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Enchantment (36/50)

Title: Enchantment
Genre: Lotrps AU/Harry Potter future!fic crossover
Pairing: Domlijah
Summary: Dom becomes a teacher at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and finds himself strangely attracted to Elijah, one of the Gryffindor seventh-years.
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Like I said, AU and crossover. Also it's HP so, obviously, supernatural stuff.
Disclaimer: The wonderful HP world is created by JK Rowling who is not me, and the LOTR boys do not belong to me, both facts which I obviously regret but are nevertheless true. Sniff.
Feedback: Makes me prostrate myself at your feet and grovel pathetically.
Author's notes: Thanks, as always, to my lovely beta pinkegogirl. Banner by willdirect4food. Also I would like to take this moment to warn you that I still suck at writing bad guys.

Chapter 36

There was only one medium in the world faster to pick up on the juicy news than the Daily Prophet, and that was the student grapevine at Hogwarts.

Elijah noticed it immediately the next morning on his way to the library: people whispering as he passed by, some even openly pointing and giggling at him. How exactly they had found out was a mystery to him, but it became quite clear that by lunchtime the whole school knew about his secret rendez-vous at the Forest’s edge.

After lunch he spent a deeply humiliating half-hour in the Headmaster’s office, where Professor Serkis’s words were repeated to him by a deeply amused Potter who didn’t work very hard to keep the knowing smirk off his face.

Dom, in the meantime, sacrificed his treasured Saturday morning sleep-in to get up at five and give Viggo a briefing concerning his new and mostly imaginary assistant. The gamekeeper wasn’t nearly as amused as everyone else.

“For God’s sake, Dom,” he sighed as the Changeling finished his recollection of last night’s events, “weren’t things complicated enough already?”

“Hey, it’s not like I had much of a choice, you know,” said Dom peevishly. “If I’d come clean, I’d have lost my job. If I’d kept quiet, Elijah would’ve been expelled. Either way I would have lost him, and I couldn’t bear that, Vig.”

Viggo sighed and shook his head. “Maybe you should take Andy’s warning to heart, Dom.”

“What do you mean?”

“Stop seeing each other for a while, until this whole thing blows over,” Viggo replied, his earnest blue stare fixed on his friend. “Wait until Elijah finishes his school. After that, you can do whatever you want, and no one will stop you. But right now is not a good time for either of you to pursue this relationship.”

“What, you think we planned it this way?” snapped Dom, eyes blazing. “I’m not mad about the timing either, but the fact is that I love him, and he loves me, and I’m not about to throw that away just because ‘it isn’t a good time’, okay?”

“I never said anything about throwing it away, Dom,” said Viggo calmly, but with a hint of steel in his voice. “And while you’re raising your voice to me, kindly try to remember that I am, in fact, on your side.”

Dom glowered at him for a moment, then buried his head in his hands. “Sorry.”

“’S okay.”

“I can’t lose him, Vig,” whispered Dom into his hands before looking up at his friend with bright eyes. “I don’t think I can bear not seeing him for four months.”

“You’ll still see him.”

Dom snorted. “Yeah, in class and at dinner, pretending that he’s nothing more to me than a student, pretending he doesn’t mean the world to me. I’ve been pretending all my life, Viggo. I don’t want to anymore.”

Viggo sighed again and wrapped his arms around his friend. “I know, Dom. I know.”


After lunch, the tale of Elijah’s conquest went even beyond Hogwarts, by way of a large barn owl heading towards the Hog’s Head, where long elegant fingers snatched the letter it was carrying impatiently out of its beak.

Lucretia read Mortianna’s short note twice before showing it to the rest of the conspirators sitting around the greasy table in the shabby backroom.

Reading it, Josh’s eyes lit up like they hadn’t done since before Azkaban.

“This is perfect. This is our chance, silver platter and all.”

“Why?” asked Goyle stupidly, as Crabbe and Flint looked at their hero with confused, bleary eyes.

“God, do you fuckwits need everything spelled out for you?” asked Liv in a bored voice, inspecting her nails. “My baby cousin here means that the boyfriend will make perfect bait. Isn’t that right, Joshie?”

Josh ignored her, or maybe simply didn’t hear. A mad light was in his hollow eyes.

Lucretia smiled; it wasn’t a pleasant smile. “If we have the boyfriend, Wood will do whatever we want.”

“Come to whatever secluded place we tell him to come,” continued Josh, now grinning madly. “And after he gets a good look at what we’ve done to his lover… I’ll deal with him myself.”

He turned to the three young men, who were blinking stupidly at him. “Now, this Geoffrey guy is supposed to be staying in the village. I want you three to find out where he lives, where he goes, the lot.”

He looked at Lucretia. “Write back to your sister and tell her to make sure Wood is being followed and watched all the time. I need to know everything he’s doing, from homework to taking a crap; I want to know about it.”

The blonde girl nodded and left the room; Crabbe, Goyle and Flint stood up clumsily and departed, too.

