Gryffindor was always good for an entertaining match.

Merlin Weasley had been banned from commentating once again, as he had abused the Slytherins on several occasions during the last match, and although Billy told Dom that he silently agreed heartily with all that was being said, he felt like he had to act in an impartial manner.

So it was that Dom got to hold the megaphone yet again, much to his delight, though he did feel sorry for Merlin who was sulking down in the students’ section.

He felt a surge of excitement as the teams entered the pitch to thunderous applause. Reading out the names of the individual players, Dom had to force himself not to caress Elijah’s name too much as he said it. Even from this distance the older man could see his lover’s trim body thrumming with anticipation and adrenaline, which boded well for later, if everything worked according to plan, that was.

Hearing Dom’s voice, Elijah looked up into the stands and instantly found his eyes, smiling widely, and for a moment the Changeling felt the ridiculous urge to shout out his love for this man through the magical megaphone. A split second later he decided against the action, which would not only be about the worst idea in the world; it would also be quite immature.

The players mounted their brooms, the match began, and Dom could see almost straight away that Hufflepuff didn’t stand a chance. They had trained hard, and admittedly played better than last time, but they were no match for the Gryffindor team, who were not only easily the best in the school league, but of whom at least four team members were players of national standard.

Still, as the match went on, Hufflepuff scored a few fairly easy goals. Dom strongly suspected Morgan to have let them through on purpose, to prolong the match and make it more exciting for the so recently disappointed spectators.

Studying the other Gryffindor players more closely, he decided that it had indeed been a team decision to give the crowd what they wanted, rather than make it a quick and easy win. The Chasers sometimes broke their formation to dodge a Bludger they could easily have avoided, lightning-quick as they could be; the Beaters hardly ever hit the Bludgers in the actual direction of an opposing team member, only acting to defend their own, and Elijah, hovering high above the other players, plainly pretended not to see the Snitch flitting by while the Hufflepuff Seeker was looking the other way.

Dom smiled inwardly at the curious tactic of the Gryffindors; it truly showed their noble spirit. They were not just about winning, they also realised how important it was for their schoolmates to be able to enjoy the game. A Quidditch match was a school treat, an entertainment for everyone, and as such they gave it to them, at the same time preserving the Hufflepuffs’ pride by not making it too obvious what they were doing.

The match went on well into the afternoon, and only after lunchtime when the players started getting either tired or hungry, did Elijah put an end to what had definitely been a highly enjoyable match, with a spectacular dive in which he deftly caught the Snitch from where it fluttered a few inches above the ground. He pulled up, his broomtail lightly brushing the grass, then soared high above the spectators, his fist raised, laughing aloud. When he passed the teachers’ box he pumped his fist in the air, then threw the disoriented Snitch to Dom, who caught it one-handed, laughing right along with him.


The Gryffindors’ victory parties were usually very loud and exuberant, and as always after a good match the teachers sportingly looked the other way in case certain minor rules were broken during the event. Dom knew this, and intended to use it to his full advantage.

Telling Billy he needed some peace and quiet in the Forest after the excitement of the game, he left his colleagues to their post-match analyzing in the staff room, and headed in the general direction of the Entrance Hall. Making sure no one was around to see him, he hid behind a suit of armour and changed into Geoffrey, then stealthily made his way up the marble staircase and to Gryffindor Tower.

Getting through the portrait hole was fairly easy for him, what with all the coming and going of students, and he sneaked into the common room, hidden in the midst of a group of sixth-years.

Elijah was sitting with his friends in a corner of the crowded common room, smiling but looking a bit wistful all the same, and Dom made straight for him, casually sitting down on the arm of his lover’s chair. “Hiya,” he crowed.

The younger man’s eyes widened to truly comical proportions, and his mouth fell open. “D… Geoffrey? What th… how’d… wha…?”

His expression alone was worth the whole enterprise, and Dom had to laugh with the others, leaning down to kiss him. “Hi there, mate. Fantastic game. I just came to see if you were up for a little celebrating with me.”

“Oh, I’m sure he is,” said Lily, with a smirk, winking at Dom. “He was just saying that this victory party is a bit dull for his tastes, weren’t you, Lij?”

“Lacks gaiety, so to speak,” added Merlin, grinning devilishly, causing Morgan to roll her eyes. Elijah snapped out of it enough to send a glare in their general direction, then looked back up at Dom, the spark of mischief back in his eyes. “Let’s get out of here, then.”


“I can’t believe you just did that!” exclaimed Elijah as they climbed out of the portrait hole.

Dom grinned. “Neither can I. But after a game like that, I just needed to see you. You were amazing out there, love.” His grin turned mischievous. “Care to show me some of those moves?”

“I think I can teach you a thing or two, sure.” Elijah backed the taller man against the wall by the portrait hole and kissed him soundly, giggling into his mouth, before taking his hand and, laughing, pulled him towards the deserted corridor.

Well, almost deserted, in this case. Pausing across the hall from the entrance to the room to share a much needed kiss, Dom’s instincts picked up on two little shadows following them, and he pointed them out to Elijah: “looks like we’ve got ourselves an audience,” he sniggered.

The younger man turned, half-amused and half-annoyed, to the two younger students lurking around a doorway, stealing peeks at them every now and then as they whispered and giggled together. One of them he was almost sure was Slytherin third-year Nott, the other a younger, very beautiful dark-skinned girl of maybe twelve or thirteen. His girlfriend, presumably.

“Jesus, won’t you two little perverts just fuck off and find somewhere else to get your technique down?” he yelled at them. “This isn’t a fucking floorshow!”

The boy and girl nearly fell over, giggling even harder at having been discovered, and took off together down the corridor. Elijah and Dom turned back to each other and snorted simultaneously, before going into the Room to continue their activities more privately.


