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Enchantment (23/?)

Title: Enchantment
Genre: Lotrps AU/Harry Potter future!fic crossover
Pairing: Domlijah
Summary: Dom becomes a teacher at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and finds himself strangely attracted to Elijah, one of the Gryffindor seventh-years.
Rating: Brace yourselves... R!
Warnings: Like I said, AU and crossover. Also it's HP so, obviously, supernatural stuff.
Disclaimer: The wonderful HP world is created by JK Rowling who is not me, and the LOTR boys do not belong to me, both facts which I obviously regret but are nevertheless true. Sniff.
Feedback: Makes me prostrate myself at your feet and grovel pathetically.
Author's notes: Thanks and flowers go, as ever, to my dear beta pinkegogirl. No dedications this time, but I do want to blame some people for this chapter, namely Amy, Saura and Ledas. Without their constant whinging nagging support, I would not have been corrupted to write this chapter the way it is now. Shame on them, I say! *best Charlie voice* "You call yourself ladies? Jane Austen would be ashamed!" ;)

Chapter 23

Elijah had trouble sleeping that night.

It wasn’t that he was not comfortable in the guestroom Síobhan had prepared for him – far from it. It was the tiniest room in the house (Elijah had to shuffle sideways along the wall in order to get into bed), but although his narrow bed was placed under the slope of the roof, making it almost impossible for him to turn without danger of falling out, the mattress was comfortable, and the warmth of the blankets very comfortable indeed after the cold flight.

No, it was the fact that Dom was lying near him, with only a paper-thin wall to separate them, that was keeping Elijah awake.

The thought had already been the cause of a very satisfying wank-session an hour earlier, and Elijah had thought that would settle the matter and send him to sleep.

Only it didn’t.

Frustrated with himself, Elijah flung back the covers, shivering at the sudden impact of the cool air on his warm skin, put on a dressing gown Sean had provided him with, and tiptoed out of his room to the bathroom for a glass of water.

The landing was dark and silent as Elijah made his way across it to the bathroom door. His hand was already on the doorknob when the silence was suddenly broken by a long, low moan. Elijah froze.

It came from Dom’s room.

Carefully taking two steps sideways so that his shoulder nearly touched the dark wood of Dom’s bedroom door, Elijah cocked his head and listened. Another moan came from within the room, soft but distinct, and the younger man could hear Dom’s harsh, breathless gasps, as well as – he shivered and his stomach did a backflip – the unmistakeable slap of skin on skin. He felt himself grow hard again under his dressing gown when he realised that the sounds Dom was making weren’t merely incoherent – it was his, Elijah’s, name he was gasping, moaning, whispering…

Elijah felt the irrepressable urge to crouch and press his eye to the keyhole, to watch Dom as he stroked himself to completion while thinking of Elijah doing it. He pictured Dom, lying spreadeagled on the bed, naked and gleaming with sweat, one hand around his rosy erection, the other fisting the sheets or perhaps pinching a nipple, as he hovered closer to the edge…


To say the young man almost jumped out of his skin would be an understatement. Halfway through the act of lowering himself, he whirled around, lost his balance, and fell on his ass on the landing with a soft but clearly audible thump. The sounds behind the door ceased abruptly, and Elijah nearly cursed.

Two luminous eyes, gleaming like a cat’s, were fixed upon him across the landing. Tara sat on the floor with her back against the door to the stairs that led to her parents’ room, watching him, and Elijah thanked the heavens that he had not done what he had been thinking of doing, or, even worse, been caught with his hands down his boxers at the erotic sounds Dom had been making. Dom… oh God, he had to let him know someone was here, if he did not know already, just so that he wouldn’t continue when the child could hear him…

“You… you should be in bed, Tara,” he said finally, not very loudly but in a clear enough voice that he was sure Dom would be able to hear, with his sharp ears. And indeed, the silence behind the door was broken by soft, shallow breathing, followed by a surpressed gasping sound that took a while for Elijah to recognise in his current state of shock and embarassment.

