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Enchantment (28/?)

Title: Enchantment
Genre: Lotrps AU/Harry Potter future!fic crossover
Pairing: Domlijah
Summary: Dom becomes a teacher at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and finds himself strangely attracted to Elijah, one of the Gryffindor seventh-years.
Rating: PG
Warnings: Like I said, AU and crossover. Also it's HP so, obviously, supernatural stuff.
Disclaimer: The wonderful HP world is created by JK Rowling who is not me, and the LOTR boys do not belong to me, both facts which I obviously regret but are nevertheless true. Sniff.
Feedback: Makes me prostrate myself at your feet and grovel pathetically.
Author's notes: Once again beta'd by the incomparable pinkegogirl.

Chapter 28

During the next few days, Dom and Elijah kept their vigilance when it came to Liv Tyler. Apparently she was staying in Hogsmeade for the holidays, because she came to the castle often, most times to see Dom.

No one at the castle made a great fuss about her presence. She had, after all, been a guest at the Headmaster’s party, and she had made it generally well known that she and the Transfigurations teacher knew each other from their schooldays. Within a few days, she had wrapped almost everyone at Hogwarts around her dainty finger.

Well, almost everyone male. What women there were at Hogwarts couldn’t stand her. Professor Blanchett always gave Liv a wide berth, and glared at her if she happened to run into her anyway. Whether this was because she didn’t trust the American girl, or because she turned more boys’ heads as did the Divination teacher, no one could tell. Madam Otto, also, didn’t seem to like her, and most of the female students looked on the intruder with wrath, either because she diverted the attention of the boys, because her beauty evoked envy, or because she treated all students as if they were dirt, not worthy of her attention.

The boys, though they were treated in the exact same way, couldn’t care less; they were content with gaping at the shapely foreigner as she walked past. The male teachers likewise admired her, with a few notable exceptions, such as Dom and, surprisingly, Billy, whose eyes always narrowed in dislike and suspicion whenever he saw her. Which was odd to say the least, because Billy was the sort of person who strove to like everyone he met.

As for Elijah: he was extremely distrustful of Liv, and, though he didn’t admit it even to himself, quite jealous as well. Liv could go and see Dom any time she wanted to, and no one would even blink an eye at it. She would smile and simper and flirt with him, and while the younger man knew that Dom did not trust her either, and never even gave a hint of liking her company, he still couldn’t stand her being around him all the time.

No, he didn’t trust her. And, more importantly, he didn’t trust her with Dom.

He expected her to do something, anything, to the Changeling at any time, but as the holidays progressed and the beginning of term came in sight, and she still walked the grounds holding his arm as if they’d always been the best of friends, even Dom himself began to doubt the malicious intentions he’d first thought her to have.

“Maybe she really has changed,” he told a rather sceptical Elijah on one of their sparse moments alone together. “Sure, she annoys the hell out of me, but it doesn’t seem like she’s planning to kill me at any given moment, and that’s good, innit?”

Elijah, however, couldn’t wait to see the back of her, one way or the other. Her departure would take more than one concern off his mind; and he had never looked forward more to starting school again.


It was the last day of the Christmas holidays, and the Hogwarts Express had just pulled into Hogsmeade Station. It was rather early still, and most of the students decided to enjoy their last free hours in town rather than go straight on to school.

A small group of Slytherins silently detached themselves from the cheerfully chattering crowd, and made their way to the Hog’s Head, where their accomplices were already waiting for them.

Liv was not pleased. She had had to endure the company of that freak of nature for almost three weeks, and yet had not discovered as much as she’d wanted about his ways. She had wanted to know his routine, where he went… when he was alone. And, even more importantly, she had wanted to find out what he loved most, where he found happiness in, so she could destroy all those things before she would at last destroy him.

But Dom was secretive about his private life even to those closest to him, so Liv’s prying had resulted in nothing, and questions about his loved ones had also been close to fruitless: his parents and brother, who were too far away and useless Muggles anyway; a little freak brat sister, apparently heavily supervised by the Ministry; and his best friend, the Deputy Headmaster and a very accomplished wizard.

Liv knew she would be taking too much risk trying to attack Muggles or Ministry charges; she was not stupid. That sort of carelessness got her caught last time. This time she would plan more carefully. She would not have her plans for revenge thwarted again.

Boyd might be a possible target, were it not that she knew that neither she nor any of her accomplices was a match for Boyd when it came to magical powers. That, too, was too much of a risk, for failure would in that case result in immediate detection. So Liv decided instead to brood on a way to drive the friends apart, though she did not yet know how. But she was convinced she’d think of something.

There was one other thing she had discovered Dom loved dearly: his work as a teacher. That, too, she would take from him. Nothing would be left for him by the time he would be ready to be killed, she resolved. She would see to that. Her vengeance would be sweet.

For Dominic must die. She had decided that the moment he’d humiliated her in front of his and her own classmates, that day at the Institution. She would not suffer to be made a fool; especially not by a freak who should by right not even be allowed near humans, let alone attend school like he was normal, like he was equal to them. She would carry out justice and exterminate him, remove him from society, where he did not belong.

Liv told her findings and plans to her fellow conspirators, as soon as they had all gathered in the room she’d rented at the Hog’s Head. She felt bitter at having so little to tell them, especially as she now had to leave most of the work to the Hogwarts students among them, who had more opportunity to be near Dom at school. She did not think very highly of their abilities, and furthermore she detested having to rely on others.

“So let me get this straight,” sneered Nero Zabini, even before Liv finished her report. “We have to keep an eye on the creature and somehow figure out a way to make his best friend hate him, as well as try to get him sacked by Potter who loves him? Really, is that all?”

