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Enchantment (30/?)

Title: Enchantment
Genre: Lotrps AU/Harry Potter future!fic crossover
Pairing: Domlijah
Summary: Dom becomes a teacher at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and finds himself strangely attracted to Elijah, one of the Gryffindor seventh-years.
Rating: NC-17 OMGWTFYAY!
Warnings: Like I said, AU and crossover. Also it's HP so, obviously, supernatural stuff.
Disclaimer: The wonderful HP world is created by JK Rowling who is not me, and the LOTR boys do not belong to me, both facts which I obviously regret but are nevertheless true. Sniff.
Feedback: Makes me prostrate myself at your feet and grovel pathetically.
Author's notes: Despite my attempts at plot, this is still the chapter everyone seemed most desperate to see. And at almost twice the normal length of my other chapters, I just hope it'll be good enough. *bites nails* Thanks go, as always, to my fantabulous beta pinkegogirl
I would like to dedicate this chapter to my faithful supporter saura_, because nothing says friendship like dedicating homosexual pron to each other. ;)
Thanks for sticking with me, me hearties!

Chapter 30

Now that the moment of truth had finally come, Dom’s world seemed to have taken on a surreal quality. He moved as if in a dream, as if he was not a part of his own body. He watched his own hands move, as if in slow motion, to unclasp Elijah’s cloak and throw it aside.

His eyes followed his fingers as they lightly caressed the younger man’s neck before moving lower and unfastening the top of his black school robes. A disconnected part of Dom’s mind dwelt for a moment on the symbolism in the action: taking away the barrier of the school uniform and flinging it aside. All this time Elijah stood as still as if he were a model being arranged in a window display.

Then Dom’s fingers stilled, and the tension and the surreality of the situation was broken by a sudden and violent burst of laughter, as Dom buried his face in Elijah’s shoulder. The younger man took a moment to understand what was so amusing, but finally he started laughing, too.

Elijah had a reputation of being passionately hateful of cold, and his opinion of the English weather was generally known: according to the Californian it could be divided in three categories: cold, rainy, and cold and rainy. As such, he always took care to protect himself from both, and this was the reason for Dom’s present hilarity.

Under the many-layered heavy woollen school robes, Elijah was also wearing his Pullover United sweater, and under that the long-sleeved shirt that was usually worn under school robes. Dom peeled these off soon enough, only to find that there was still more fabric in his way. By this time he was weak with laughter.

“How romantic can it get?” he hiccupped as he uncovered a Wood Quidditch Academy T-shirt. “Oh God…”

“Do you mind?” asked Elijah a bit peevishly, though he was grinning, too. “Important moment, here? Please be serious for me, will you?”

“Whatever for?” asked Dom, sliding his fingers under the hem of the shirt. “This isn’t a sacred ritual, you know, and definitely not a very formal occasion. You’re allowed to enjoy yourself. Seeing as how we’re both blokes, it might in fact be the only purpose this has.”

He grinned charmingly and pulled the T-shirt over Elijah’s head, at last finding the much sought-after bare skin. Slowly he lowered his mouth and began to kiss the exposed flesh of the younger man’s neck and shoulders.

Elijah let his head loll back, allowing Dom better access, of which he took advantage immediately by latching onto the place where neck met shoulder, sucking gently and worrying at it a little with his teeth, though he took care not to be too rough. On hearing the young man’s breathing quicken, however, he grew more confident, and taking the delectable flesh between his teeth he sucked hard. Elijah shuddered and let out a moan, clutching at the older man’s shoulders.

Dom kissed the slight bruise that his assault had left and nibbled his way back up Elijah’s neck, then slowly dragged his lips over the sensitive shell of his ear. “Let’s get you more comfortable, shall we?” he whispered against it.

The incoherent noise that followed, Dom assumed was a yes. In any case, Elijah didn’t protest when the Changeling swept him up into his arms effortlessly and carried him the last few paces to the bed, on which he laid him out carefully.

