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Enchantment (16/?)

Title: Enchantment
Genre: Lotrps AU/Harry Potter future!fic crossover
Pairing: Domlijah
Summary: Dom becomes a teacher at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and finds himself strangely attracted to Elijah, one of the Gryffindor seventh-years.
Rating: Um... R, I think
Warnings: Like I said, AU and crossover. Also it's HP so, obviously, supernatural stuff.
Disclaimer: The wonderful HP world is created by JK Rowling who is not me, and the LOTR boys do not belong to me, both facts which I obviously regret but are nevertheless true. Sniff.
Feedback: Makes me prostrate myself at your feet and grovel pathetically.
Author's notes: Thanks to pinkegogirl for the beta. Also I would like to dedicate this chapter to the lovely, lovely somebody who gave me such a cool pressie with the paid LJ. You know who you are. Thank you.
Also: this is my first ever attempt at writing a (semi) smut situation, so I'm really anxious about this chapter. Hope it's up to scratch. If it's not, please tell me, so I'll work harder on it, and to distract yourself from my feeble attempts read saura_'s amazing new smutty story, which is HOT!

Chapter 16: In which there is a romantic situation, involving a stable and some rather creative ways of consuming fruit.

Chapter 16

Rain was lashing down onto the Hogwarts grounds as students and teachers made their way to the Quidditch pitch for the match - Hufflepuff versus Ravenclaw. It was even colder than it had been during the first game, and students were wrapped up in wintercloaks, scarves, gloves and hats, most wearing raincoats or any other waterproof material they could find to cover themselves with. A few clever older students had put the Impervius Charm on some House flags and ran over to the stadium, six under a flag.

Dom pulled the hood of his cloak deep over his eyes as he made his way across the lawn, mud squelching under his feet. The large picnic-basket that the House-Elves in the kitchen had prepared for him kept showing no matter where he tucked it, and he just hoped everyone was too preoccupied with running from the rain that they would not notice him as he made a beeline off the path to the stadium and in the direction of the Forest.

Of course, he hoped in vain.

“Dom! Oy, Monaghan, what’re you up to?”

Billy came walking up to him, the rain bouncing harmlessly off the charm he’d put on himself. He frowned at Dom, who tried not to look too guilty. “Where are you off to, then?”

“The Forest,” said Dom, avoiding his friend’s gaze and studying the muddy grass by his feet.

“Aren’t you coming to the match?” asked Billy, puzzled.

Dom shook his head. “No, I’m not. Too much bloody noise and people in there.” He tried to grin, but failed rather miserably. He hated lying to Billy.

Billy continued to look puzzled. “But you did so well, last time. You seemed to be really enjoying yourself… is it because of what the Malfoy lass said to you? Don’t let it bother you, Dom, she doesn’t know shite.”

“It’s not that, Bills, it’s just…” Dom shifted to his other foot. The basket under his cloak was digging uncomfortably into his thigh, he was getting wetter by the second, and he might be late. “I just want to be by meself, mate, is all. I can clean up a bit, maybe watch some of the game from up in my treetop… I’ll be fine, don’t worry.”

Billy was frowning as if he wanted to disagree, but he nodded instead. “Allright then, but don’t you go and… Dom, is that a picnic basket?”

Dom’s cloak had slipped back to reveal the basket, and it felt useless to deny it. “Yeah.”

“What do you need that for?”

“Lunch, of course!” said Dom, mustering his most innocent wide-eyed look.

“All that for just you? How long exactly are you planning to camp out there, a year?”

“No! The House-Elves prepared it for me, and you know how they are… ask them for a light lunch and they’ll give you enough food to feed starving Africa with.”

“Hmm.” Billy looked at Dom with suspicion in his green eyes, then over his shoulder towards the stadium. “Shite, I have to go, need to supervise.” He put a hand on Dom’s shoulder and looked into his eyes, unwavering – Billy was one of the few people who did that.

“Just look after yourself, aye? Don’t stay away too long.”

