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Enchantment (27/?)

Title: Enchantment
Genre: Lotrps AU/Harry Potter future!fic crossover
Pairing: Domlijah
Summary: Dom becomes a teacher at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and finds himself strangely attracted to Elijah, one of the Gryffindor seventh-years.
Rating: PG
Warnings: Like I said, AU and crossover. Also it's HP so, obviously, supernatural stuff.
Disclaimer: The wonderful HP world is created by JK Rowling who is not me, and the LOTR boys do not belong to me, both facts which I obviously regret but are nevertheless true. Sniff.
Feedback: Makes me prostrate myself at your feet and grovel pathetically.
Author's notes: Hello my dear friends, sorry for the delay! pinkegogirl has been very busy, but she still found time to do this for me! She is, as always, the greatest.

Chapter 27

When Elijah came down from his dormitory into the Gryffindor common room, scrubbed up and dressed in his new navy velvet dress robes, he found Merlin at the bottom of the stairs to the girls’ dormitory, looking ruffled.

“They’re still getting ready,” his friend complained as the slide turned back into stairs. “Seriously, how long does a girl need to get dressed? Is it that difficult for them?”

Elijah just grinned and shrugged. “How about we walk to the Hall and wait there?”

“Yeah. Yeah, all right,” mumbled Merlin, flattening his hair again and brushing off his dress robes. “D’you hear that? We’re waiting downstairs!” he hollered up to the closed door, behind which faint giggles could be heard.

“Honestly, mate,” he complained to Elijah as they climbed out the portrait hole and walked down the corridor together. “I mean, you’re queer, right? Can you make sense of it?”

“Being gay is not the same as being a girl, you know,” said Elijah with an amused smile.

“Yeah, I know, but you can understand them better, right? I mean, there are some blokes on your team as fuss as much about the way they look, yeah?”

“I suppose,” said Elijah, smiling, thinking of Dom.


Down in the Entrance Hall Elijah and Merlin met several other disgruntled boys, waiting for their dates. Students were not invited to the Headmaster’s Christmas dinner as a rule, but these were not just any students. There were the Headmaster’s sons, fourteen-year old Sirius and his younger brother Jamie, who as a second-year had no interest yet in bringing a date; and the children of some of his guests: fifth-year Ravenclaw Apollo Lovegood, who was the date of Merlin’s younger sister Titania; a nervous-looking Henry Mortensen, who would be escorting Frances Longbottom; and a handsome Hufflepuff boy, who was probably Alice’s date.

As they waited impatiently for their dates to arrive, some teachers began to appear from different doors and staircases. Boyd, escorting his girlfriend down the marble staircase, smirked at the waiting boys as he passed. Serkis, looking, as usual, as if he’d been attacked by some wild animal, waved as he came out of a corridor, flanked by his incredibly normal-looking wife and his cute little daughter. Following him came Astin and his very pregnant wife, with an adorable, tiny golden-haired girl between them.

“Blimey, would you look at that!” breathed Merlin suddenly, and Elijah looked up to see all the other boys’ heads turning as well.

A young woman came walking down the Entrance Hall, the hem and flared sleeves of her long lavender dress robes brushing the floor, so that it looked as if she was floating. She was incredibly beautiful, a vision of ethereal perfection, her long, dark, silky hair hanging loose down her back, her blue eyes standing out in her pale, flawless face. Her luscious lips and just-this-side-of-decent cleavage were further reason for the boys’ gaping at her.

However, she flounced past, ignoring them completely, heeding them no more than the flagstones or the coats of armour. The set of her jaw and the tilt of her chin were haughty, and Elijah, for one, not hindered by outrageous hormonal reactions like those around him, took an instant dislike to her.

“Who d’you suppose she is?” asked Merlin in a reverent whisper, once the woman had disappeared through the double doors.

Elijah shrugged, neither impressed nor interested, and listened only half-heartedly to his friend’s guesses at the mystery girl’s identity.