Liv glared, and Lucretia said: “well, it would have been a lot easier for us too if Donna had just gotten over herself and taken the job project with him.”

“No way in hell,” muttered Belladonna Goyle, the girl who looked like a corpse. “You don’t think I’d want to spend whole hours being near that thing?”

“Yeah,” grunted her brother, one of the large older boys, stupidly.

“You should have, if only to help us get rid of it,” spat Mortianna, with whom the thirty house points she’d lost over the Changeling still weighed heavily.

“Jesus Christ, stop bickering like a bunch of fucking emo teens,” burst out Josh. “This isn’t getting us anywhere. Just do as you’re fucking told, kid,” he said menacingly to Nero, who wisely did not reply this time.

“After all, it’s the rat we really want. As much as I enjoy seeing the world rid of one more freak, I for one did not come here to watch Liv indulge in one of her little grudges.”

Liv glared, but finding no acceptable reproach was left to seethe in silence as the others spoke of their plans with the traitor Wood, which were about as solid as her own plans with the Changeling.

Finally they agreed to watch for the moment, until more would be known about their quarry. Many of the younger members of the conspiracy moaned at this approach, eager and hungry as they were for blood and revenge. But in this, at least, Josh and Liv were of a like mind. Neither of the two wished for their vengeance to be spoiled by youthful impatience.

In the midst of the grumbling and quarrelling, Liv smiled. Dominic Monaghan would be allowed a little more time of peace, in order for her to find out how she could best destroy him utterly. Years of brooding on her malicious intent had taught her the patience she needed.

In the end, she knew, her patience would be rewarded. Her final act of vengeance would be worth it. She could wait.


January crawled on, and traditionally all fifth and seventh year students started revising like crazy, their exams suddenly seeming a lot closer on this side of the holidays. Each afternoon and evening the library and common rooms would be full of students, all sitting between stacks of books with their heads down and quills in hand, taking notes and hardly talking.

Elijah was likewise engaged in poring over his books every moment of his spare time. The number of NEWTs he had to aquire was greater than any of his classmates’, and he was quite passionate in his desire to pass every one of them. Not only would that enable him to continue pursuing a career in Guidance; it would also mean not having to hide his relationship with Dom any longer: if he passed his exams he would, after all, no longer be a student.

Dom took Elijah’s exams as seriously as he did, which was both a source of comfort and great annoyance to the younger man; because while Dom offered understanding for his putting business before pleasure, he also insisted on spending what little time they did have together making Elijah sit tests on various subjects to do with Guidance.

“Aw, shit, again?” whined Elijah one day in late January on entering Dom’s office and being submitted to yet another examination. “Don’t we have anything better to do with our time?”

“I can’t possibly imagine a better way to spend this hour than to work hard to secure your future,” said Dom cheerfully. “Kindly name the potion that must be prescibed to a werewolf?”

“Wolfsbane Potion,” replied Elijah immediately, then, looking at Dom with the best puppy-dog face he could muster: “can’t we at least spend fifteen minutes doing… other stuff?”

“I’m going to pretend I didn’t hear that,” said Dom stiffly, though his smirk betrayed him. “What’s the first thing that you need to look into when you are charged with the Guidance of a half-creature?”

“Which non-human qualities are inherited from the creature parent, and whether or not these might present a danger. Aren’t you going to let me do anything fun?”

“Well, I’ve scheduled our visit to the Ministry in ten days, and arranged your being excused from all your classes that day. How’s that for fun?”

“Depends. Are you going to make me sit a test about it later?”


“I hate you.”

“I could dock you points for that.”

Elijah looked up with a mock-wounded expression, including pouty lip, and Dom burst out laughing. “You’re such a teenager, Lij.”

He leaned over the desk. “Okay, if you insist…” He darted a look at the closed door before bending close to Elijah and dropping his voice to murmur in his ear.

“Thursday evening, try to sneak away during dinner. Meet me behind Viggo’s stable.”

Elijah looked sideways at him in surprise.“Dom… Thursday’s my birthday.”

“Yeah,” said Dom, straightening up again and grinning. “I know.”


Though Elijah fretted about it for most of the week, sneaking away on Thursday was in fact ridiculously easy. When his classmates, numbed after another day of revision, abandoned their books and notes in favour of the dinner table, all he had to say was that he wanted to finish reading this chapter, and that he wasn’t hungry anyway. No one questioned him, not even Lily; they simply nodded and let him be.

After he had assured himself that everyone had left, Elijah quickly grabbed his cloak and hurried out of the common room, through the portrait hole, down the staircase, and stealthily through the Entrance Hall into the grounds. No one saw him leave; a small dark cloaked figure flitting across the dark green lawn.

Dom was not yet there when Elijah arrived, out of breath and heart thumping, behind Viggo’s stable. Uraeus was at home this time; the horse’s head, peering curiously out of the doorway, made a strange silhouet against the darkening sky. There was no sound save for the animal’s breathing, and Elijah’s.

Consequently, the young man nearly jumped out of his skin when a voice, very close by, suddenly spoke up from behind him.

“Who’s there?”

“Me… um, Elijah, I mean.”

Dom’s head appeared, seemingly materialising out of the darkness between the trees. He looked left and right, then jerked his head once. “Come on.”

“Is it… okay?” asked Elijah apprehensively, eyeing the dark forest with some concern.

Dom smiled and extended a hand. “No creature in this forest will harm you, as long as you are with me. Come.”

Elijah did not hesitate; he took the proffered hand and let Dom lead him into the Forbidden Forest.

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  • (not-so)Happy Halloween update

    Happy Hallowe'en, my dearest of f-lists! I hope you're having a more exciting day than I am, reading LOTR fanfic in my jammies. I had seven whole…

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