“I won’t,” said Dom solemnly, then cracked a smile, “mum.”

But Billy didn’t smile back this time. “Just looking out for you, mate. I’ve heard things…” he trailed off, eyes darting over Dom’s shoulder to the stadium again, but he didn’t elaborate. Instead, he gave Dom’s shoulder a last squeeze and set off at a near-run.

Dom stood in the rain for a few seconds, looking bemused, before turning his back on the sight of Billy’s retreating shape and setting off towards his goal.


Uraeus’s stable was built right behind Viggo’s cabin, its door facing the trees of the Forbidden Forest. Why a gamekeeper should require a horse, no one really understood, but then it was Viggo so no one questioned it either.

The stable was hardly ever used, since the door was always open and the horse could stray around at its own whim; Viggo didn’t believe in locking animals in, even for their own good. He figured that if Uraeus would be cold, hungry, or in need of anything, he would let Viggo know, and if he needed shelter, he would find the stable on his own.

Dom was pleased to find the stable empty, even though he had expected it. Uraeus was probably out roaming the hills of the grounds somewhere, maybe even the Forest. Which was good; he really didn’t want the presence of a horse today.

He was nearly finished unpacking the contents of the picnic basket when Elijah entered the stable, holding his cloak above his head like a tent, dressed in what seemed to be a combination of Muggle and wizard clothes, whichever was warmest. His nose and cheeks were pink with cold, and his glasses fogged up. He looked adorable.

Dom looked him up and down teasingly, taking in the mismatched jumpers Elijah’d layered himself with. “Showing off LA’s Winter In Britain fashion, California Boy?”

“Stuff it; it is fucking cold,” said Elijah, but he was grinning as he draped his soaked cloak over his arm, then pulled off the hood of his winterjacket, making his hair stand up amusingly. He took off his glasses and began to wipe them clean on the hem of one of his jumpers, leaning forward to kiss Dom’s lips and landing under his left ear instead.

Laughing, Elijah put the glasses back onto his nose and Dom kissed him again, properly this time, while the younger man giggled into his mouth.

Elijah’s giggles died down, however, when he looked over Dom’s shoulder and saw what was laid out before him on the stable floor.

Dom had to admit it was bordering on overdone; a large ham, a dozen cold drumsticks, a salad that seemed to contain half a greenhouse of different vegetables, a basket of bread, a bottle of mulled mead, and to top it all off: a platter of juicy red strawberries (wherever the House-Elves had got hold of those in the middle of winter, he couldn’t guess). He’d even thought of the clichéd checked plaid tablecloth, and the candles (though those were actually just Blue Flame charms in jamjars; it wouldn’t do to show his grattitude to Viggo by burning down his stable).

Elijah stared for seconds at Dom’s romantic one-on-one picnic, the harmless sky-blue sparks of the makeshift candles reflecting in his glasses. Then he turned back to Dom, who was watching him expectantly, and beamed delightedly at him in response.

“That’s brilliant, Dom!” He kissed him soundly again. “What’s the occasion?”

Dom relaxed his muscles; he hadn’t realised he’d tensed up while waiting for Elijah’s reaction. He smiled and wrapped his arms around Elijah’s waist, marveling, as always, at the fact that he could. He rested his chin on the younger man’s shoulder.

“Hmm… because it’s our four-weeks-two-days-and”- he checked Elijah’s watch – “one-point-five hour anniversary? Or… because you’re looking particularly fetching, even if your choice of clothing is a bit… eccentric.” He laughed as Elijah tried to bite his nose, and half-walked, half-dragged him to the picnic plaid. “Or maybe it’s just because it’s Everyone-Is-At-The-Game-And-Viggo-Subtly-Informed-Me-That-We-Were-Allowed-To-Snog-Behind-His-Cabin Day!” He snatched a slice of green pepper from the salad and popped it in his mouth.

Elijah smirked and plopped down onto a corner of the plaid. Dom folded his legs neatly and sat down beside him, kissing Elijah’s cheek just because he could.