“Are you absolutely sure?” asked Liv for about the third time. She had been on her way back to Hogsmeade after attending the Quidditch match when she had been overtaken by Mortianna and the two youngest conspirators.

Mephistola Zabini nodded solemnly, still slightly out of breath. “Walt was with me, too, but of course he didn’t see everything.”

“And you’re sure that it was in that particular corridor?” Mortianna pressed.

“We’re not that stupid, you know, we can remember where!” Nott flared up at once.

“Then we know where they were going,” Mortianna muttered triumphantly, ignoring the younger boy, eyes glittering with malicious glee.

“This is perfect,” Liv breathed, a faint blush of excitement appearing on her pale cheeks. “Absolutely perfect.”

Taking out her wand, she conjured quill and parchment out of thin air, and hurriedly scribbled a few lines before rolling it up, sealing it, and addressing it. Handing it to Nott, she instructed: “get one of the school owls and have it deliver this message at once.”

As the two younger students took off in a hurry, Mortianna looked questioningly at Liv, who had a mad, twisted grin marring her beautiful face. “Shouldn’t we have told the others first? Josh will want to know – “

“Josh only thinks about getting his own revenge!” Liv snapped back. “He would spoil everything. No, he can have his fun later on. First it’s time for mine.”

She laughed softly. “Today is the beginning of the end for Dominic Monaghan.”


“Dom, stop it!”

Elijah shrieked with helpless laughter as the Dom-shaped lump under the blankets made another lunge at his very ticklish lower belly. He tried to twist away from the grabbing hands, but Dom was, of course, far quicker and pinned his hips to the bed with ease, then blew a loud, wet raspberry on his navel, sending Elijah into fits of giggles all over again.

The younger man pulled the blankets over his own head so that he could seriously address the head currently pillowed on his thigh. “Could you stop making me laugh when I’m trying to have sex with you?”

“I know someone who’s enjoying it,” said Dom cheerily, demonstrating with a slow lick along the underside of Elijah’s admittedly very impressive erection.

“I’m not saying I’m… uhhh… not enjoying it, am I?” Elijah arched under his lover’s talented tongue.

“Shut it, then,” Dom said, and took Elijah into his mouth.

Determined not to have his lover have the last word – again – Elijah tried to keep his mind from scattering to the four winds at being enveloped by that amazing hotwet heat, long enough to come up with a witty retort, but then Dom’s cheeks hollowed around him and he snarled out the only thing he could think of.

“Make me.”

Dom released him immediately. “Okay.”

Elijah opened his mouth to howl out his frustration, and to order Dom to get the fuck back down there, you fucking bastard, when he suddenly found himself unable to do so, due to the hindering presence of Dom’s cock in his mouth.

“There,” panted Dom, peering at him upside down from where his mouth was still poised over Elijah’s own erection, managing to look cheeky even now. “That ought to keep you busy.”

Having never had a cock in his mouth before, Elijah was a bit at a loss as to what exactly to do, especially while his head kept spinning and his body was thrumming at the wonders Dom’s tongue was performing on his cock. He carefully gave an experimental suck, and Dom’s taste exploded on his tongue, strong and musky and not altogether unpleasant.

Feeling Dom’s rhythm on his own cock, Elijah tried to imitate his lover as well as he could, matching him in speed and intensity, feeling more and more lightheaded with every passing moment, the combined sensations of what he was doing - and what Dom was doing - overwhelming him.

“Dom…” he moaned urgently, releasing his lover’s erection. “Dom, I’m gonna…”

His orgasm hit him suddenly, and he arched off the bed with a shout as he came, feeling the Changeling’s throat moving convulsively around him, swallowing. A second later the bright light of Dom’s own climax lit up their little tent of blankets, and Elijah’s chest felt suddenly damp.

Dom sprawled ungracefully on top of him, his feet on either side of his lover’s head. Elijah laughed breathlessly. “Sexy, Dom. Dead sexy.”

“Mmmph,” said Dom’s voice against his thigh, and Elijah laughed again, but stopped abruptly when he felt Dom’s body go immediately taut before it rolled off him.

“Dom, what’s wrong?”

“Someone’s coming!” the Changeling whispered urgently, and not a second later the door of the room flew open.

Lily came hurrying in, robes billowing and hair flying behind her, her breath coming in shallow gasps. “Lij… Geoffrey… you have to… get out of here… now!”

“Why, what’s going on?” Dom threw back the blankets, and Elijah was relieved to see he had turned back into Geoffrey. Heedless of his nakedness in front of Lily, he began to collect their discarded clothing, throwing the appropriate items to his lover.

Lily clutched her side, still panting. “I saw… in the hallway… came to warn you… Boyd’s coming!”

“Boyd?” Elijah looked at Dom, dumbfounded. “But how does he know we’re here?”

“An interesting question, indeed, Mr. Wood. As indeed, there are several concerning this situation.”

Professor Boyd was standing in the doorway, his wand in one hand and a piece of crumpled parchment in the other. He looked even angrier than when Mortianna had insulted Dom, and again Elijah fancied his vivid green eyes seemed to glow with anger.

But his gaze wasn’t directed at Elijah; he was looking over his student’s head to the stranger standing behind him, and his otherwise so pleasant mouth was thin with rage.

“And you had better have a really fucking good excuse, Monaghan.”

At this moment Elijah didn’t know which was worse: the look of utter horror on Dom’s face, or the one of crushed hurt on Lily’s.

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  • (not-so)Happy Halloween update

    Happy Hallowe'en, my dearest of f-lists! I hope you're having a more exciting day than I am, reading LOTR fanfic in my jammies. I had seven whole…

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