By now most of the girls had finished dressing, and came down the marble staircase, until finally Elijah and a thoroughly disgruntled Merlin were the last ones still waiting. Just as they were debating if maybe they should just go to the Great Hall and wait there, the chatter of cheerful voices sounded from the top of the stairs, and they looked up.

Dom was coming down the stairs, Lily Potter on one arm and Morgan Malfoy on the other. Lily was wearing dress robes of a fine, pale gold fabric, and Morgan looked stunning in pale blue, but Elijah’s eyes were on Dom alone.

His teacher was dressed in delicate, silver-grey robes, embroidered richly in silver-thread with patterns of curling and intertwining ivy. Around his middle was what looked like a sash of snow-white silk, embroidered with the same motif. His hair was once again slicked back, and he seemed to have made it a few shades lighter for the occasion. To Elijah, he was more a vision of beauty than any haughty-looking girl could possibly ever be.

Dom grinned at Elijah, and tapped his chin discreetly with his forefinger. Elijah, taking the hint at once, closed his mouth.

“Gentlemen, I give you: your ladies,” said Dom, presenting the two seventh-years with their dates. Merlin, upon seeing his girlfriend, seemed to have forgotten his fascination with the other woman, and kissed her as if he had not seen her in weeks. Lily just rolled her eyes and grinned at Elijah, taking her best friend’s arm as she let go of Dom.

“Don’t you have a date, Professor?” she asked.

“I’m afraid not, miss Potter,” said Dom, smiling. “My significant other has other engagements tonight.”

Elijah coughed, and tried very hard not to blush. From the amused look on Dom’s face, he could tell that he was not succeeding. Bastard.

Thankfully Lily did not notice. She unceremoniously gave her cousin a dig with her foot, in order to pry him loose from his girlfriend. “Let’s go then.”

They went inside together; the Great Hall was decorated lavishly with garlands of holly and mistletoe, baubles the size of a man’s head, living fairies fluttering about, and of course the seven magnificent Christmas trees.

The House Tables were removed for this occasion, and two long tables were set on either side of the hall, joined at the ends with the High Table, forming a horseshoe-shape. At the High Table the Headmaster and his family were to be seated; his guests sat at the table on his right; his collegues, to his left.

But before they could even start looking for their appointed seats, a cry of delight rang through the hall, and the young woman whom the boys had been admiring some time earlier came floating towards them at top speed, her arms outstretched. “Dommie! How lovely to see you again!”

Elijah looked at Dom, who looked stunned and, to his eye, rather horrified, and he made no effort whatsoever to hide these feelings as the young woman drew level with their group, beaming soupily at him. “Hello, Liv. What a surprise.”

“I know, isn’t it?” crowed Liv, still ignoring the others in Dom’s company. “I was in the neighbourhood visiting some friends, and Professor Potter, who knows my Daddy well, invited me to come, especially when he heard I knew you, since you seem to be the only one without a tablemate! So I get to be your date!”

“You seem to be rather delighted with that,” said Dom stiffly, “while I recall that at our last meeting you told me, not very subtly I might add, that you would like nothing better than to see me staked through the heart and burned publicly on a bonfire.”

“Oh, phooey!” said Liv, waving her hand airily, the hem of her sleeve whipping Elijah across the face. “We were only stupid kids then, Dom. Why, we weren’t much older than these guys here.”

For the first time she acknowledged the existence of Elijah, Lily, Merlin and Morgan with a nod, followed by a silvery laugh that made the hairs on the back of Elijah’s neck stand on end. His friends simply looked taken aback and insulted at basically being referred to as ‘stupid kids’, as if they were three years old.

Dom seemed to notice it, too. A frown appeared between his eyebrows and his lips thinned in disapproval, and there was definitely an edge to his voice when he said: “these are some of my finest final year students, Liv; Miss Lily Potter, Mr Merlin Weasley, Miss Morgan Malfoy and Mr Elijah Wood. Guys, this is Livid Tyler, heir to the Tyler Wandmakers Emporium.”