Then he realised what it was: Dom laughing his head off.


Tara was still watching him with those disconcerting eyes. “I woke up when I heard you get out of bed. I… I want to ask you something.”

Elijah sighed in resignation, knowing he would not be getting back into bed until he answered Tara’s question. “Out with it, then.”

“Do you like me?”

He looked at her in surprise. “Of course I do, Tara. You’re a wonderful girl, and I like you very much.”

“So… when I grow up, will you marry me?”

“I… what?” Elijah didn’t think he could take any more surprises today.

“It’s just…” continued Tara, and for the first time the gleaming eyes lowered, “I never had anyone liking me before who isn’t family, and no one else will want to marry me, ever, and I like you. You’re nice to me and you talk to me, and…” She trailed off, probably noticing the sad and apologetic look on Elijah’s face.

“I’m afraid that won’t happen, Tara-love, though it won’t be for lack of goodwill,” said Dom’s voice in the darkness.

Elijah spun around and found yet another pair of luminous eyes fixed upon him; the only part of Dom he could see, which was probably a good thing right now.

“Why not?” asked Tara, seemingly completely unpertubed by Dom’s sudden appearance, but then again, she had probably both seen and heard him before Elijah ever noticed him.

Dom sighed. “You’d better come in, both of you.”

They entered Dom’s room. It was scarcely bigger than Elijah’s, but much less impersonal; the walls were adorned with Manchester United posters and drawings Tara had made for Dom, and a large looking glass, which Elijah had come to know as a trademark of any room Dom could call his own, was hanging on the only available space left.

Dom switched on his bedside lamp, filling the room with an orange glow, and contrary to the glowing eyes, looked utterly human. His eyes were bleary, his hair a chaos, and he was dressed in boxers and a T-shirt that said ‘I’m naked under this’, which did not help Elijah’s awkward condition in the slightest.

“Now, Tara-sweet,” said Dom, picking up the younger Changeling and sitting her on the foot of his bed. “What’s this talk about marriage now? Aren’t you being a little premature, love?”

“It’s true though, Dommie,” said Tara. “You say so, too. Hardly anyone wants to marry people like us. They’re scared of us.” She gestured at Elijah as if the logic was infallible. “Lijah isn’t. So there.”

Dom smiled tenderly, first at Tara, then at Elijah, and his eyes remained on the younger man’s. “That’s true. But you see, the problem is… Elijah’s taken.”

“Oh,” said Tara, disappointed. “Too bad.”

“Not really,” grinned Dom, and leaning into Elijah, kissed him intimately, to the younger man’s surprise, right in front of Tara, one hand in his hair and the other on his nape.

When they broke apart, foreheads still touching, Tara was staring at them with wide open eyes and mouth, her skin going first pink then pale golden, as she smiled widely.

“Oh,” she said again. “That’s not so bad, then.”

Dom sat down beside her on the bed, his hands carefully folded in his lap as Elijah noted when he sat at Dom’s other side. Dom exchanged a look with him, as if asking for consent, and Elijah nodded dumbly at him to continue.

“Now Tara… you know what I told you about ‘gay’, right?”

Tara nodded fervently. “That boys can be in love with other boys, and that you’re like that, too,” she said wisely, beaming at Dom and Elijah. “Are you in love with Lijah then, Dom?”

Dom looked over his shoulder at Elijah and smiled. “Yes. Yes, I am. Very much.”


Elijah and Dom had a very enjoyable night after that.

Not only was Dom’s casual declaration of love playing on a loop over and over in the younger man’s head like he’d just swallowed a defect CD-player; but also Dom did not ask him to leave once they’d taken Tara back to her room after making her swear she would not tell anyone about the two of them, not even her parents. The little girl, who seemed to take heart in knowing that her brother-Changeling had managed to find someone for himself, appeared to have forgotten her disappointment about Elijah already, and happily made the promise.

