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Enchantment (37/50)

Title: Enchantment
Genre: Lotrps AU/Harry Potter future!fic crossover
Pairing: Domlijah
Summary: Dom becomes a teacher at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and finds himself strangely attracted to Elijah, one of the Gryffindor seventh-years.
Rating: R
Warnings: Like I said, AU and crossover. Also it's HP so, obviously, supernatural stuff.
Disclaimer: The wonderful HP world is created by JK Rowling who is not me, and the LOTR boys do not belong to me, both facts which I obviously regret but are nevertheless true. Sniff.
Feedback: Makes me prostrate myself at your feet and grovel pathetically.
Author's notes: Thanks go, for the last time (*sniff*) to my beta pinkegogirl for her support and help over the past year and a bit! This one is for you!

Chapter 37

Dom looked moodily out of his tower window into the grounds, where a long train of students was making its way to the front gates, chatting and laughing merrily. It was Saturday, and Valentine’s Day, and a Hogsmeade weekend, enough reason for those little figures down there to be cheery, but the facts only ever depressed Dom more. He saw Billy and Ali walking hand in hand at the end of the procession, and turned away from the window.

Chagrined, he crossed the room to feed Guinevere, not even feeling in the mood to take the arachnid out of her terrarium and play with her, opting instead for the pile of unchecked homework assignments on his table. He picked up the topmost one, read the name scribbled on the front, and threw it back down disdainfully.

After pacing his room a few more times he threw himself down onto his four-poster, picked up a book and a piece of parchment, and started writing a letter to his parents. He got as far as Dear Mum and Dad when he was interrupted by an urgent rapping on the door.

Opening it, Dom was surprised to see a wide-eyed, excited-looking Elijah standing outside.

“Dom,” he said breathlessly, “you have to come with me, now. There’s something I need to show you.”

Puzzled but intrigued at the younger man’s apparent urgency, the Changeling followed him without a word, growing increasingly curious as Elijah took him down secret passageways and through hidden doors, until at last they came to a vaguely familiar corridor.

Here, Elijah turned and looked at Dom. “Okay, from here on, I need you to be Geoffrey.”

“What? No!” Dom was perplexed that after what happened, Elijah could even suggest such a thing. Geoffrey was what had gotten them into this mess in the first place, and he told Elijah so.

“Come on, trust me on this,” Elijah pleaded.

“Not until you tell me what’s going on.”

Elijah sighed. “Look, technically we’re not breaking any school rules by going where we’re going, but all the same me getting caught going there with Geoffrey would be a lot easier to explain than getting caught there with you.”

This did not sound much like an explanation to Dom, but, knowing that he would not get any further in getting one if he didn’t do as Elijah asked, obligingly changed into the tall red-headed Australian again and followed his lover down yet another passageway.

They had now arrived in a completely unfamiliar corridor, and Elijah made straight for the only bit of blank wall in it, pacing up and down in front of it with his eyes tightly closed.

Dom approached him cautiously, fearing that perhaps too much homework was, after all, bad for the mental constitution as most of his students claimed. “Elijah, what…”

But he was abruptly cut off as he saw, to his utter astonishment, a door appear in what had moments ago been a solid, blank wall. Elijah stood still, opened his eyes and, seeing the door, beamed. He took Dom’s hand. “C’mon, let’s get inside.”

And before Dom could protest, his young lover had opened the door, pulled him inside, and shut it firmly behind them.

Overcoming his initial surprise at the unexpected turn this morning had taken, Dom now got a good look at his surroundings and was instantly thrown into another bout of astonishment.

The room they were in was spacious and light, and reminded him of the honeymoon suite of a very posh hotel. A huge four-poster bed with clean, cream-coloured sheets and an impossible amount of pillows stood in the center, right beside an elaborately carved fireplace in which a fire was crackling merrily. There was also a sitting corner with a large couch and two squishy-looking armchairs, and a small, intimate dining table covered in a mouth-watering breakfast that included, on first glance, champagne and strawberries, among other things. The floor was covered in fluffy rugs and soft carpeting, and fresh flowers and burning candles were set out on every available flat surface.

Dom turned to his beaming lover, eyes wide. “What is this place? How did you do all this?”

“It’s called the Room of Requirement,” explained Elijah. “Lily showed it to me.”

“Lily?” asked Dom, his eyebrows lowering. “Did you tell her about…”

“Of course I didn’t tell her about us, Dom!” said Elijah, his smile disappearing instantly. “Though I wanted to. She broke a promise to her father in telling me of this place, all because she wanted to help us… me. She brought me here because she could see how miserable I was without you… without Geoffrey. She’s my best friend and she did this for me even though I’ve been a total pain in the ass all year, and I’m lying to her even now, and I feel terrible for it.”

Elijah wasn’t exactly sure this was quite the romantic route he had been meaning to take, but Dom didn’t question him and just hugged him tight instead. “I know it hurts, Lij. Believe me, I know.”

They stood in the middle of the beautiful room, a tiny world made just for the two of them, and just held each other for a long while. Then Dom broke the embrace, and Elijah was very glad to see that the adventurous Forest-Dom seemed to have overcome Castle-Dom’s reluctance of breaking any more rules, and was scanning the room once again with interest.

