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Enchantment (35/50)

Title: Enchantment
Genre: Lotrps AU/Harry Potter future!fic crossover
Pairing: Domlijah
Summary: Dom becomes a teacher at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and finds himself strangely attracted to Elijah, one of the Gryffindor seventh-years.
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Like I said, AU and crossover. Also it's HP so, obviously, supernatural stuff.
Disclaimer: The wonderful HP world is created by JK Rowling who is not me, and the LOTR boys do not belong to me, both facts which I obviously regret but are nevertheless true. Sniff.
Feedback: Makes me prostrate myself at your feet and grovel pathetically.
Author's notes: Beta'd, as ever, by the lovely pinkegogirl.

Chapter 35

“We will have to move eventually, you know,” said Dom at last into the silence as they sat basking in post-coital bliss for what seemed like hours.

Elijah huffed out a breath. “Don’t wanna. This’s nice.”

Dom laughed. “I agree, but it would make the swimming a bit awkward.” With that, he lifted Elijah, who made a disappointed noise that sounded suspiciously like a whine, off his lap, gasping as he suddenly noticed the already purpling bitemark on the younger man’s shoulder.

“Oh, shite,” he whispered, running his fingers ever so softly over it. “Love, I’m so sorry.”

Elijah craned his neck to examine the damage. “It’s okay. It doesn’t hurt,” he said, completely failing to supress a wince as his damaged skin rippled with the movement.

“Fuck,” said Dom, reddening. “I should have warned you I do that. I sort of can’t help it. It’s… it’s to do with instinct.” He looked quite embarassed about it.

“Instinct, huh?” Elijah sat down gingerly on the rock, glad for the water on his skin right now. “What sort of instinct?”

Dom’s colour deepened. “Um… the dominant possessive kind. We… we tend to bite our chosen mates during… intercourse, to… to mark them as ours.”

Elijah couldn’t help it: he just had to giggle at Dom’s discomfort, especially as the Changeling had not yet put on his usual disguise, and therefore looked truly like embarassment personified. “That’s actually kind of sweet. In a twisted sort of way.”

Dom chuckled, still sounding a bit awkward, and Elijah splashed him reproachfully. “Come off it, Dom, I liked it. Very much so, and you have my permission to do it again whenever you like. Well, except in class, obviously.”

Now Dom grinned, too; Elijah could tell because the glow he emitted became lighter and stronger. “And you, too; because I’m yours just as much.” He changed back to his usual shape and grimaced. “Come on, let’s go home before we get really sappy.”

Elijah grimaced, too, remembering the cold water that lay between them and Dom’s house. “Can’t we climb up through there?” He pointed at the hole above them.

“Even I can’t climb that,” said Dom. “The only way in here is the one we came; that’s what makes it a good hideout, as I’m sure you’ll agree. Sacrifices must be made for spectacular shags, Elwood.” With that he plunged into the water.

Elijah took a deep breath and followed him to the mouth of the underwater tunnel through which they had come. Dom touched his arm reassuringly. “Don’t fret, love. On the other side there’ll be a fire, a whole lot of furs and a nice warm cuddle waiting for you.”


And boy, did Elijah need those when he finally reached the bank. After sunset the water had cooled impossibly, and looking into Dom’s mirror as he dragged himself inside the little house, he saw that his lips were actually turning blue.

Dom wasted no time in wrapping his lover in every piece of fur he seemed to own, lighting both fires, and putting up water for tea. He himself was still naked, but the cold did not seem to be bothering him much. However, when he sat down, Elijah offered him a corner of his furs, and they cuddled up together in their soft cocoon, kissing languidly as the fire crackled, until the water started to boil.

Dom made tea and handed Elijah a steaming mug, just as the younger man tried to stifle a huge yawn. Dom caught it and smiled. “Long day, yeah?”

Elijah smiled sleepily and nodded. Dom slipped his free arm around him.

“You could have a little nap, if you like.”

“But we have to go back,” Elijah protested, yawning again as he did so.

“Just a short one, then,” said Dom. “Go on, love. I’ll wake you up.”

“Half an hour, then,” the younger man gave in, already snuggling down onto the bed, wrapped in Dom’s arms. He was asleep seconds after.


When Elijah woke, it was to find Dom fast asleep beside him.

The Changeling looked oddly blank in sleep, his undefined form peaceful and soft, changing colour ever so gradually with the rhythm of his breathing. It was like watching the sea, Elijah mused in his half-waking state; ever-changing and yet comforting in its steadiness of being. A soft glow came from him, the only thing illuminating the darkness in the little house, apart from the gently glowing coals in the cooking pit.

Wait a second.

It was dark. The fire had gone out. Dom was asleep. It was dark.

We’re fucked.

“Dom!” Elijah hissed urgently, nudging his lover. “Dom, wake up!”

The Changeling was awake instantly; Elijah could tell because he couldn’t see his lover anymore, immediately blending into the darkness the way he did. For a split second there was complete silence.

“Oh, fuck,” said Dom’s voice in the darkness.

Another second later a wand-tip ignited, and there was Dom’s everyday face once again, as sure an indicator as anything to Elijah that this party was well and truly over. The younger man scrambled off the bed to grab his clothes in the light Dom was providing, knocking over about a dozen things as he did so, cursing all the while.

Haphazardly fastening his cloak and not bothering to tuck his shirt in, he looked around to see if he had everything, only to see Dom standing beside the door, already fully dressed as well. The Changeling pulled the curtain aside. “Let’s go.”