Straightening up to admire the view, Dom mused that it would be a perfect subject for a painting, if only he had canvas and could actually paint: a half-naked young man, sprawled attractively on a bed of furs, eyes half-lidded with lust, lips pink and swollen from kissing.

Unable to stand and watch any longer, he crawled onto the bed on all fours until he was straddling Elijah, and lowered himself atop him, their lips meeting again for a long slow kiss.

Never releasing that delicious mouth, Dom let his hands wander to the belt buckle on Elijah’s jeans, and with nimble fingers undid it, slid it from the loops, and dropped it beside the bed. As he revisited the sensitive spots on the younger man’s neck, his right hand made short work of the fly on his jeans.

Lifting his head just a little to look Elijah solemnly in the eyes, he said: “please tell me you’re not wearing three woollen underdrawers under this...”

The young man giggled nervously and Dom grinned, sitting up and bunching the denim covering Elijah’s thighs in his fists. “Lift,” he instructed, and Elijah obediently pushed his hips up so the older man could pull the jeans down his legs and off.

With just the plain black boxers between them, Dom could clearly see the extent of Elijah’s desire for him. His eyes darkened as he stared at the sizeable bulge, and unable to stop himself he leaned forward and breathed hotly on it, then nuzzled it gently. Catching the heady, musky scent of his lover’s arousal, he growled softly and almost hungrily mouthed the erection through the thin cotton, causing Elijah to emit a strangled sort of squeak.

“Fuck… oh, fuck, Dom,” came a whisper, and looking up Dom saw that his eyes were squeezed shut and his mouth open and panting. To think that he was the one causing Elijah to be in this state, was almost too much for Dom to handle.

Sliding his hands up and down the younger man’s thighs, he finally hooked his fingers in the waistband of the boxers and slowly, almost reverently, pulled them off, leaving his lover completely exposed. Dom sat back for a moment and just looked.

No matter how well he practised, no matter how closely he’d studied the human form; never would he achieve this kind of perfection. Elijah’s naked body was lean and wiry, though Dom could see the swell of muscles in his upper arms and thighs. His skin was pale, except where it had flushed a dull pink from excitement and heat, and in the areas where it was thinner Dom could see the vague, intricate patterns of the blue and purple veins just beneath. His body hair was very sparse, with no hair at all on his chest and very little in other places. A narrow trail led Dom’s eyes from his belly down to the patch of wiry curls, from which his rosy cock rose, proudly erect and bobbing slightly with the rhythm of his pulse.

Elijah’s naked body was perfection to him, simply because it was so real.


Tearing his eyes away, the older man looked up to see Elijah watching him, and the look in his eyes made Dom feel like the naked one, even though he was still half-dressed. He realised he might have been looking a bit melancholy, and smiled reassuringly at the younger man.

“You’re just that beautiful, Lij. I love you like this.”

Elijah looked down at his own body, and blushed. “Just like this?”

In answer, Dom lowered himself again until their bodies touched, causing Elijah to cry out softly. “Especially like this.”

Determined to map his lover’s body, the Changeling then began exploring the expanse of skin laid out before him. He kissed, nibbled, licked and sucked every inch of flesh that he encountered, taking special notice of its imperfections, no matter how insignificant. Every tiny scar, every birthmark, every miniscule irregularity in the white skin was lavished upon with lips and tongue. The path of each vein he traced with his mouth, delighting in following it to where it diappeared under skin or bone. It wasn’t until he was kissing his way up a slender wrist that he discovered Elijah’s hands were trembling.

“Lijah?” he looked up in alarm to see the young man’s head thrown back, his eyes squinched shut almost as if he were in pain. “What’s wrong, love?”

Elijah didn’t answer, just shook his head and squeezed his eyes shut even tighter.

Dom lifted himself up to lie down next to the younger man, stroking his forehead soothingly but otherwise not touching him. “Bit too much, yeah?”

“I’m fine, just… just give me a second, okay?” Elijah’s breathing was erratic and uneven, body shaking with arousal and excitement, his nerve endings on overload, his body overwhelmed by the sensations he was feeling. Opening his eyes a little, he looked at Dom imploringly. “Could you just… hold me for a while?”