Was it Elijah’s imagination, or did Livid’s eyes rest on him just a fraction of a second longer? A moment later he dismissed this notion; she barely spared them a glance and turned her attention back to Dom, offering him a slender hand with long lavender nails. “Shall we go then, Dommie?”

“I’ll see you lot later,” said Dom as he allowed himself to be led away from them, throwing Elijah an anguished look over his shoulder as he went.


All through the delicious dinner and most delightful party Dom studied his tablemate keenly, still not quite trusting her. He wondered why she had come back, and if she really had gotten over the events that had occurred when they last met, and if not, why she was pretending to.

But as the evening wore on, he could detect nothing of the sort in her behaviour. True, she was outrageously annoying when allowed to speak without interruption, and her soupy smiles and simpering laughs were enough to put him off his dinner, but at least she seemed genuine in her interest for his life, his career, and his well-being. That, and she had not made any attempts on his life yet.

Between main course and dessert, entertainment was provided by the school ghosts. Nearly Headless Nick re-enacted his own execution as was his tradition, and the Fat Friar led some of the other spiritual inhabitants in a variation of carols, somewhat hindered by Peeves, who felt obliged to add to the festivities by blowing raspberries throughout the performance, and finally, as the ghosts floated out of the room to polite applause, Billy stood up and walked around the table to stand in front of the High Table.

Dom forgot his simpering date for a moment as he peered at his friend over the table; he wondered what Billy had to say. But the Charms teacher just smiled enigmatically and, clasping his hands behind his back, began to sing in a high, clear voice, so pure it was almost otherworldly. The song was in a language no one in the room seemed to understand, but Dom had the strange feeling he’d heard it before. However, before he could figure out where and when, the song ended, and Billy bowed to his loudly applauding audience before sitting back down next to Ali, grinning. Dom dug into his dessert, still pondering about the song, but when Liv started blathering to him again, he gave it up as a bad job and tried to listen to her with what he hoped was an interested expression on his face.


When dessert and afters had been consumed, people left their seats to mingle with other guests, which allowed Dom a temporary respite from his tablemate’s presence as he went to greet, or be introduced to, his fellow partygoers.

The Headmaster was conversing in low tones with his beautiful wife, who snickered and tossed her long red hair at something he said to her. They were soon joined by two also red-haired men whom Dom knew by face as the owners of several jokeshops, and their wives.

Dom was waved over by Albus Weasley, and old classmate of his, to be introduced to his wife. They chatted for a while about their own schooldays, and Dom met yet another of the Weasley clan, Minerva, who made it quite clear to him that she was very single.

Having taken his leave of the Weasleys, he was almost immediately hailed by his former Headmaster, Lupin, who was standing in a quiet corner with his wife, the former Minister. Dom stayed with them for a long time, for he liked them both immensely, and of course they never lacked for conversation, being all three Half-Humans.

Just as he was discussing Elijah’s education with them, in which they were both sincerely interested, he saw Liv weaving through the crowd, looking for him. He uttered a hasty apology and ducked out of sight; unfortunately right into someone else he would have liked to avoid this evening.

“Dominic! Oh, how wonderful to see you again!”

Dom nearly groaned. He had walked straight into the arms of his former teacher, Professor Weasley-Granger, who as a person was likeable enough, were it not that she always made him feel like she was making a study project out of him.

She was speaking to him now, one sentence stumbling over the other in her apparent excitement at seeing him. “… and you know, I was so pleased when I heard you were to take my place at Hogwarts. I’m sure the students could learn so much more from you than just any teacher. I mean, just look at the two of us! I was your teacher then, and I think I learned as much from you, if not more… maybe if you are at leisure you could come to one of my lectures; my students would be thrilled to…”

“Leave the poor bloke alone, Hermione,” came a low, amused voice from behind her. “I think he’s busy enough filling your spot here at school without having to be gawked at at the Institution like he’s the eighth world wonder. How you doing, mate?”