“That breakfast table looks awfully good, Lij. What say we have a go at it?”

“In a moment,” said Elijah, taking Dom’s hand and pulling him to a door to the side. “First you have to see the ensuite bathroom. It has a jacuzzi and everything.”


After a very enjoyable half-hour spent in the aforementioned jacuzzi, the two young men sat down at the breakfast table, talking and laughing freely for the first time in what seemed like ages, feeding each other french toast and strawberries and trying to kiss around a mouthful of champagne.

Dom felt incredibly happy and free in the safe environment of the Room, even though he didn’t quite understand why. Perhaps it was because Elijah had created the Room specifically for that purpose, or because everything outside it had just stopped existing for a while. Still, in the end his natural curiosity won over, and he had to ask.

“Lij… what is this place, really? Did Lily tell you?”

Elijah set down his glass. “I don’t think she knows a lot about it herself. All she told me is that it can be anything you need it to be, at any time, as long as you need it enough.”

“But… what if someone else came along and needed it? Wouldn’t they find us?”

Elijah shook his head. “I don’t think it works that way. The Room is occupied now, and no one else can come in unless they know exactly who’s inside and what they need the Room for.”

“Who else knows about it?” asked Dom, intrigued as to how the existence of this miracle room could be kept a secret.

The younger man shrugged. “No one but Potter and his family, I think. Apparently during the War the Room was once used by, you know, the other side, to infiltrate Hogwarts. After that I think they wanted to seal it up, but couldn’t. So they just put a lid on the whole thing, and removed all the furniture and stuff out of this corridor, so no one would have any reason to be here anymore, and hoped for the best.”

Dom looked around the Room once more. “So we really shouldn’t be here either.”

“No,” said Elijah softly, “we shouldn’t.”

Neither of them moved. They looked at each other across the table, and they both knew that no matter how many rules they were breaking by being here, nothing would make them turn away from this golden opportunity to be alone together.

“There’s another complication too,” said Dom softly, getting up from his chair and moving around the table to stand in front of his lover, cupping his face.

“Really?” whispered Elijah, closing his eyes and arching into the touch of Dom’s hand. “And what’s that?”

“Your training starts again tomorrow,” said Dom, crouching down beside the younger man and gazing into his eyes, stroking the sensitive skin on his nape and making him shiver. “I’ve heard that sex before sport is highly inadvisable, you know.”

“Is it?” asked Elijah, bending down to bring his face inches from Dom. “Well, in this case I would have to disagree. You see, if you don’t make love to me right this minute, I will spontaneously combust, and that wouldn’t do Gryffindor’s prospects much good either.”

“Hmm, good point,” Dom managed to say before his lips were covered by Elijah’s, and then both of them were silent for a goodish while.


The rest of their Valentine’s Day was spent in appropriate fashion; wearing as little clothing as possible and with much writhing and thrashing on the soft, bouncy mattress.

Elijah hadn’t enjoyed a day as much since the one spent with Dom at the Ministry (and after, of course). More importantly, both of them actually kept track of time this time around and made sure to be right where they were supposed to by the time people started returning from their Hogsmeade trip.

Elijah sat in the common room, bent intently over his homework and ignoring the occasional twinge in his nether regions whenever he shifted on his seat, when his three friends breezed in with red noses and cheeks from the cold wind.

Merlin pulled off his rain-soaked hat and deposited it on the table, so that Elijah hurriedly had to snatch his Potions essay out of harm’s way, and after a short greeting dedicated himself completely to making the most of the Day of Love, by attaching himself orally to his girlfriend once again.

Lily rolled her eyes and grinned conspiratorally at her best friend. “So, Lij, how was your day?”

Elijah shrugged, barely concealing his cat-that-got-the-canary grin. “Oh, you know. Did a bit of this and that. Got some proper work done.”

Lily’s grin widened. “Good. I’m glad to hear it. After all, we have our first training tomorrow, and it wouldn’t do for you to be distracted. Speaking of which, go get your broom and meet me at the pitch in fifteen minutes, because I don’t suppose you’ve had any time to practise today, now have you?”

Elijah blew her a kiss across the table. Thank you, he mouthed, before getting up and obediently doing as he was told.


Once they had discovered the charms of the Room of Requirement, it was hard for Dom and Elijah not to spend every free moment there. However, they each had other things to occupy themselves with – Elijah his Quidditch training and his revision, Dom his classes – and the next opportunity only presented itself nearly a week later, and the one after that, a week after that.

But though both complained good-naturedly to one another, they knew it was better than nothing at all, and they considered themselves lucky to be able to spend any amount of time with each other, now that both the exams and the last Quidditch matches of the season were drawing near.

Of course, it was only a matter of time before their luck ran out.

Tags: au, crossover, enchantment, fic

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  • (not-so)Happy Halloween update

    Happy Hallowe'en, my dearest of f-lists! I hope you're having a more exciting day than I am, reading LOTR fanfic in my jammies. I had seven whole…

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