“Snog, you said?” said Elijah, raising an interested eyebrow.

Dom laughed and reached for the breadbasket. “Later. We’ve got time. Let’s eat first, I’m famished.”

Elijah snorted. “Well, I see you’ve got your priorities sorted out, all right.”

Dom grinned impishly and offered him a rather sloppy-looking ham-and-salad sandwich, which Elijah took nonetheless, and made himself another. Then he shifted until their bodies were snuggled together comfortably, and wrapped an arm around the younger man.

They sat together in companionable silence for a long time, stirring only to help themselves to more food and drink, and listened to the sounds of the crowd at the match that could be heard over the drumming of the rain on the stable roof.

Dom wished the game would never end.


“I never did ask you if you got away alright.” said Dom finally, after half an hour of diminishing the food in comfortable silence. Still in his lotus position, he leaned forward to reach the yet untouched platter of strawberries, allowing Elijah a look at his flexibility, and, had he known it, a short but pleasant trip through the many fantasies that had spun out in the younger man’s mind ever since he had found out that Dom was into yoga.

Shaking his head back to the here and now, Elijah snatched one of the red fruits off the platter and popped it into his mouth while Dom settled it in his lap. Mmm, Dom’s lap and strawberries, now that was a new one.

Oops, what was the question? Oh, right.

“I wouldn’t be here if I hadn’t, now would I?”

Dom shrugged, his eyes scanning the platter while he clearly pondered which one looked the best to eat first. “Well yeah, but it’s just that you… well, you know…”

“That you think I’m a pathetic liar,” Elijah finished for him, feeling amused when Dom grinned sheepishly. “It’s all right to say it, I know I am. We can’t all be so good at pretending, you know,” he added teasingly.

Immediately after, he realised he’d made a mistake. Dom’s cringe at the remark was barely visible, but Elijah’s eye was trained on it, now. “Oh God, Dom, sorry, I’m so sorry…”

“It’s allright,” said Dom, though with rather a tight-lipped smile, “don’t worry about it. Go on, tell me how you got away.”

“Said I wasn’t feeling so well,” Elijah continued with another anxious sideways glance at Dom’s face. “Went to bed, pulled the covers over my head, and told everyone to fuck off.”

Dom chuckled, though the set of his shoulders was still rather tense. “And did they?”

“Well, Lily gave me some trouble at first. She said I had to come and see the game anyway, that I had to do it ‘for the team’, to get a feel of what we are up against yada yada yada, but I finally convinced her to leave me alone. When everyone was gone I got out of bed and came here.”

He bit his lip and looked at Dom, who was staring at the strawberries in his lap absently, still chewing on one. On impulse, Elijah leaned sideways and caught Dom in a gentle, if rather awkward hug, feeling the other man go rigid for only a moment before he sighed deeply and melted into the embrace, body going limp and his head drooping to rest on Elijah’s.

For moments they said nothing, hands entwining above the half-empty platter. Then Elijah tilted his face up at the exact same moment Dom dipped his head, and their mouths met in the middle.

Elijah closed his eyes and let the sensation wash over him; for the first time he felt completely relaxed, kissing Dom without having to look over his shoulder, without nerves going crazy at the thought of them possibly getting caught. He sighed into the kiss and opened his mouth just a little.

Dom tasted of strawberries, and mead, and rainwater and sunshine and all those other half-assed poetic clichés, and it all definitely needed more exploring, thought Elijah. But before he could put this thought into action, Dom broke the kiss, and Elijah couldn’t stop the small whine that escaped from deep in his throat.

He opened his eyes and looked straight into Dom’s, so close he could feel his hot breath on his lips. Dom’s eyes had turned a velvety dark red, so dark, in fact, one would think it was black if they hadn’t been as close as Elijah was now. He felt like he could see beyond the colour, straight into Dom’s soul. The Changeling’s feelings were not constrained, like with humans, by the rules of an unchangeable body, and Elijah could see it all: hot, darkred throbbing lust, with something deeper and more passionate buried underneath, and oh, how he longed to free that something, to see it, touch it, feel it…

“Want some more?”