Dom smiled and flopped down onto the bed, drawing the younger man into his arms and folding him securely in a strong embrace, kissed the top of his head. “I can do that. We won’t do anything you’re not ready to do, love.”

“No, I mean, I want to, but I’m just…”

Rather than finishing his sentence, Elijah rested his head on Dom’s chest and sighed deeply, relaxing into Dom’s embrace. Slowly the tremors subsided, and he buried his face in the Changeling’s shoulder. “I’m sorry. I ruined it.”

“The only way you could ruin this, Elijah Wood,” said Dom sternly but tenderly, his hand sliding down his lover’s side in a gentle caress until it came to rest on his hip, “is by not being here.”

His hand slowly slid further down, making sure to give Elijah ample opportunity to stop him, but he didn’t. Instead, he hummed softly when Dom’s hand closed around his erection; not doing anything else, just holding. “Mmm. Feels good.”

“Yeah? How about this?” said Dom huskily, slowly stroking his hand up and down, not too hard and not too fast.

Elijah tensed for just a split second, then went limp and moaned wantonly. “Yeah, that’s… that’s… ohhh, fuck, that feels… fuck, yeah…”

Dom smirked into his hair. “Glad to hear it,” he whispered, and began kissing Elijah’s neck again while keeping up the same pace with his hand, not providing enough friction to make anything happen, but enough to excite.

After a while, Elijah turned his face up for a kiss, which Dom was more than willing to give. He smiled when he felt a tentative hand stroke down his back, halting briefly at the waistband of his trousers and then sliding under it to cup a naked cheek, a hip, and then…

Dom gasped when Elijah’s hand grasped his cock, twisted his wrist a little and stroked, bloody hell but where had he learned that?

“Ohhh… crisis ov… nngh!… over then?” he managed.

“I guess so,” said Elijah, his voice low by Dom’s ear as he did it again, making it very difficult indeed for Dom to keep control of his body. He felt plump lips move against the shell of his ear as Elijah whispered, almost too low to hear, “Dom… make love to me.”

“Well, actually,” wheezed Dom between groans of pleasure, “I was thinking that we might do it the other way around.”

That deliciously sinful hand abruptly stopped moving and pulled away. Dom whined loudly, but Elijah didn’t seem to hear.

“Dom… do you mean that… you want me doing… me being inside you?”

Dom propped himself up on his elbow. “Something wrong with that?”

“No… that is to say… no. But I thought it was usual, the first time, to…”

Dom shrugged. “There’s no actual rule that says you have to bottom. It’s just…” and here he stared down at the mattress, “I want to make your first time perfect for you. I want there to be as little discomfort as possible.”

Even now, on the verge of sharing the most intimate of things with him, Dom did not disclose his full motive to Elijah; because the reason he’d given was only a part of it. For deep down inside him, that voice still lingered, though it had been keeping quiet these past weeks. Yet now it resurfaced, along with all his fears and doubts. It was reminding him of the times when things like these went disastrously wrong. Of Evey, of Matthew.

This is different, Dom told the voice. He loves me.

Enough to see you through this night? Enough to overcome how he will see you?

He told me so.

He can say all he wants; he hasn’t seen you yet. He can’t possibly know for sure and neither can you. Just admit it: you’re still afraid he might freak out and bolt.

And looking into his heart Dom found, to his dismay, that the voice was right yet again.

But he wasn’t so easily defeated as that. He loved Elijah, and he was determined to give him the night of his life, a perfect first. And perfect, to him, meant flawless, with no unexpected ‘accidents’ on his part.

Now Dom had always been slightly averse to bottoming. He loved being on top; it was how he enjoyed having sex the most. He had bottomed a few times, but in his memory it had only ever been uncomfortable and weird to him. He had never come, those times, from the sex alone, like he always had when he topped.

This then, was the Changeling Dominic Monaghan’s master plan for the night: he figured that bottoming for Elijah would serve the double benefit of making the whole affair far more pleasant and less painful for the younger man, and making it easier for Dom to keep control over his body.