Liv looked at her cousin and smirked; he was smiling maniacally and twisting his hands convulsively. “Writing the program for the show already, Joshua?”

“Oh yeah,” said Josh, turning to her. “It’ll be long, it’ll be painful, and it’ll be a joy to watch.”


Elijah spent the rest of the week acting and feeling completely miserable.

His adventure was the number one subject of student discussion for about two days, after which the story of Orlando finding fifth-year Hufflepuff Ernest Flatley Monday night sleepwalking in the Charms corridor stark naked became infinitely more interesting than Elijah Wood’s outback-shag, though he still had to endure his share of snide comments.

But it wasn’t the first time Elijah’s capers had been the talk of the day, and he didn’t mind the comments. In fact, he barely heard them.

It was also not the first time he had been punished or grounded, and since he didn’t get out much before anyway, and had not taken part in any Hogsmeade trips since last year (knowing full well that family of those he got kicked out of school still resided there), he hardly noticed any difference at all.

No. The fact that was making him so utterly miserable was that he missed Dom.

They had barely exchanged three words since that night at the Forest edge, and had only seen each other in the company of other people since then. On these occasions Dom seemed as downcast as Elijah felt. In the classroom they avoided each other’s eye as if they had made a silent agreement, each concentrating on his own task.

Dom felt he shouldn’t encourage Elijah to do something else that might get him expelled, and tried desperately to keep his manner light and professional around him, knowing he was failing utterly because his eyes betrayed him, and knowing that Elijah knew too.

Elijah tried to focus on revision, since the better he would be prepared for his exams, the more chance he would make it, and graduate, and after that they would finally be able to do whatever they wanted.

The flaw in that master plan was, however, that he couldn’t focus on his studies. Whenever he tried, his thoughts would drift off to that first kiss behind the statue, the picnic in the stable, Dom’s room in the cottage in Ireland, Dom’s skilled hands, Dom’s crooked mouth when he grinned or kissed, Dom’s deep, expressive eyes, the soft, husky voice when he spoke words meant for him alone…


Elijah sat up abruptly when fingers were snapped in front of his face and found that he had been staring blankly at the wall instead of at his Potions book, which he was supposed to have been studying for over – he checked his watch – half an hour now, while in fact, he had not absorbed a single word.

Lily gave him a pitying look across the common room table they were both sitting at. “Man, you have got it bad. I’ve seen Moaning Myrtle look more cheerful than you.”

Elijah shook his head slowly, and looking around the common room found that they were the only ones left. “Where is everyone?”

Lily shrugged. “Morgan finished early, big surprise, and Merlin decided to call it a day and take her out into the grounds, supposedly for a walk.” She smirked knowingly, but all Elijah managed was a weak smile, feeling miffed that other people could just go about having make-out sessions wherever and whenever the hell they wished, while he couldn’t.

He sighed deeply, feeling intensely sorry for himself, and Lily closed her book with a snap. “Right, that’s it. You’re coming with me, now.”

“What?” said Elijah as he watched her pack up his things. “What d’you mean, I still have to learn those!”

“Yes, and you and I both know it’ll never get done as long as you’re just sitting there staring into space and moping about Geoffrey,” said Lily brusquely, zipping up his backpack. “So, as I said, you’re coming with me.”

“Where to?”

“I have to show you something that might just solve your problems.”

Elijah, highly puzzled how Lily Potter, of all people, could solve the problems she didn’t even know the half of, but seeing some truth in her words, followed her curiously.


“We’re here,” said Lily.

Elijah looked around to see that ‘here’ was an abandoned corridor liberally hung with tapestries. The one they were standing in front of now was so faded he could hardly make out what it represented, though it seemed to mainly feature trolls wearing tutus.

“So this is where all my problems will be solved… how?” he asked sullenly, but Lily didn’t blanch. In fact, she smiled.

“Lij, what do you want more than anything else right now?”

Dom. “Um…”

“Geoffrey, right? You’re miserable because you can’t see each other, he being out on the grounds and you confined to the castle.”

“Well, yeah, but…”

“What if there was a place right here where you could meet without the teachers or anyone else noticing?”

Elijah looked around incredulously. “What, in the middle of this wide open corridor, you mean?”

“No,” said Lily, waving her hands dismissively. “I mean, don’t you wish there were such a place?”

“Of course I do, but what has that…”

“Good. Hold that thought,” chirped Lily. “Now I want you to walk up and down in front of this wall, Lij, and think of how much you wish that.”

Elijah looked at her blankly. Lily giggled.

“Honestly, I’m not mad. Just trust me, okay?”

Elijah sighed, closed his eyes, and did as he was told. I need to find a place where Dom and I can be together, he thought. I need to have a place where we can talk freely, and kiss each other without having to worry about anyone seeing us, and make love where no one can find us…

He opened his eyes, and gaped. In front of him was a door that had certainly not been there before. He looked uncertainly at Lily, who smiled. “Go on, go see inside.”

And Elijah did.

Tags: au, crossover, enchantment, fic

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