“Okay, looks like it’s all clear,” whispered Dom, looking out over the dark grounds to the castle. He kissed Elijah quickly and then gave him a little shove. “Walk, don’t run. If Orlando’s locked the front doors already, go around a way and use the teachers’ backdoor in the niche by the Astronomy Tower. It’s always unlocked.”

Elijah nodded in the darkness, knowing Dom needed no more than that, and went on his way.

Every twig that snapped under his feet seemed to cause an explosion of sound, but miraculously, no one came to investigate, and Elijah grew gradually more confident as he walked from between the trees towards the open ground. Now it was only a matter of crossing the lawn and hoping that Bloom was still dusting the statues or whatever the hell it was a caretaker did this time of night.

It seemed a good plan, until it was roughly interrupted by a beam of bright light shining into his face.

It was coming from the end of a wand, the other end of which was in the right hand of a rather bemused-looking Professor Astin. To make matters worse, Professor Serkis was peering over his shoulder at Elijah and he, for one, seemed already past bemused and well on his way to irate.

“What the bloody hell do you think you’re doing out here, Wood?”

Elijah’s mind went utterly blank at the sight of his teachers’ faces. “Oh, um… I mean, I…”

“That’s right, you better start thinking of a really good excuse,” Serkis spat. “Because taking a stroll around the Forest at 10 p sodding m sure as hell needs one.”

“Dammit, Elijah,” said Astin, and now the young man knew he really was in trouble because Astin never swore. “You were doing so well this year! I really thought…”

“I’m sorry for you, mate,” Serkis sighed, his anger subsiding as he took on the same disappointed look as Astin, the weight of which seemed to crush Elijah like no angry words could. These men had helped him so much during his time at Hogwarts, believed in him, gave him more second chances than he deserved… and he’d failed them.

“We’re gonna have to take you to the Headmaster, Wood.”

An anvil dropped abruptly in Elijah’s stomach. He knew what this meant. His second chances had just run out. He was going to be expelled, sent home to his disappointed parents, his dreams of becoming a Guide shattered. He would have to leave Hogwarts… and Dom.

Through the fog that descended on his brain as he turned to follow his soon-to-be former teachers to his doom, a new voice penetrated, coming from the Forests’ edge.


All three of them turned, and Elijah was just as baffled as his two teachers when a young man he had never seen before in his life stepped forward from beneath the trees and walked towards them.

He was taller than Elijah and in good shape, with spiked-up reddish blond hair and rather a big nose. Looking straight at Elijah, he discreetly tapped his forefinger against his chin, making Elijah shut his open-hanging mouth automatically. Then he turned to the surprised teachers.

“I’m sorry, sirs. Elijah was with me.” Hearing the voice, Elijah prayed that neither Serkis nor Astin had ever been to Australia, because Dom’s attempt at the accent wasn’t the best.

“And who are you, then?” asked Serkis suspiciously, looking him up and down.

“I’m Geoffrey, sir.”

“What are you doing on the school grounds? You’re not a student,” said Astin.

“No, sir,” said Dom, hoping he sounded more confident than he felt. “I just moved to Hogsmeade a few months ago. I’m still looking for a job but I sometimes help Viggo out. That’s how I got to know Elijah.”

“And what were you two doing out by the Forest so late?”

“Oh, um, well,” stammered Dom, trying to act as though he hadn’t expected the question, “we were, um, meeting there. We didn’t know a place to um, meet, so I asked him to come and meet me here, to… you know.”

A look of dawning comprehension came into the two teachers’ faces as they took in the dishevelled state of dress of both the young men: shoes untied, shirts not tucked in, Elijah’s cloak tied haphazardly under his chin with his school tie.

Both Serkis’s eyebrows shot up; Astin turned red. Elijah bit his lip, torn between wanting to bolt, burst out laughing, or just for the earth to split under his feet and swallow him up.

Then Serkis snorted. “Fucking teenagers. Christ, this is awkward.”

Dom cleared his throat. “Please, sir, it was all my idea. I persuaded Elijah to come, and…”

“And he did, I do hope,” Serkis interrupted drily, causing Astin to turn even redder and emit a squeak of protest. “Because you’re looking at a very long dry spell, you randy sods.” But he said it with laughter in his voice, which made Elijah look up hopefully.

Serkis was trying to look grave, but the glint in his eye betrayed how amused he was by the whole situation. “You, my skulking friend, are confined to the castle from now until after your exams. There are to be no more Hogsmeade weekends, no more side trips with Professor Monaghan, and definitely no more sneaking off for a shag in the bushes. I’ll inform the Headmaster of this, and you better not so much as try to sniff the outside air, or I might change my mind. Got that?”

Elijah nodded meekly, staring at the grass, hardly believing his luck.

“And you,” said Serkis turning to Dom. “I expect you to keep to that as well, for his sake. I’ll talk to Viggo to make sure he knows, too” – Dom fervently hoped he’d be able to talk to the gamekeeper first – “and you can just start writing dirty notes to each other or whatever the hell else you can think of. Is that understood?”

“Yes sir,” came the reply from two penitant-looking figures.

“Come on, then, Elijah,” said Astin, gently but firmly taking the smaller man’s arm and leading him away.

“Nice meeting you, Geoffrey,” said Andy to Dom, positively smirking now as he looked him up and down again. “By the way, mate, your fly’s open.”

And with that he turned on his heel and followed Elijah and Sean to the castle, his deeply amused snickers lasting all the way out of Dom’s hearing range.

The Changeling released his breath, not having realised he was holding it. His heart was thumping like crazy. He had saved Elijah; but it had been a close call, and they were playing high stakes.

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  • (not-so)Happy Halloween update

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