He felt Elijah looking at him, and coming back from his thoughts Dom was taken aback by his face, which for a moment showed such an intensity that he was sure the younger man’s eyes were seeing right through his skin and into his soul, knowing exactly what was going on beneath the surface.

The next moment it was gone, so suddenly that Dom convinced himself he must have imagined it; Elijah’s face was once again uncertain and innocent, his voice the perfect virgin-on-a-wedding-night tone as he softly said, “okay. Tell me what to do.”

Dom smiled, getting up from the bed to take off his trousers. Pushing them down and throwing them carelessly aside, he stood naked before Elijah. He couldn’t help but smirk as he saw the way the wide blue eyes stared at his proud erection. Reaching down and nonchalantly stroking himself, he husked: “see anything you like?”

Elijah said nothing; the tip of his tongue poked out of his mouth to wet his lips as he continued to stare hungrily at Dom, who found it very distracting and arousing indeed.

“Reach up and grab that bottle in the hollow above your head.”

Elijah did so; and pulling back his hand from the small natural hollow in the tree-trunk, revealed a pint-sized potion-bottle, filled three-quarters with something purplish and gloopy. He looked at it dubiously; then pulled the cork out and carefully sniffed the contents. His face brightened at the sweet smell that was wafting from it. “Lavender.”

“It’s amazing, the things one finds to do with one’s time when living in a forest,” said Dom, kneeling on the bed, taking the bottle from Elijah’s hands and pouring a generous amount into his hand.

“You made this? You actually made lube?”

“It’s flower-oil,” said Dom indignantly, as he rubbed his hands together, warming the oil. “Though I will admit it does feel quite nice when applied to the right places.” With these words, he grabbed Elijah’s cock again and rubbed it firmly with his slippery fist.

The young man gasped and arched his back. “Ohhh, fuck!”

“Soon,” murmured Dom, reaching around himself with his other hand and fingering his own entrance with a slick finger before pushing it all the way in and pulling back out, then repeating the process with two fingers.

Stroking Elijah’s erection a few more times, making sure it was nice and slippery, Dom sat up and pulled the nearly boneless younger man up into a sitting position. “C’mon then…”

He kissed his lover passionately, then kneeled on the bed before him and assumed the familiar position, presenting himself to Elijah. He leaned his head on his arms and tried to relax his muscles, waiting for the intrusion.

It didn’t come. Dom lifted his head and peered over his shoulder to see Elijah still sitting there, studying him with a thoughtful, even sad expression on his face. As he caught his eye, Elijah shook his head. “No, Dom. Not like this. I want to look at you.”

“Why?” The question was out before the Changeling could stop it.

“Why?” repeated Elijah, and for the first time this evening he actually sounded angry. “Do you still need to ask that question, even now? Because I love you, you fucker, that’s why, and I need to see the face of the man I love the first time I’m to have sex with him. Is that too much to ask?”

Dom, subdued by the outburst, raised himself up from the bed. “If that’s what you really want…”

Elijah nodded. “I do.”

“Okay then.” After all, there wasn’t much difference anyway, Dom figured. It just meant he had to be extra careful. But when it came to it, and it made Elijah happy, he would do it. He would make this perfect for his young lover.


“How do you want me, then?”

The question only just penetrated Elijah’s clouded mind. He was really going to do this. He was going to make love to Dom.

A wicked light came into his eyes. “Well, seeing as how I already rode you tonight…”

It took a moment, then the Changeling snickered nervously. “I suppose you did, that.”

He rolled over so that Elijah could lie on his back on the mattress, and Dom could straddle him. The young man wet his lips nervously as he looked up at his lover sitting atop him, and looking down at him as if he were the most precious thing on earth.

“I love you, Dom,” he said, simply because it seemed the thing to say. Dom just smiled and got up on hands and knees, dipping his head to kiss Elijah again. The younger man closed his eyes and allowed his lover’s tongue to invade his mouth. And Dom, never breaking the kiss for a moment, reached back to hold Elijah’s cock as he lowered himself down upon it.