Dom’s voice was so low and husky it was nearly a growl, and it went straight to the pit of Elijah’s stomach and down into his groin. He honestly believed, at that moment, that he would come in his pants from the sound of that voice alone.

Blinking then, Elijah could see Dom’s long, slender fingers, dangling another strawberry in front of his face.

He leaned forward, purposefully, and without taking his eyes away from Dom’s, closed his mouth over the small fruit, and the tips of the fingers holding it, lapping at them for a moment before sitting back again, chewing contentedly as he watched Dom’s face contort in his effort to keep control over himself.

When the Changeling opened his eyes again, Elijah shivered at the visible change that had taken place in them, though Dom’s visible form had not wavered. Still, he suddenly looked different somehow: younger, wilder, almost predatory.

In the time they’d spent together, Elijah had swiftly come to learn that there were two sides to Dom, that seemed to battle for dominance almost constantly. These two entities, whom Elijah had secretly dubbed Castle-Dom and Forest-Dom, were not so different from each other that they could be seen as split personalities; they were merely the two sides of the balance that was Dom. Castle-Dom was the teacher, – organised, restrained, rational and cautious – while Forest-Dom (named so because he seemed to surface most dominantly when Dom had just been in or near the Forest) tended to be more adventurous. He acted on impulse rather than careful thinking. He was restless, bordering on wild, even, and constantly in motion.

And he was far less restrained in matters of sexuality.

It was most definitely Forest-Dom who was the dominant one now, concluded Elijah as he watched Dom shift even closer to him, eyes burning with desire. He looked as if he was ready to forget about the strawberries and eat Elijah, instead.

The next kiss was hungry, fierce, and hard, and nearly sent Elijah toppling backwards onto his back. He braced himself on one elbow while wrapping his other arm around Dom’s neck, kissing back greedily.

An idea forming in his head, Elijah broke the kiss, and it was Dom’s turn to whine, except that his was more like a needy moan. But Elijah merely scooted backwards until his back was against a convenient pile of hay, and when he’d settled he stretched his arms out to Dom.

“Come here… bring the strawberries with you.”

Dom didn’t need to be told twice. Picking up the abandoned and almost empty platter, he stalked towards Elijah in a manner that could only be described as an animal on the prowl, poised to pounce. He set down the platter beside Elijah and made as if to sit down on his other side, but seemed to change his mind and instead kneeled before the younger man, then walked forward on his hands and knees until he was straddling him.

Dom leaned forward for another kiss, but Elijah had other plans. Picking up another strawberry, he held it in front of Dom’s mouth, teasing his lips with it, squeezing just a little bit so that the sweet juice tracked small pink paths down his chin and neck. Dom opened his mouth and bit into the fruit, pulling it out of Elijah’s hand with his teeth, then using his tongue to pull it in all the way. He made a show of chewing and swallowing, humming softly all the while.

Elijah watched, entranced, as the sensual creature before him opened its lips to once more release that beautiful, wicked tongue, and began to lap up the juice. Then his body seemed to remember how to move, and he lifted his – suddenly unnaturally heavy – hand to motion the other man to stop. Dom did so at once, looking at him questioningly, and in response Elijah leaned forward and slowly licked the juice from Dom’s lips himself.

Encouraged by the rather enthusiastic sounds the Changeling was making, Elijah decided to take this another step further, and he hesitantly let his tongue stray lower, lazily lapping and sucking at Dom’s chin and then, becoming ever more bold, his neck. Dom really had a very lovely neck, and to have it hidden from view most of the time by the high collars of the teachers’ uniforms should be pronounced a crime against humanity, Elijah decided upon further exploration of said bodypart.

Dom, by this time, was possibly purring with pleasure, and Elijah was immensely disappointed when all the juice had been thoroughly removed from the other man’s skin. Dom’s body, however, was sinking slowly but steadily on top of his own, and when he shifted forward on Elijah’s thighs for another kiss it became clear, even through the heavy layers of his robes, just how much effect the younger man’s little game had had on the Changeling.