Dom did not object to Elijah’s walking back to his room with him afterwards; indeed when they’d reached the door and Elijah fidgeted, clearly not wanting to say goodnight, Dom had chuckled and pulled him inside, shutting and locking the door behind them.

They’d kissed, then: slowly and languidly, making out like teenagers on Dom’s single bed. They started innocently enough, sitting side by side, but at some point they lowered themselves down onto the mattress to allow each other more room.

Room, however, was extremely scarce on Dom’s bed, and after some rather uncomfortable minutes of lying on their sides facing each other and Elijah nearly rolling off onto the floor a few times, Dom had manoevred them so that he was half atop Elijah, still kissing him like he never wanted to stop.

Elijah, terribly afraid that any unexpected move on his behalf would put an abrupt end to this very lovely situation, lay pliant under his ministrations, letting Dom set the pace, even though his body was screaming for more, harder, and right fucking now.

Dom, somehow sensing this perhaps, had slowly shifted until he was completely atop Elijah, only breaking their locked lips to whisper “I’m not too heavy for you?”

“Never,” Elijah had managed to whisper, and then words had failed him completely when Dom began to move slowly atop him, grinding their hips together, providing the most delicious friction. His cock seemed to have forgotten about the previous action it’d gotten earlier, and seemed all too happy about this new situation, and there was some pretty obvious evidence that Dom’s even more recent jerk-off-session had not come to a satisfactory ending. Yet. Either that or he had recovered extremely quickly.

Dom’s hands began to wander then, hesitantly at first, but soon becoming more bold. He slipped one hand under Elijah’s shirt, rubbing his belly in slow circular motions that would normally have been soothing, but drove Elijah mad with lust just now. He writhed under Dom, who continued humping him enthusiastically.

“You like that?” he whispered huskily, breathing fast through his mouth as he moved.

Elijah was halfway through forming a reply along the lines of I’d like it even more if you could take that hand a few inches lower, you fucking tease, when Dom’s hand unexpectedly took a dive, straight under the waistband of his boxers, and closed around his rigid cock.

The younger man’s eyes and mouth opened wide, and he arched off the bed with a surprised sound that was somewhere between a yelp and a groan. Dom kissed the swollen lips softly. “Ssshh, be quiet, love. Someone will hear.”

Elijah thought that he would not be able to be quiet right now even if the Pope should decide to walk by the bedroom door at this moment, but with a strength he didn’t know he possessed he managed to keep the amount of noise he made limited to soft, needy whimpers as he thrust into Dom’s fist, matching the pace with which Dom was rubbing himself against him.

Presently Dom’s hand began to move at the same pace, bringing Elijah nearer the edge when his thumb smoothed repeatedly over the head, spreading the precome already gathered there.

“Mmmm,” said Dom, moving his hand a little faster, so that Elijah’s whimpers became more desperate with every twist of his wrist, and watched his eyes flutter shut in ecstacy.

“Oh God, Dom, feels so good, don’t stop, please, so good, ah, ah, fuck, I’m so close, don’t stop…”

Elijah’s head rolled from left to right on the pillow, sweat breaking out on his brow. Dom increased the speed of his thrusts against Elijah, and gripped him harder, faster. “C’mon, Lijah, c’mon, do it, do it now.”

Elijah’s eyes and mouth opened wide again, and he stared straight into Dom’s eyes as if in shock, making a strangled sound as his cock twitched and then emptied in the older man’s hand, coating the long, elegant fingers and staining the boxers he was still wearing.

Dom slowly extracted his hand from Elijah’s boxers as the younger man lay gasping for breath under him. Elijah’s cheeks had flushed a dull pink.

“Holy fuck,” he finally managed to pant. “That was… holy fuck.”

“So eloquent,” teased Dom, leaning down to kiss him. “You enjoyed it, then?”

Elijah released his breath in a long sigh, closing his eyes. “Fuck yeah.” He opened them again when he felt the bulge of Dom’s arousal nudge his thigh.

“Shit, Dom, you didn’t come!” He was already reaching for him when Dom’s left hand – the one not covered in come – grabbed his wrist gently.