The sensation of being enveloped by that tight heat was so thrilling, so overwhelming, that Elijah uttered a cry of surprise. Of course, he had fantasised about this moment many many times, but the real experience was vastly different from what he’d expected or imagined.

“Oh God…” he moaned, as Dom impaled himself until he was completely inside. “Oh, my God, Dom…”

The Changeling sat straddling him, panting, waiting as his young lover’s muscles relaxed and adjusted. In the stillness, Elijah became absurdly aware of how loudly they were both breathing, how he could feel every single hair on the furs beneath him tickling his over-sensitve naked skin, and how incredibly hot to the touch Dom’s body was.

Then Dom started moving, and all coherent or semi-coherent thought was replaced by the incredible feeling of being inside him, being one with him.

Elijah knew he couldn’t hold on very long; it was just too new and intense for him, the all-overpowering feeling of Dom moving on and above and around him, the delicious slide of naked skin on skin, the scent of musk and sweat mixing with the faint smell of lavender, the sound of the wind in the trees and the invisible waterfall outside and their own sighs and grunts as they made love.

The younger man grabbed the Changeling’s hips and changed the angle and speed of their thrusts; Dom went rigid and emitted a loud, almost animal moan which had to be the most erotic sound Elijah had ever heard. Intrigued, he did it again, and Dom threw back his head and gasped, grabbing his lover’s hands on his hips. Elijah could feel his body tighten around him. He was close; they both were.

He opened his eyes (just when had he closed them?) to see that Dom’s face was a mask of almost painful strain; eyes squeezed shut, his mouth pulled in a grimace, his skin flushed red from holding on so hard. Because that was what he was doing: desperately trying to keep control, holding onto his façade, even now. Elijah knew it; had known it from the beginning.

“Dom…” he was nearly sobbing with effort and emotion. “Dom, it’s okay. Let go, let it go. I love you. Let me see you.”

And finally, finally, Dom’s last grasp of control slipped. Elijah saw it happen, saw the swirl of shape and colour as the familiar face disappeared. For a moment the creature atop him was a dark, pulsing mass of colour: a vague shape in black and red and purple, throbbing with lust and desire. Then, for a split second but clear and distinct as a mirror, he was looking at an image of himself, before Dom gave a moan so loud it was more like a wail, and a white light as bright as the sun on snow filled the room.

Elijah looked up in awe at the shining figure above him, at what he now knew was Dom’s one true form. The light he emitted was strong but not blinding, and gazing into its brilliance Elijah felt as if he was holding in his arms a vessel of pure starlight. The light of his lover filled him, and he came, shouting his joy into the stillness.

As the light slowly faded, Dom collapsed on top of him, breathing heavily. Elijah wrapped his arms around the fuzzy shape, and kissed him long and lovingly.

When he opened his eyes again, Dom was back in his regular shape, grinning as they lay together, nose touching nose.

The Changeling lifted himself, making them two separate bodies again, and fished around under the pillow until he produced a handkerchief, with which he cleaned Elijah’s belly and his own.

“You’re glowing,” Elijah pointed out with a smile, as Dom flung the handkerchief carelessly over the edge of the bed and flopped down next to him again. He was right; Dom was, in fact, giving off a soft golden glow, as if he were lying in the sunlight.

“Am I?” said the Changeling, pulling a large fur over them both and drawing his young lover into his arms.

“You are,” stated Elijah, snuggling contentedly into his side. “And Dom?”


“Thank you.”

Dom laughed soft and low in his throat, his chest rumbling pleasantly under Elijah’s head. “You are quite welcome.”

He was silent for a while, and his voice was hesitant when he did speak at last. “Did I… I mean, was I… how’d I look?”

Elijah, already half asleep, smiled into the night. “Brilliant,” he said.

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  • (not-so)Happy Halloween update

    Happy Hallowe'en, my dearest of f-lists! I hope you're having a more exciting day than I am, reading LOTR fanfic in my jammies. I had seven whole…

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