Dom now picked up the last strawberry from the platter and held it between his long fingers, looking at it intently as if considering his possibilities. Then he looked at Elijah again, and the look in his eyes could only be described as feral. Elijah gulped.

Silently, Dom held out the fruit for Elijah to bite, but instead of letting it go when the small white teeth sank into the red flesh, he held onto it, so that Elijah could only bite off half of it, causing the juice to drip not only down his chin, but also all over Dom’s hand. Dom popped the uneaten half of the strawberry into his mouth and ate it with apparent relish, then went down on Elijah like a starved thing.

He licked his chin clean, then his neck, sucking on the skin just above his collar (oh, how Elijah wished now he’d not put on so much clothing!), then moved back up to Elijah’s by now panting mouth. He licked Elijah’s lips slowly, languidly, before sealing his mouth over them again while simultaneously jerking his hips forward so that their erections rubbed into each other.

Elijah threw his head back and moaned loudly into Dom’s mouth, and Dom took this opportunity to slide his tongue between Elijah’s lips and in, and oh…

Elijah had kissed before, but never, never had it felt anything like this. Dom’s tongue was sweet from the strawberry juice and frenzied from excitement, and it wrapped around Elijah’s in ways the younger man hadn’t even thought possible.

Dom was grinding his hips into Elijah’s now, and they had to break the kiss to gulp some much needed oxygen. Dom reached out to touch Elijah’s cheek but pulled his hand back when he noticed that it was still wet and sticky with strawberry juice. He lifted his hand to his mouth to lick it off, but Elijah caught his wrist and brought it to his mouth.

Dom’s eyes fluttered shut only seconds after Elijah sucked his index and middle fingers into his mouth. His hips bucked wildly again and Elijah almost bit him then, but held himself in check and continued to suck the digits gently, first in pairs and then one by one, taking his time, swirling his tongue around each one. He finished with licking Dom’s palm clean in slow, lazy strokes, never breaking his gaze from the Changeling’s.

Dom’s eyes were positively smouldering, and he threw himself forward with a feral growl, attacking the younger man’s mouth once again, and this time Elijah was prepared. Their tongues battled for dominance until Elijah’s slipped past Dom’s lips, exploring his mouth while Dom’s hands caressed his neck and shoulders, then slowly but surely went lower, to where Elijah craved to be touched most…

Suddenly the crowd at the Quidditch stadium erupted into loud cheers that carried even over the sound of the rain. Elijah cursed the game, his fellow students, and Quidditch in general as he felt Dom stiffen against him (and not in a good way) then pull away swiftly.

“Don’t stop, Dom, please…”

But it was too late. One look at Dom’s face showed that Forest-Dom had made an abrupt retreat, and Castle-Dom had once again regained the upper hand. He ran a distracted hand through his rather messy hair, cleared his throat, then stooped and began throwing the remains of their picnic into the basket hastily, not looking at Elijah.

“Sounds like the game’s over. You’d best get back to the castle before your classmates return and find your bed empty.”

Elijah got up, brushing straw off his jeans. “Dom…”

“Go on,” said Dom, still not looking at him, his voice rather hoarse. “I’ll be fine, just go.”

Elijah had not felt so close to tears in a long time when he looked at the rigid set of Dom’s shoulders. “Kiss me first?”

Dom looked up and his face softened immediately. “I’m sorry, Lij, I really am. We’ll talk later, yeah?” He leaned forward and kissed him tenderly. “Promise. Off with you, now.”

Elijah nodded and grabbed his cloak, then with a last longing look at Dom hurried off towards the castle, no longer caring how cold or wet he’d be, and knowing that he would not see Dom at dinner tonight.

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  • (not-so)Happy Halloween update

    Happy Hallowe'en, my dearest of f-lists! I hope you're having a more exciting day than I am, reading LOTR fanfic in my jammies. I had seven whole…

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