“Not tonight, love. Tonight was for you.”

“But I want to!”

“I know you do, Elijah. But… I’m not ready. And I know you’re eighteen and tired of waiting, and that’s why I wanted to do this. For you. Just because I have issues doesn’t mean you have to suffer for it.”

Elijah couldn’t quite decide whether he should find that incredibly sweet or slightly insulting, but looking into Dom’s earnest, almost apologetic, face, he could do little else but sigh in exasperation and pull the Changeling to him for another kiss. “You’re an idiot, that’s what you are. I could have waited a bit longer, you know.”

Dom snorted, and Elijah sniffed haughtily, refraining from comment. A comfortable silence fell between them that seemed to stretch infinitely before Elijah broke it in a soft, dreamy voice.



“Do you think I should go back to my own room?”

“You probably should, yeah.”

“Um… would that involve you getting off of me at some stage?”

“Most likely.”



“Why, do you want me to?”

“Not really. I like your weight on me.”

“Um… thanks. I guess.”

Elijah turned his head to look at Dom. The corners of the crooked mouth were twitching, the skin around his eyes crinkling, and Elijah felt his own cheeks rise involuntarily, until at last both men were no longer able to contain their mirth any longer. They burst out in suppressed giggles at the exact same moment, and this time it was Dom who nearly fell off the bed. He caught himself however, twisting his body in a quicksilver movement and managing to land on hands and feet before pulling himself upright and standing to help Elijah up.

“Ah no,” moaned Elijah, feeling the cold damp spot that was currently glueing his boxers to his groin. “Shit. And I didn’t bring any spare ones.”

“Here,” Dom opened a drawer of the dresser and handed Elijah a fresh pair. “I always keep some spare clothes here. They might be a bit big, but…”

“But they’re yours,” finished Elijah, before giggling again. “Good God, that was cheesy.”

“Sure was.” Dom smirked as he led Elijah to the bedroom door and unlocked it, kissing him. “Goodnight, Elijah.”

“Goodnight, Dom.” But Elijah didn’t move, just stood in front of him, twisting the boxers in his hands.

Dom sighed in affectionate exasperation. “What is it?”

“Just now, when Tara was here… you said you were in love with me.”

“Yes?” Dom leaned against the doorframe, cocking his head, looking questioningly at him as if Elijah had just given an incomplete answer to something he’d asked in a lesson, and Dom was waiting for him to elaborate.

“Did you mean it?”

Dom rolled his eyes. “I wouldn’t say it otherwise, now would I? Oh, come here, you silly git.” He pulled the fidgety American to him again, kissing him soundly. “I love you, Elijah Wood.”

Elijah beamed. “And I love you.”

“Good. Glad we cleared that matter up, then,” said Dom, his teasing tone completely at odds with the tender look on his face. “Was that it? I have some… pressing matters to attend to.” He rubbed his hand over the still quite evident bulge in his boxers, and Elijah groaned as he looked almost longingly at it.

“I promise I’ll make it up to you.”

“No need for promises,” said Dom, not pausing his rubbing as he gazed steadily at Elijah. “Because, you see, as soon as I close the door behind you, I will lay back down on the pillow that still smells of you, and I will use this hand” – raising the right hand still covered in sticky come – “to bring myself off, while thinking of how beautiful you are when you come, gasping underneath me.”

Elijah groaned again, and Dom winked even as his eyes darkened, blowing him a kiss as he slowly closed the door.

“Sweet dreams, Elijah.”

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  • Happy weekend!

    First of all: THE HOBBIT! EEEEE! Apparently they're going to start shooting in New Zealand right when samena and I are going to be there.…

  • Happy birthday to Dom!

    Look how young he was! Has it really been 10 years already? I hope you have a wonderful day, Dom, wherever you are, and that you spend it…

  • Fandom stuffs

    I should really post more often. I find myself composing posts in my head almost every day, and then never posting them. :( Anyways, I am missing…