“Hello, Mr. Weasley,” said Dom, shaking the tall red-haired man’s hand as he tried hard to suppress a grin at his former teacher’s crushed expression.

“Oh, honestly, Ron, it’s not like I was…”

“Yes, you were, don’t deny it. By the way, you might want to get Art away from there.”

“What? Where… oh, Artie! Don’t touch that!” She threw them both a harried look before running over to pry her youngest son, a little over-excitable red-haired boy of about Tara’s age, from one of the Christmas trees where he was busy trying to catch a fairy with his pudding-bowl.

Dom grinned at Mr. Weasley. “Thanks, sir.”

“Don’t mention it. Better make a run for it, though, before she comes back.”

Thinking this was true for other people than Professor Weasley-Granger, Dom stealthily shuffled along the wall, having half a mind to disguise himself as someone else or, possibly, a coat of armour or a Christmas tree, when a slender but strong arm caught hold of his arm and dragged him into a niche. Seeing dark hair, pale skin and blue eyes, Dom feared that Liv had found him after all, but when he looked round the face that looked back at him in concern was Elijah’s.

“Okay, just what is going on with you?” the younger man demanded. “Why are you skulking around like this is a guerilla expedition? Who are you hiding from?”

“Liv, mostly,” muttered Dom, his eyes flitting to the party and back to Elijah, who was looking at him intently.

“Where do you know her from, anyway? You didn’t look very happy at seeing her again.”

“What do you know about the Tylers?” asked Dom in return. Elijah shrugged.

“Not much, really. I know they practically own the market on wandmaking in the States. My own wand is Tyler-made.”

“Exactly. And Liv is the heir to that company. Or at least would have been. Last I heard she is not on very good terms with her father anymore. Had a bit too much interest in the Dark Arts when she was in school.”

“That still doesn’t explain how you know her.”

Dom hesitated, then steeled himself. He had decided not to have any more secrets between them, and anyway Elijah already knew more about this matter than he realised. “D’you remember what I told you about the disaster of the Quidditch match at the Institution?”

Elijah frowned, not understanding. “Yeah, you told me you lost control during the game, and… and that you were disqualified, and that someone was injured. But I still don’t…”

“It was her, Lij. She was playing Seeker for Durmstrang, the opposing team. She was closest to me when… it happened, and I frightened her so much that she lost her grip and fell off her broom… she broke a leg and several fingers in the fall. She’d wanted to become a professional player.”

He saw Elijah biting his lip in the half-darkness, but his next question was not what Dom had expected. “Was she good enough, do you think?”

Dom thought for a moment and shook his head. “No. She was not bad, but also not nearly good enough for anything beyond school competitions. But after the accident she never flew quite as well again. She blamed it on the broken fingers that would not be able to catch the Snitch, and the broken leg that couldn’t get a proper grip on the broom.”

“But,” said Elijah, thinking of Madam Otto and the fast and always complete recoveries of her patients suffering from Quidditch injuries, “weren’t those breaks treated properly?”

“They were, and almost immediately,” replied Dom glumly. “And most people were of the opinion that it had more to do with her being frightened to fall off again, which is why she always held her legs stiff around her broom, after, and found it difficult to take her hand off her broom handle to reach for the Snitch. But of course Liv denied all that, and put the full blame on me. I had destroyed her dream, distroyed her life. She swore vengeance on me; but before she could execute it, she was suddenly sent back to Durmstrang.”


“Because evidence was found that she was planning to kill me,” said Dom, more calmly than he felt, remembering the day when he was called into the Head’s office and shown the carefully drawn plans for his own death.

“And now she’s back,” breathed Elijah, looking paler than usual even in the half-light.

“Yes,” said Dom grimly. “And I’m hiding from her because I’m not really sure if she’s befriending me… or hunting me.”

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